Meet Singing Sensation Kelsey Lynn

Name: Kelsey Lynn VanSuch  (YouTube: KelseyLynnMusic)


Location: Canfield, Ohio

Age: fifteen, sixteen as of August 31st :)

How long have you been singing? As long as I can remember! I started doing vocal and acting workshops when I was four, and they got me really interested in performing.

Who are your inspirations? My biggest musical inspirations are Taylor Swift, Marie Digby, and John Lennon. My inspirations in life are my mom and dad, and my voice teacher. They all rock :)

Do you write any of your own music or prefer to cover other people’s? Yes, I write! Music is my way of expressing myself. Writing was one of those things I would think too far into when I was younger and psych myself out. I used to force myself to sit down and say, “WRITE A SONG, NOW. DO IT,” and they never ended up coming out good. And one day, I realized the song-writing process doesn’t exactly work like that, haha. When I have strong enough inspiration about something, it usually writes itself.  [Editor’s Note: Below is an original piece she just posted to YouTube.]

Have you ever performed live? Yes, I absolutely love performing onstage. It’s the best rush there is. It would be so killer to do it in a big arena one day!

Do you take guitar lessons? Singing lessons? I’ve never taken guitar lessons, but I’ve had the same voice teacher for six years. Her name is Liz, and she’s absolutely amazing. I owe so much to her.

What do you want to do professionally? Sing, dance, or act. I want to perform in any way possible.

Looking forward – in 5 years where do you see yourself? In five years, I would LOVE to be a signed recording artist and maybe even on tour! It’s my dream to play concerts for people who are there to hear MY music. That would be the absolute greatest. And… this is kind of weird… but my other dream is to be on Radio Disney. I’ve grown up listening to it, and I might seriously have a heart attack if I ever heard one of my songs on it. Haha!

Favorite singers/bands: Oh jeez, this might take a while, haha. I’ll limit myself to just a few :) My favorites include Taylor Swift, Marie Digby, Carrie Underwood, Jason Mraz, Matt Nathanson, Jordin Sparks, Katy Perry, Dashboard Confessional, Jonas Brothers, Stevie Wonder, and The Beatles. My all-time favorite singer is Taylor Swift. I’d give my right arm to be her opening act, no lie.

Beyond singing what are some of your other hobbies/passions? Dance. I dance four nights a week, plus Saturdays and Sundays. I take jazz, tap, ballet, pointe, jazz funk, and hip hop on a weekly basis, and modern/contemporary classes when I can. It takes up whatever free time I have, and I don’t mind. My favorite is and always be tap. It’s loud, distinct, and makes a statement, like me. :) I take master classes from LA Tap Choreographer, Mark Goodman, when he comes into town. He’s an AWESOME hoofer. I also love to swim, catch up with my friends, and read. I’m a huge bookworm. My favorite author is Jodi Picoult.

What was it like to post your first video to YouTube? I remember being really excited to put it up. I was inspired by Savannah Outen (Twitter @Savannah7448). I saw one of her cover videos and all of the feedback in the comments and thought, “I could do that too.” So I guess I owe her a big thank you!

What’s it like to now have almost 3,000 subscribers? Umm…basically the coolest thing ever! It’s such an awesome feeling that people like my covers and original music enough to subscribe to my channel to hear more. I read all of my video and channel comments and messages and try my best to reply. They’re my constant pick-me-up. If I’m having a bad day or feeling a little down, all I have to do is go to my youtube and I’m given almost 3,000 reasons to smile. It’s so awesome to see new usernames, along with the older ones that I know have been commenting from the beginning. It also toughens me up a little, when I get a bad comment. It’s helped me understand that not everyone will like my music…and I’m alright with that. My subscribers are amazing, they fight for me when I get a mean comment. I love them so much, and I hope they know that. :)

Does anyone else in your family sing? What do they think of your singing? I’m basically the only singer, but I know I got the music gene from my dad’s side of the family (no offense, Mom!). My dad plays the violin and my uncle is a jazz musician in Las Vegas, NV, and plays keyboards, clarinet, flute, violin, and saxophone (hi, Uncle David!). My family has always been nothing but supportive of my singing and dreams of being a signed artist. I appreciate them SO much.

A quote to live by: “If you can dream it, you can do it.” -Walt Disney; I completely think it’s true. I believe that you can achieve anything if you try.