Sport Twilight Gear

As if there isn’t enough Twilight memorabilia out there for us to spend our money on, Nordstrom is launching a new Twilight line of clothing. Hitting stores this October the line includes tops and jewelry with a Twilight flare.


Identify with Bella? Purchase the ‘Bet You Can’t Read My Mind’ t-shirt.

Team Edward? Team Jacob? Yup there are t-shirts for you no matter what side you play on.

Wish you went to Forks High School? You can even get a t-shirt that boasts the schools name.

Take a look at the whole collection, which InStyle has the first sneak peak of. The whole collection will debut tonight at Comic Con.

Which one are you going to rush out to get? Personally, I’m loving the Team Jacob tank top that declares, ‘Because Edward bites.’

– Katie