Wall Decals: The Easy Décor Solution for Spring

By Christina Morgan

Spring is in the air, and along with spring-cleaning, it’s always a great time to freshen up your room with some bright colors. There are a lot of easy ways out there to add some new color… a new bedspread, new pillows, and of course some new fun clothes to spice up your wardrobe! RelateMag.com checked out another great new fad that’s an easy fix to solve your decorating woes: wall decals.

A number of cool websites (including Urban Outfitters) offer a simple solution to spice up a solid wall with press and stick shapes and objects. While they are great for kids’ rooms, they are also a décor solution for even the savviest girl. Styles are available now that include High Style, Nature, Baroque, Modern, Classic, and Zen. No matter what look you are going for, you can find it instantly on the web.

RelateMag.com wanted to see if the application of the fun slicks were really as easy as the sites claim, so we ordered some from WallSlicks.com. Following the directions, it turns out that even a non-creative decorator could ace this project in no time. Here are the steps that you take upon receiving your decals in the mail:

Cut the decals apart in the manner that you would like to separate them.

Tape the decals up on the wall with scotch tape to figure out where you would like to place them. (Also, spacer dots are provided to help you remember where these spots are later on).

Remove the paper backing from the decal.

Place the decal on the wall, and rub it with the applicator so that it sticks firmly.

Peel away the transparent sheet attached the decal. Make sure not to tear it and pull slowly so as not to rip it along the way.

Smooth it out on the wall and remove your spacer dots. Voila! The decals will look amazing.

If unsure about the color of decal to choose, most websites offer a swatch card to test out first. As you can see from the picture here, the slicks turned out great. Attractive and simple, they are a fantastic alternative to wallpaper with glue. As time goes on, if you decide that you don’t like them anymore, just peel off and remove.

Some great sites to purchase wall decals include:

(Pics below from Walltat)