Chit Chatting with Amanda Roit

Chit Chatting with Amanda Roit

Written by: Jill Sheets

Amanda Roit

Amanda Roit

Picture credit: David Needleman

Recently I had the honor of interviewing Amanda Roit, who is a talented up and coming
singer and actress. Continue reading to learn more about this gifted 11 year old.

R: Tell us a little bit about yourself?

A: I am 11 years old, in the 5th grade, and from New York; I love to sing and act.

R: How long have you been acting and singing? How did you get into the entertainment

A: I started singing and acting at the age of 7… And I got into the business by going on
some auditions for (and casting in) local plays.

R: Tell us about your song “Stayin’ Up All Night.”

A: “Stayin’ Up All Night” is about my 11th birthday party; it was a sleepover and my
friends and I stayed up all night.

R: Where can people hear the song?


R: Do you have any plans on making an EP or album?

A: Yes, I plan on making an album (hopefully many albums); I plan on having a long
career in music (as well as acting).

R: What has been your favorite stage role so far and why?

A: Annie, (from the Broadway musical of the same name). I love singing AND acting
and Annie has such a great personality.

R: If you could make a guest appearance on any two Disney shows, which ones would
they be and why?

A: “Wizards Of Waverly Place” (I love Selena Gomez) and “Shake It Up” (it is my
favorite Disney show).

R: Who has been the biggest influence in your life?

A: Besides my family and manager… Justin Bieber because he started out in the business
so young; I would love to follow in his footsteps.

R: If you could work with anyone in the world who would it be?

A: Justin Bieber.

R: What singers and bands do you listen to? What is your favorite song by each one?

A: My favorite singer is Justin Bieber and my favorite songs of his are “You Smile”
and “Love Me”. My favorite band is The Beatles. There are so many songs of theirs that
I love.

R: What is the best advice you have ever gotten and by who?

A: Rona Leslie, my singing coach; she said to never be afraid to share your talent.

R: What advice would you give someone who wanted to be a singer and or actresses?

A: To follow your dreams and work very VERY hard.

R: Are you on any social networking sites? If so, which ones and what are their
addresses? Do you have an official website? If so, what is the address? Do you have an
official youtube channel?

A: ,,

Also, I was recently named Kidz Bop’s new “Artist 2 Know” – check it out here.

R: What are some of your future goals?

A: To be a singer and actress on the Disney channel.

R: Is there anything else you would like to add or say to your fans?

A: I would like to thank all my fans for their great comments.

R: Amanda, thank you for the interview. Have a great day.

A: You too, thank you.