How Young People Can Help Save The Planet

It’s fair to say that we haven’t been very kind to our planet. Acid rain, global warming, oil spills: unfortunately as a human race we’ve not always made the best decisions. But thankfully, modern technology mean that things do have the potential to get better. Electric cars are becoming more and more popular, homeowners are fitting their properties with solar panels and energy efficient light bulbs, and wind farms are being used as a major source of power. As young people, it’s so important to take an interest in the environment, after all this is the earth we’re inheriting and what will happen next is in our hands. We collectively have the opportunity to create a better world. Here are some of the ways you as a young person can help save the planet.

Educate Yourself

The first step to making things better is to have a proper understanding of the situation. Knowing what issues we currently face and why, and what the next step is to making it right is extremely powerful. Read newspapers, articles, and blogs. Listen to the news, watch documentaries and speak to others.

Make Better Choices When Purchasing Things

Every time you buy something, it helps to create a demand for that product. Therefore when you choose products that are kind to the environment, there’s more demand for them and they become more widespread and popular. It could be things like products that contain low VOC levels (these are low in volatile chemicals that damage the environment). It could be items that are made from recycled materials or products which actively try to help or protect the environment. If everyone thought carefully and made these kinds of choices when they bought products, think of what we could help to influence.

Consider Alternative Forms of Travel

As a teenager or young person, chances are you’re always on the go. School, college, part-time or full-time work, meeting friends- it’s a particularly busy stage of life. Consider how you get around and how this affects the planet. It’s great learning to drive and getting your own car, as this can give you a fantastic sense of freedom and open up more opportunities. However, it doesn’t mean to say you always need to use the car. You could consider an e bike, this is an electric bike which is kind to the environment and makes traveling even over long distances and hilly roads a breeze. For shorter journeys, you could use a standard bicycle or walk and get some exercise in at the same time. Using public transport where possible is beneficial too.



Not only does volunteering hugely help certain projects, but makes you feel really proud of yourself too. Everyone should aim to volunteer if they can, but for young people, it’s especially beneficial. It can help you to make new friends, looks good on your resume and teaches you the importance of real life issues. There are plenty of environment and conservation based projects out there which are always in need of volunteers, so see what’s available near you.