Spring 2010; Analysis of NYC Fashion Week Makeup Trends

Written by Jane Armbruster, Relate Intern

Oh, to see the future. For designers, makeup artists and hairstylists at New York City’s September fashion week, this is their aim: to set future trends. But are they always right?

Though most eyes are on the clothes, some are on the makeup artistry modeled by the catwalkers. Here are some of the trends I’ve noticed after flipping through facial images of NYC fashion week’s models:


We’re always told to use sparingly, but at NYC fashion week, eyeliner was most certainly not used in moderation. On the spring 2010 runway, models sported everything from thickly drawn cat eyes to neon tinted lid framing.

makeupforlife.net neonsplendicity.com cat eye

But how can these extreme trends be altered to fit your everyday personality? The cat eye look is catching on; just keep it subtle. When using plain black liner, drag across the entire base of your upper lid. When you reach the outer edge of your eye, drag the applicator upward at a 45-degree angle. Make the cat eye extension as long as you like – depending on your comfort level. A great addition: after application, smudge the liner with your finger for evening, rock star appeal.


Though this look should really only be worn for evening, implementing more normalcy into your neon is best achieved through shadow. Pick which shade is your favorite to wear (bright pink, purple, yellow, etc.) and apply below the crease of your eyelid.

If you want achieve the exact same look as sported by the models during NYC fashion week, it is best to find a liquid shadow or shadow pencil to apply bright colors to your upper lids. These provide an opaque appearance – more closely resembling those seen on the runway.

A combined look:

Several of the edgier shows combined the above looks into a thick, neon frame around the entire eye. Though this may look cool on the catwalk, the transition to everyday street wear is much more difficult to accomplish. So use the above processes to achieve the NYC-inspired aesthetic for spring 2010!

(Photos by makeupforlife.net, splendicity.com)