I’m a Barbie Girl?

Barbie has teamed up with MAC to sell a line of makeup products and Barbies to girls and young women. Commercials and advertisements continually portray young girls acting, even looking like Barbie herself. Girls are told that if they want to be pretty, they have to look like Barbie and have her stuff, too. Several researchers have conducted studies on Barbie concerning her body. Some suggest that if Barbie were a real woman, her waist size would be 39% smaller than the average waist size of an anorexic patient. As if that wasn’t issue enough, I had to look twice at these MAC advertisements to see if these women pictured were real or fake. They are most definitely real models, although their hair, makeup, even their poses, seem plastic.



Why do you think that Barbie and MAC chose this photo for their advertisement? Do real women really want their makeup to look like this? What are they trying to tell us?

(This series of articles is from Lauren Hays and the Between the Sheets women focused on what it means to be beautiful. You can find more analysis of media messages and the portrayal of women in the media on their blog.)

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