Lisa Bianco: Momentum

Lisa Bianco:  Momentum

Written by Ellen Marie Hawkins

Lisa Bianco:  MomentumThere’s nothing not to love about this seven song EP.  Generally, I prefer a woman’s voice to a man’s, but unfortunately, it’s that extra something in a male dominated band that has me listening to more guys than girls.  That “extra something” isn’t missing on this album.  Lisa brings it all to the table:  excellent vocals, enough guitars to make me feel like rocking out, and enough relatable material to make me feel like I’m sitting down on a rainy Saturday afternoon having a chat with my best friend.  Nope, no guys required here.

Lisa opens the album with “Breakin,’” a song about a dissolving relationship that neither he nor you are fighting for.  And so you’re watching in dismay as it deteriorates.  But, there’s more comfort in the song than motivation to save it.  Because some relationships aren’t meant to be salvaged.  The other break-up song, “Erase You,” follows “Breakin,’” and has a miffed Lisa realizing that “you never cared for me” even though she wanted so badly too see that he was capable of loving someone.  Because the guy doesn’t treat her the way she deserves to be treated, she wants the mere memory of him erased.  Hey, we’ve all been there.

But there’s more to Lisa than the girl who’s been treated badly.  “Big City Lights” explains the draw Lisa has to be more than the girl residing in a small town with a quiet life.  While I don’t share her ambition to stand out in a crowd of people, I very much relate to her desires to chase down her passions and what inspires her.  I loved this song about chasing down a dream and being attracted to what makes you feel alive.

“Lovely” is more reflection on a relationship that didn’t work, but it’s vastly different from the first two tracks.   Wistful and sad, this is a different side to Lisa and shows her vulnerability and gentler spirit.  Missing a relationship that didn’t last for various reasons, she allows herself to entertain, for just a moment, what it would be like if it had worked out.  Sweeping and emotional, this is a great track.  “No Doubt About It” shows different side yet again-this is a happier song about finding the right guy and being absolutely positive he is the one she wants to be with.

The song Lisa closes with, “Low,” is my favorite.  Sometimes acoustic, sometimes electric, but always raw, this five minute track is a reach out to someone who is struggling with depression and some dark times.  It reveals a songstress with heart and a strong sensitivity to someone else’s pain.

Talented and versatile, Lisa has a lot to offer with Momentum.  Radio friendly yet better than much of the music that over saturates the current stations, I will be listening to Lisa when my thirst for strong rock with a soul that can’t be sated by anything else.

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