Chit Chatting with Gina Meyers

Chit Chatting with Gina Meyers

Written By: Jill Sheets

food, Relate Magazine,

food, Relate Magazine,

Picture credit: Gina and David Meryes

Recently, Relate interviewed author Gina Meyers. She wrote the cookbook “Love at
First Bite, The Unofficial Twilight Cookbook.” Continue to read on and learn about this
amazing cookbook and to learn more about Gina.

R: At what age did you start writing? How did you get into writing cookbooks and trivia

G: I got into writing as a way to express myself. Through the art of sharing my
experiences, and impressions of mainly iconic popular culture TV shows, books and
movies. It is my interpretation and expression of these characters and settings. I started
creating in the kitchen when I was about nine and I started writing when I was eleven. I
have saved many of my first articles. I created a Neighbors Newspaper for my long cul de
sac, an introduction for kids on how to deal with divorce, and a screen play about the tv
show Bewitched, and a small paragraph on caring for kittens.

R: Writing a cook books is different from writing a fiction novel. What was your writing

G: As a writer, I keep notebooks in each room and one large spiral notebook in my
purse. I learned this one from writer Barbara Sher. If I am walking with my kids, and I
have a brainstorm, I will have my daughter text me my ideas, and then I will later write
them in word, and save them to an idea folder on my computer. My husband tells me to
always email myself, so I am conscious about having all of my books saved via email.
I love to cook and entertain, so the process of writing a cookbook is quite comical. If
we are at a restaurant and I try something that I think will work for a new edition of my
cookbook, I will go home and experiment. If friends bring over something yummy and
new, I will ask for the recipe and modify it or give them credit.

R: Tell us about “Love at First Bite, The Unofficial Twilight Cookbook.”

G: Love at First Bite is brimming with juicy tantalizing recipes, so brace yourself and
bring your very best table manners and appetites and don’t forget your forks.
The international phenomenon known as Twilight fever has ignited excitement in
the kitchen. Delectable delights to satisfy the appetites of the humans can be found in the
fictional book Twilight. Love at First Bite Cookbook, is meant to offer a satisfying array
of warm, lovely dishes that anyone of any age can cook with ease and enjoyment. To help
the reader determine the level of skill involved in preparing each dish, the recipes are
labeled “easy”, “medium”, or “hard”. One fork means “easy”, two forks, “medium”, and

three forks means it is a “difficult” or “hard” recipe.
Filled with forbidden love, action, and danger, so brace yourself, and bring
your very best table manners and your appetites. Don’t forget your forks. Beautiful
Bella Swan will be serving up some scrumptious delights to satisfy even the pickiest
puritan “vegetarian” vampires. Intertwined in the pages of Love at First Bite, you will
find Bell’s Lasagna, Harry’s Famous Fish Fry, Mushroom Ravioli, Blushing Bella
Punch, just to name a few. Your senses will be filled deep with the sweet aroma of
mouthwatering I Dare You to Eat Pizza Edward, and sinfully delicious Red Velvet Cake.
You know when the rooster crows, it is time to awaken your sense of taste and take a Bite
at Dawn to Lemon Blueberry cake, Plum Pecan Waffles, or Grand Slam Sundae. Red
juicy ripe vine tomatoes marinated in raspberry vinaigrette tempts the taste buds and is a
featured salad in the There Are Cold Cut Sandwiches in the Fridge section. Pucker up and
take a long cool sip of Sparkling Honey Lemonade in a citrus salt rimmed glass, one of
the virgin recipes found in the beverage chapter. Give into your epicurean temptation and
take a bite into Love at First Bite Cookbook. The recipes will leave you breathless and
hungry for more.
Besides luscious recipes, you’ll also find cast lists for Twilight, New Moon, and
Eclipse, as well a Twilight Saga Party Planning Checklist, Bella’s Prom Planner, and tons
of trivia. Also find invaluable resources on upcoming Love at First Bite Cooking Classes
and more.

R: Why did you decide t write the cook book?

G: My goal is to create excitement in the kitchen and reignite the passion for
cooking. My goal is to bring teens and Twi-Moms and Twi-Dads back into
the kitchen. I think reading is so important, and Stephenie Meyer has brought
a lot of people back to reading, I want to bring people back into the kitchen
cooking together and having unique themed parties. All of my recipes are
labeled, “one fork” “easy”, “two forks” medium, and “three forks”, difficult.
Most ingredients are very economical and the point is to have fun and to stay
on budget.

R: How did you come up with the ideas for all of the recipes in the book?

G: That’s a great question. I am hardwired to theme food, it is strange, but fun. Some
inspiration has come from direct quotes via the Twilight book(s), other ideas come from
the movies and still more come from a play on word or words of which I truly enjoy.

R: What types of recipes are in the book?
Bite at Dawn (Breakfast)……………………………………..9

There Are Cold Cut Sandwiches in the Fridge
(Light Fare, Sandwiches, and Salads)………………………21

Get Out the Forks and Knives (Main Meals)

Chow Bella (Flavorful Italian Dishes)………………………66

Bite at Twilight (Desserts)…………………………………..81

Love at First Sip (Nonalcoholic Beverages)

Howl at Twilight (Cocktails)……………………………….127

How comfortable they seemed to be with their fate, here in this happy kitchen, none of
these werewolves wanted the same fate for their friend.-Bella

Werewolf Chow

9 cups rice cereal, such as Chex brand
1/4 cup butter or margarine
1 cup chocolate chips, semisweet, or a combination of 1/2 cup chocolate chips and 1/2
cup peanut butter chips
1/2 cup smooth peanut butter, not crunchy
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar

Directions: Place the cereal in a large zip-seal bag. Next, microwave the chocolate chips,
peanut butter, and butter or margarine for about 1 minute. If the mixture hasn’t melted,
stir and place in microwave for another 20 to 30 seconds. Once melted, stir in the vanilla
extract. Pour the chocolate chip–peanut butter mixture over the cereal; then add the
powdered sugar and shake. Spread the mixture on waxed paper to cool.

Mushroom Ravioli. Photo and cooking credit, Gina Meyers.

Just eat Bella.

Mushroom Ravioli

10 ounces mushroom ravioli or cheese-filled ravioli
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 ounces shiitake mushrooms, sliced
4 ounces button (table) mushrooms, sliced
1 clove garlic, minced
1/4 cup brandy
1 cup heavy cream
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
Salt and pepper
1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese

Directions: Prepare ravioli according to package directions; drain. Next, over medium
heat, pour olive oil in a skillet and cook mushrooms until tender. Add garlic and brandy,
and cook for 2 minutes. Slowly stir in heavy cream and bring to a simmer. Season with
nutmeg, salt, and pepper. When cream has thickened, stir in 1/4 cup of parmesan cheese.
Then, stir in cooked ravioli, and gently simmer for 1 to 2 minutes. Serve with parmesan,

garlic bread, and salad. Makes 2 servings.

Red Velvet Cupcakes. Photo and baking credit, Gina Meyers.

Red Velvet Cake

4 tablespoons cocoa powder
1 ounce liquid red food coloring
3/4 cup water
1 yellow cake mix, with pudding in the mix
4 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 teaspoon butter
4 tablespoons buttermilk
1 tablespoon white vinegar

Directions: Preheat oven to 325°. In a large bowl, mix cocoa powder, red food coloring,
and part of the water to form a paste. Next, add all of the other ingredients except the
white vinegar. Blend for 2 1/2 to 3 minutes with a mixer on medium speed. Then add the
vinegar and mix with a spatula. Pour the batter into a bunt or round cake pan, and bake
for approximately 35 minutes. This recipe can be made into cupcakes as well.

Adorn each cupcake or the entire Red Velvet Cake with various miniature die-cast Cullen
cars, such as Carlisle’s Mercedes S55 AMG, Rosalie’s red BMW M3, Edward’s silver
Volvo S60R, Alice’s yellow Porsche 911 Turbo, or Emmett’s Jeep Wrangler. A replica of
Bella’s red Chevy pickup truck could also be added.

Dr. Cullen’s Mock Mimosa
2 ounces of chilled London Dry Gin
2 ounces of chilled Orange Juice
2 ounces of chilled Tonic Water

Directions: In a high ball glass, mix all ingredients straight up, make sure all ingredients
are cold. Over wise, may be served over ice.

R: What is your favorite recipe from the book?
I am proud of my Love at First Bite, Red Velvet Cake recipe.

R: Where can people get “Love at First Bite, The Unofficial Twilight Cookbook?”
Love at First Bite is available at,, and Email me for an autographed copy at

R: Have you read all of the “Twilight” books? If so, which one is your favorite?

I like them all, they all add to character of Bella Swan, showing her strength under fire.

R: Tell us about some of your other books?

G: My first three titles are part of my Magic of Bewitched series. Tons of trivia, fun
facts, never before seen photographs, and chapters on the appeal of Bewitched and other
magical series.
I am currently working on an I Dream of Jeannie Trivia and More book, a children’s
book about the Louisiana oil spill, titled: New Hope, Help Our Precious Environment,
and a recreation of Love at First Bite revamped in full color glossy photos, a keepsake,
and My Life as a Twilight Fan, an autobiographical approach to the journey. Inspirational
Life, Exploring Our Passions in 365 Days. I have recently completed a book of
inspiration entitled: Life Lessons Learned from My Fortunes: Inspiration Edition.

I am also publishing Brooklyn artist and poet Liz Longos’ book on Australian birds,
called A Bird and Its Albatross: a Tale of Renewal.

R: What is the best advice you have ever gotten and by who?

G: Life is not a dress rehearsal. My father also told me to remember to stop and take time
to smell the roses. My mothers also told me to remember to prune, feed, and water the

R: What advice would you give teenage girls?

G: That is a great question. The children are our future and being a teenage girl once and
having two teenage daughters currently, I am aware at what a huge transition time it is.
What I mean by transition time is it is when a girl grows into herself and emerges from
being a silk worm (then the cocoon) into a butterfly. My advice to all teenage girls is to
be yourself, find your passions, explore all of your interests, don’t cave to peer pressure,
accept yourself for your unique personality and to be persistent with your dreams and
goals. The person I am today is a direct result of the person I was beginning to become in
high school (I started peer counseling, because my school didn’t offer it and a wonderful
teacher of mine agreed to facilitate, I also wrote for the school newspaper, which was not
only fun and engaging but also educational, I learned how others viewed the world, my
parents also allowed me to go to Europe for the summer of my Sophomore year, this too
shaped my understanding of the world and gave me compassion for others). Often times,
the school environment or even the home environment isn’t the right match for a teenage
girl. Seek out friends, peers, and adults you can trust that uplift your own unique spirit.
Switch schools if the environment doesn’t fit for you, even if it is more of a sacrifice for
your parents or yourself, it is worth becoming the best you can be, but if you are in an
environment that negatively affects your self worth, you must stand firm and stand up for
yourself, no one will do it for you!

food, Relate Magazine,

food, Relate Magazine,

Picture credit: Gina and David Meyers

R: What are some of your future goals?

G: To continue to be recognized as a television consultant and celebrity cook reaching
the world via television guest spots, my own cooking show, the ability to continue to
reach people via my books with booksignings and other fun filled engagements. To
publish and promote various artists and authors via Serendipity Press Inc, a publishing
house which specializes in the whimsical, books of inspiration, cooking, and popular

My goal is to create excitement in the kitchen and reignite the passion for
cooking. My goal is to bring teens and Twi-Moms and Twi-Dads back into
the kitchen. I think reading is so important, and Stephenie Meyer has brought
a lot of people back to reading, I want to bring people back into the kitchen
cooking together and having unique themed parties. All of my recipes are
labeled, “one fork” “easy”, “two forks” medium, and “three forks”, difficult.
Most ingredients are very economical and the point is to have fun and to stay
on budget.

R: What are five thing people may not know about you?


1) I am the publisher of Serendipity Press Inc
2) I love promotions, marketing, and publishing
3) I love to travel, was an au pair in Quimper France for three weeks to a family
who owned a bed and breakfast (auberage). So, I celebrated my 21st birthday in
4) I started the Peer Counseling Program at my high school, Oak Grove, in San Jose,
Ca. I organized the first teen awareness day, where a 49er football player, ex-drug
dealer, nurses, doctors and other professionals educated the OG student body on
the dangers in life.
5) I am very entrepeurnial at heart. In college, I organized a post card writing
campaign for the service people stationed in Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm. In
conjunction, I created the I Support the Troops campaign button.
6)Princess Diana and Audrey Hepburn, both touched the lives of children through caring
and compassion. I love children and as a result of my magical life, I get the opportunity
to meet children and to share my love of cooking, writing, and creating with them. I want
the children of the world to discover their true innate passions.

R: Other than this one, what is the strangest question you have ever been asked?

G: News reporters always ask me if I am related to Stephenie Meyer because my married
last name is Meyers.

R: Are you on any social networking sites or have a website? If so, which ones and what
are the addresses?


R: Is there anything else you would like to add?

G: I enjoy igniting a passion for cooking in the kitchen. I express myself creatively
through the exploration of entertaining tips, trivia tidbits, and through the art of grouping,
naming and making unique themed recipes. I believe that Twilight is a love story, like
Romeo and Juliet, with elements of forbidden love. The Twilight saga brings me back to
a simpler time and rekindles the feelings of my first love.

R: Gina, thank you for the interview. Have a great day.
G:Thank you!

Gina Meyers and family interview on Fox cooking in the kitchen.

Twilight Cast on Alan Carr, Chatty Man Show, enjoying Twilight Tribute Punch, excerpt
from my Love at First Bite, The Unofficial Twilight Cookbook.