Chit Chatting with Actress Willow Shields

Written by:  Jill Sheets

Picture credit:  KEITH COTTON

Picture credit: KEITH COTTON

Recently, I had the honor of interview a very talented actress, Willow Shields.  Some of you first met her in the first “Hunger Games” movie as Katniss Everdeen’s little sister Primrose Everdeen.  Continue to read on and learn more about Willow, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” and about the strangest question she has ever been asked.

R:  Tell us a little bit about your new movie “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.”

W: It is the continuing story of Katniss Everdeen and the world of Panem. Katniss is now living in the Victor’s Village with her mom and sister. But, when the Quarter Quell is announced they discover that she must go back into the hunger games again. This time, she will be fighting all past victors and it is more dangerous than ever.

R:  What is your favorite part of filming this movie?

W: Just working with this cast! We have the most amazing cast, not just Jennifer, but also Woody Harrelson, Lennzy Kravitz and so many more. The cast is incredible and sweet. They are fun to work with every day.

R: Did you get a chance to read the books before you start filming either of the films?

W: I was reading the first book when I got the chance to audition as Prim. Once I got the part I finished them all. Once we started shooting Catching Fire I reread that book.

R:  What is it like working with the cast?

W: This cast is the best. Jennifer Lawrence is so down to earth and fun. She is this amazing actress and then in between takes, she is just funny and makes everyone feel welcome. There are so many really great actors in this franchise. But, since they are all so sweet and relaxed it’s easy to feel right at home on set.

R: Do you have any up and coming projects that you can tell us a little bit about?

W: Well, I am working on Mockingjay part 1 and 2 right now. So I will be busy with that for a while. I am also going to be shooting a movie directed by Jennifer Lynch, starring Vincent D’Onofrio and Tim Roth.

R:  If you could remake any movie, what movie would it be?  What role would you play and who would you like to play opposite of you?

W: “The Breakfast Club”. I think that would be a cool film to remake. I would love to play Molly Ringwald’s part and then have a bunch of other young actors. Maybe Asa Butterfield. I think he is very talented.

R:  What is your favorite memory so far?

W: I don’t think I have one favorite memory. There have been so many while working on The Hunger Games. I think anything where I have met fans, like fan events and Comicon have been the most memorable. The Hob event at last years premiere in LA was amazing. Everyone camped out for days just to be there.

R:  What was it like being on Seventeen’s cover?  What was the photo shoot like? What was your favorite part?

W: Being on Seventeen’s cover was a dream. It’s something that I never thought would have happened to me. The shoot was in New York and I had never been there before, so that was really exciting. The clothes were incredible, which is always fun and the people involved in hair, makeup and styling made it very fun.

Picture credit:  KEITH COTTON

Picture credit: KEITH COTTON

R:  Tell us about “Operation Smile”

W: Operation Smile is a charity I love that heals children’s smiles. They offer surgeries to children born with cleft palate and cleft lip. It is $240 to cure a smile! That is incredible and makes a huge difference in kids lives.

R:  What are five things people may not know about you?

W: 1) I have a twin sister named Autumn

2) I could eat donuts for every meal!

3) I own a record player and spend all my extra money on vinyl

4) My favorite hobby is reading

5) My favorite place to be is the ocean

R:  What advice would you give girls, in general?

W: Just be your self. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but it’s the best advice I can offer. That, and be nice to each other.

R:  Other than this one, what is the strangest question you have ever been asked?

W: Batman or Avengers? Asked by a fan at a Comi Con event in Australia.

R:  Are you on any social networking sites.  If so, which ones and what are their addresses?  Do you have an official website?

W: No official website. I am on instagram- willowshields; twitter @willowshields

R:  What is it like communicating with your fans?  What is the nicest thing a fan has ever said or done for you?

W: I was recently at an event for Seventeen and Catching Fire and there was a group of girls who came up to me crying. That is the most amazing thing I have seen. They are just as excited about these books and movies as I am.

R:  Is there anything else you would like to add or say to your fans.

W: Just that I hope they love “Catching Fire” as much as I do! And thanks for all their support!

R:  Willow, thank you for the interview.  It was an honor.  Have a great day.