Are Agnostics like Atheists? What is Agnostocism?

Written by Dana Ford, Relate Contributing Writer


Agnosticism is a term used to describe the question: Do gods exist or not? Many adopt this concept if they believe gods do not exist at all.

However, many claim they are Agnostic so they aren’t labeled as Atheists.

Much of this has to do with a person who is not religious and does not necessarily know God, so therefore has no real knowledge to call themselves one religion or another.

Being Agnostic does not match Atheism. Simply, it means one does not have a specific belief or knowledge about religion to declare one way or another.

This is considered to be a “weak” Agnostic. Those specified as “strong” Agnostics have plenty of knowledge about different religions; they just don’t have the assurance to say whether they believe certain gods exist or not.

Basically, those labeled Agnostic believe in a god, but are unsure whether their god exists.

It seems strange to think this is an actual adopted belief. However it makes sense if we compare our beliefs to those of others.

Most religious beliefs are based off of faith. Christians worship an unseen God because they have a faith in their God existing without seeing God physically.

Agnostics base their beliefs off pure knowledge, disregarding a faith aspect.

Many find it strange, but yes indeed there is a category of beliefs for those who are unsure whether to believe or whether to not believe at all.