To Party Hard or Not? The College Social Life Dilemma!

audienceThere seem to be two stereotypes about the social life of a college student. The first one is that they are always at parties, leaving little time to study. The another one is that they are always in the library and are so focused on their studies that they let the social life slip. Happily, the reality is more of a balanced middle ground. You don’t have to party too hard or spend all of your time in the library. You can solve your college social dilemmas by following the advice below.

Church Groups

One of the best ways of having an exciting social life without feeling pressured into attending parties is to find your local area church group. Or a church group on campus if there is one.   A good church will have all sorts of events on like Christmas get together, choirs, study groups, and service opportunities. That means you can keep your down time full with constructive social activities that adhere to your values.

Sports Or Intellectual Teams

Joining a sports team in college is another great is a social activity. Being a member of a team helps you to integrate into college life. There is nothing that brings people together quicker than being on the same side of a competition.

The same goes for campus club like the debate team. It also helps to introduce to all sorts of people that you wouldn’t meet otherwise. For example, they could be on a different course to you or from a different background. In addition to that, there are always lots of social occasions based around teams. So you will have plenty of chances to mingle and make new friends.


Sororities are an option for some students at college. Freshmen try out for these in their first year, and some of them can be pretty tough to get into. However, once you in you find a sense of belonging along with some like-minded people. Of course, there will be plenty of parties and mixers with other sororities too so you can get to meet a lot of people this way.

Organize Your Own Fun

Of course, these options won’t suit everyone at all times, so there is another alternative. That is to make your own fun. Being on campus or in the location of a college is a great opportunity to get involved in the community. You can be proactive and organize your own parties, mixers, and charity events.

Anything goes here. You can organize something informal like a night out at local restaurants for a select group of your friends. Or you could plan a food drive or a sponsored event to help the needy in the area.

Whatever you do just make sure that you have some down time from your studies. Both too much and too little study can hurt your performance. Remember too that being open to meeting the diverse mix of people that will be around during your time at college is an important part of the whole experience.