Halloween Hair – Three Ways to Dish Out Holiday Drama

Written by Jane Armbruster, Relate Intern

Girly? Funky? Scary? No matter what your costume style is for this coming Halloween, there is a current hairstyle to complement your outfit.



Pump up the drama in subtle ways with your feminine ensemble. Whether you’re rocking the angel look, a cute animal-inspired costume or princess attire, it’s important that your hair color, style and accessories don’t steal the show. For example, when it comes to color, it’s best to use temporary coloring products minimally (tinted hairsprays, all-over washes, etc.) and in conjunction with your natural shade. Stay away from neon inserts and dyes; these products will contradict your costume concept.

For girly hair accessories, follow the “less is more” rule. Use small amounts of glitter and choose decorative headbands/tiaras wisely. A common mistake when choosing head accessories for costumes is scale; lots of girls forget that all costume pieces and sizes should work together as an entire look. Your headgear should be secondary to your dramatic apparel, not the other way around.


Feel like dressing 80s, sporting your rock star alter ego or sticking with a Halloween classic like a hippie or roaring 20s flapper? These looks can be girly while also being a bit adventurous, but with that comes a whole host of costume responsibilities. For these types of specific costumes, hair makes the look. And in most instances, you may even want to turn to artificial alternatives (wigs, temporary extensions, etc.). For example, if you want to showcase the 20s flapper, it’s best to find a bobbed wig with bangs, otherwise known as the pageboy style…complete with a sequin headband, and maybe even a feather or two. To go totally 80s, you basically have two top options: teasing and crimping your own hair or shelling out a few bucks for a voluminous synthetic wig. No matter your choice, drama is integral.


This is possibly my favorite of all Halloween costume styles. For the scary look (zombie, ghoul, witch, etc.), you basically need to appear as unattractive as possible…this may be hard for some, but if you’re going to do it, you have to do it right. For any of the previous example looks, your best friend is gel or oil. These products either give you a chilling crispy texture, or the grungy ghoulish aesthetic. For such styles, it’s best to part your hair down the middle, and keep it as flat as possible. String is king, so separate your strands with product and keep dishing out the terror all night long.

Keep your hair and outfit appropriate and trust us…you’ll be the winner of every Halloween costume contest!