Do You Have a Guardian Angel?

Written By Katie Hinderer, Web Editor

Many Christians believe in Guardian Angels, do you?

In basic terms, a Guardian Angel is a spiritual being that looks out for a specific person. While not a ‘must-believe’ article of the Christian faith, many Christians do believe that they have an angel that acts as their protector and guardian throughout life.

The tradition comes from the Bible, where angels are often mentioned throughout the Old and New Testament. The Angel Raphael helps Tobias, the three children forced into the fiery furnace are seen walking among the flames with angels and Moses is told that God’s angel will go before him. In the New Testament, the Angel Gabriel comes to Mary telling her she will be the mother of Christ and an angel ministers to Jesus in the garden before his death.

Those that are convinced they have a Guardian Angel often name their angel and ask them for special favors when they are going through a trial or just need a little extra support. For instance, students may ask their angel for help when taking a test. Others may ask their angel to protect them when they are walking alone and feel afraid.

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