Turning Back Time with the 1960s Hair Warp

Written by Jane Armbruster, Relate Intern

The messy chaos of thrown-together up-dos is out. So what trend is being ushered in? Thanks to many facets of pop culture (mainly the popular television show “Mad Men,”) the aesthetic of the late 1950’s and early 1960’s is glomming onto every arena of style – especially hair.

So what exactly is said style? It’s swept-back half ponies, rich banana curls, sculpted up-dos and overall smooth, luscious locks. This general description fails to provide specifics on how to achieve the retro glam of mid-century hairstyles, so following are some simple rules of thumb for any trend-spotter.



Healthy hair:

This may seem obvious, but smoothness is key when mimicking the ladies of the 1960’s. The days of summer-inspired, windswept fly-aways are over; it’s time to rely on your conditioners, serums and other health-seeking softeners to provide sleekness and shine to your naturally beautiful hair. Moisturized strands are your foundation on which you can sculpt, build and curl your way to glamour.


When it comes to providing volume, simple curls are integral. What do we mean by simple? Carefully placed, larger banana curls (about two or three, usually in face-framing position) are perfect for sculpting hair into soft submission. For more structure, pin curls back and let half your strands hang free for a transitional day to evening look.


Wanting to add accessories to these retro styles? Keep them simple, but they can vary in size. Embellished berets and clips are a great way to add interest to sculpted styles. Larger clips with feather designs, or smaller berets with beading and crystals are perfect for pinning back loose strands, or simply just adding a touch of excitement to your everyday look.

Like any style, stick with your favorite products, play around with different looks, and even make them your own with personal touches. Like any creative trend, there’s no exact formula for achieving what looks best on you. So stay true to you and your hairstyling comfort zone!

(Photo by www.girlznight.co.uk)