Katey Laurel: From Here

Katey Laurel: From Here

Written by Ellen Marie Hawkins

Katey Laurel

Katey Laurel

(photo courtesy of www.kateylaurel.com)

Katey has a deep, rich voice that is startling at first, simply because it’s so unexpected,
but by the end of the first song, “Begin Again,” her vocals are comforting and alluring at
the same time. Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and get to know her through her songs.

With only eight tracks on From Here, Katey has no room for filler, and every song is
solid. “Begin Again” is my favorite; its message is inspirational and a fantastic way to
establish this as a positive songwriter who isn’t wallowing in her heartbreak. “Here we
are, lesson learned, this is not the end; slow it down, turn around, we can begin again.”
She cites the temptation to look at the past, but encourages forgiveness and a blank

“Blue Sky’s Comin’” lyrics follow that spirit. “I know the blue clouds comin,’ rain
clouds will hit the ground running,” she croons, and any negativity found in your heart at
the start of the song will be gone by the end.

“Everything I Love” is flirty and playful; absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day
and “Somebody Like You,” also embraces that wonder of being with that certain
someone that makes you happy.

“From Here” ponders the meaning of our existence; “Is this really all there is?” she asks.
“Is this really where we fit?” I loved her honesty and questioning spirit that revealed a
vulnerability other artists choose to hide or ignore, but the song is so relatable because we
all think about these questions.

Katey’s voice is pure magic, and her talent is undeniable. This songstress has heart and
integrity; focusing on characteristics that define true love or celebrating for what makes
it wonderful, and choosing to take the high road and embrace hope even in the midst of
hardships. Please visit www.katelylaurel.com for more information on Katey, or find her
on twitter and facebook.

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