A Girl You Should Know: Charlie Dane

A Girl You Should Know: Charlie Dane

Written by Ellen Marie Hawkins

Charlie Dane, relatemag.com

Charlie Dane, relatemag.com

(photo courtesy of Charlie Dane)

When you visit Charlie’s website, the first things that hit you are her smile and the
song “Outside the Box” which starts playing immediately. “All these recent pop songs
on Z100 sound the same,” she explains. “No one is thinking outside the box and writing
anything different, so I did.” Ah, someone just opened a window and let in some fresh

Her name is Charlie Dane, and at 12 years old, she doesn’t need Max Martin or Dr.
Luke to help her produce a quality written song. When asked what recording artist
inspires her, she said, “I don’t really take my inspiration from other performers.” Instead,
inspiration “comes from things all around me.”

With six songs featured on her website (which can also be found on iTunes) none of
them sound the same and offer great promise as to what her future holds. “Dreamland”
features some impressive guitar solos and was also the first song she wrote and therefore,
the most difficult. “I needed to learn the whole writing process for songs,” she explains,
but the finished product doesn’t reveal this struggle or the fact that it was her first

Remorseful and soulful, the thoughtfully penned and haunting vocals of “Back in Time”
and “Past the Point” are on the same level as songs written by singer/songwriters twice
her age. “Someone wake me from this broken dream,” Charlie sings in “Back in Time,”
making the listener think of their own shut doors. In “Past the Point,” Charlie focuses on
a lost loved one instead; “It seems like forever/Has slipped into never.”

Her favorite song, “Tuesday’s Just as Bad,” takes this young singer in a different
direction. Fun, playfully creative, and energetic, this song makes you get up and dance.
While she loves the production and finished song, I love that the sound embraces her
youth and that she’ll ponder the possibility, “If there’s no Monday/Tuesday’s just as

Charlie describes her music as soulful, original, and sometimes dark. This young singer/
songwriter’s favorite part of performing is to see an audience “listening to the lyrics.
Many times after the shows people tell me how my songs touched them.” When she’s
not concentrating on her music, though, she likes to “Paint, draw, sculpt, watch TV,
memorize pi. Right now I know pi to the seventy-fifth power! Weird, right? I can also
solve a rubik’s cube in 2 minutes, 35 seconds.”

Providing her accomplishments so far, Charlie may not be a typical 12 year old, but
her music is relatable, fun, and in the case of “Outside the Box,” inspiring. Please visit
www.CharlieDane.net for more information or go to iTunes to purchase her music.

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