Chit Chatting with Actor Colin Ford

Chit Chatting with Actor Colin Ford

Written by: Jill Sheets

Colin Ford

Colin Ford

Recently, we had the honor of interviewing actor Colin Ford. Continue to read on and
learn more about this talented actor and his new Disney show, “Jake and the Never land

R: First, congratulations one winning a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in
a TV Series for is role as Young Sam Winchester in “Supernatural.” What was it like
winning the award?

C: It was really exciting. I don’t normally get nervous but as they were announcing
nominations just before they announced the winner, I got really nervous. It is a great
feeling to go up on stage and accept an award for something that you love to do. I really
enjoy being involved with a show such as “Supernatural.” It is fun playing young Sam.

R: Would you mind telling our readers a little bit about yourself?

C: I am just a regular kid who happens to have a really great life. My birthday is coming
up and I will be 14. I attend a private school in Los Angeles. I love sports. I play football,
basketball and golf. I also love music. Most recently, I have started Djing parties.

R: How long have you been acting, and how did you get into the entertainment industry?

C: I have been acting since I was 5 years old. When I was very young I loved having my
picture taken. One day I told my mom that I would like to be on TV. She took me to an
agency and I went in all by myself. I was 4. I had an interview and when I came out I had
an agent. I got a very small-featured extra role when I was 5 in “Sweet Home Alabama.”
I have loved the business ever since.

R: We read that you got to do a photo shoot with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Tell us a
little bit about that, and what was it like working with them?

C: It was absolutely an awesome experience. It was for an article in W magazine. I think
I was 9 at the time. I have been told my whole life that I look just like a “young Brad
Pitt” so it was nice to meet him. Angelina was also very nice. I hope to work with both of
them again someday.

R: Tell us about your new show “Jake and the Never land Pirates,” and about your
character Jake.

C: This is a really great role. I am especially excited to be voicing the role of Jake. Jake
is a great leader. He has his friend’s cubby and Izzy that go on many adventures together.
The purpose of the show is to help young kids make good decisions and play nicely with
their friends. I have always enjoyed voicing characters. I started in voiceover when I was

R: Are there any similarities between you and your character? What are some of the

C: Jake is funny, smart and likes adventures. He is a leader. I hope that I can always
portray these same characteristics in my personal life. Jake is younger than myself and

R: What is a typical day on the set for you?

C: We do most recording for “Jake” after school. Typically I leave school early the
day we record. I quickly re read my script and look over changes that the director may
have for me. On most days we all record together. When doing voiceover the words are
actually recorded before the animation is finished. I record different versions of each line
according to what the director would like. It is fun to interact with the other characters. It
is very different from film acting but one that I really enjoy.

R: What was the audition process like for show “Jake and the Never land Pirates?” How
did you find that you got the part?

C: Actually I was out of town during the first audition so I submitted a voice tape.
Months later my agent notified me that I had a callback. The callback was at Disney
studios and I went in person and did some scenes for the studio executives. There were
several other talented actors there auditioning as well. I believe it was about a week after
that when my agent called and told me I had gotten the lead role of Jake. I was so excited.
It is such a great project and I love working with my co-stars Madison Pettus (Izzy) and
Jonathon Heit (Cubby). We have a lot of fun together.

R: Tell us about your movie “Ticket Out,” and tell us about your character, DJ?

C: “Ticket Out” is an action thriller movie. It is about a boy named DJ who is victim of
abuse from his father. After a bitter custody battle, DJ along with his sister and mom are
on the run from his father and authorities as they battle to get away from his father. It has
lots of action and adventure. The movie was shot in Des Moines, Iowa. It was shot during
the winter so most days were extremely cold.

R: How do you prepare yourself for a role?

C: I try to do lots of research on the type of character I will play. I do this by reading the
script several times. I research books and other films that may contain characteristics
of my character. I want to bring a character to life on screen. I love entertaining the

R: If you could work with anyone in the world, who would it be?

C: I love what I do. There are so many talented actors and actress that I would love
to work with. If I had to name a few they would be (in no particular order) Leonardo
DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Sandra Bullock, Reese Witherspoon (again) and Brad Pitt

R: Do you have a celebrity crush? If so, who is it?

C: Yes, Selena Gomez and Victoria Justice.

R: Are you single? What do you look for in a girlfriend?

C: I really like girls who are funny, nice, and intelligent. I like girls who like to go places
and don’t mind getting dirty every once and awhile. These places include: paintball, bike
riding, and taking cool trips.

R: What has been your most “star struck” moment? Who was it and tell us about it.

C: I believe it was when I got to meet Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on the photo shoot of
W Magazine. It was just such a cool experience.

R: What bands and singers can be found on your mp3 player or iPod? What is your
favorite song by each one?

C: In my spare time I love to DJ parties and mix songs. Therefore, I have almost any
genre of music and every song in that genre. Just for Pop music I have about 2,000 songs.
I personally like all genres of music but I really like Eminem’s new album Recovery.

R: What do you like to do when you are not acting?

C: I love to ride my Fixie (bicycle) and play Xbox 360. My favorite game(s) are the Call
Of Duty series. I have all of them and usually play the most recent one.

R: We read that you had gone on vacation to Hong Kong. What was that like, and what
was your favorite thing about Hong Kong?

C: I actually went to Hong Kong to work on the feature film Push. But I did vacation
a little. It was really cool to see a different part of the world live and learn about their
culture. One really cool experience was when I was the Grand Marshall during the parade
at Hong Kong Disney. I also enjoyed going to the market place in Hong Kong and doing
a little shopping.

R: What has been your favorite memory so far?

C: I have been to some great places: Hong Kong, Vancouver is always a favorite to
me. Most recently I am going to Hawaii. Every place I film brings special memories.

R: What is the best advice you have ever gotten and by who?

C: Always read, stay in school and study hard. Stay focused, always practice your craft,
have role models that look up to. Reese Witherspoon gave me this advice on the set
of “Sweet Home Alabama.” I was five.

R: What advice would you give someone who wanted to become an actor or actress?

C: Stick to your dreams it can happen. Acting takes a lot of hard work. If you want
to be part of this business get involved in your city or town and do all the plays and
commercials you can! Whatever you dream is it will take lots of hard work. Particularly
in acting there are many more “no’s than “yeses”, don’t let the ‘No’s bother you.

R: What are some of your up and coming projects?

C: I am flying to Hawaii to film a new episode of the upcoming remake of “Hawaii 5-
O.” Very excited to be a part of this new show. In addition, I will be playing a bully in an
upcoming feature film called “Eye of the Hurricane”. I start filming in early September.
Also, I will be continuing voicing the role of Jake. I have several other projects that
pending, so everyone keep their fingers crossed for me.

R: What are some of your future goals?

C: I hope to continue my acting throughout my life. I like to write so someday maybe I
will write a screenplay. Directing and producing are also goals of mine. I plan to attend
college in a couple of years and if I decide to ever leave acting I think I would like to
become an entertainment attorney. I’m young at this point; I am keeping all my options

R: What are five things people may not know about you?


1. I am a very picky eater.
2. I like to write stories.
3. I really like to dance, even if I’m bad at it
4. I love the outdoors, and love to play paintball.
5. I love hanging out with my friends and going to movies.

R: Other than this one, what is the strangest question you have been asked?

C: Gosh, I don’t really remember. So far no questions have been too strange.

R: Are you on any social networking sites? If so, which ones and what are
their addresses? Do you have an official website? If so, what is the address?

C: I have a twitter account. You can follow me at colinfordactor. I do not have a
MySpace account or face book account that I update, however, there are several
face book fan sites that people have started for me. My official fan website is

R: Where can your fans write to you? Do you have a fan email address? Do you answer
everyone of your letters/email?

C: Yes fans can write me. I have a fan email I do answer
my own email. It is much easier for me to answer during the summer but I do try to
answer email regularly during the school year.

R: What is it like to be able to communicate with your fans?

C: It is so rewarding. I am just a normal kid who happens to have a fantastic life. I know
I am lucky. It does make me very happy to know that I can entertain others with film,
voice and television. I am lucky that I get to pursue my dream of acting it makes me
happy to know others enjoy my work.

R: What has been the nicest thing a fan has ever done or said to you?

C: All my fans are great. It just always makes me feel happy when I know fans enjoy the
character I play. I like to make fans happy so I am always happy to hear from them. After
my movie ticket out, I received a really cool drawing of a plane with the title drawn,
along with a nice note. It was nice for the person to take the time to draw me a picture.

R: Is there anything else you would like to add or say to your fans?

C: I really appreciate everyone’s support. Please write to me and let me know how you
like the movies and TV performances. I really enjoy entertaining people. I hope that I
can entertain you through my performances for many many years. You are all great!

R: Colin, thank you for the interview. Have a great day.