Interviewing Actress Lindsay Lamb


Meet Lindsay Lamb, a talented  actress who has done it all: horror, comedy, stage productions, even superhero films! You can see her in Emma’s Chance, Apple of My Eye, Range 15, and again in Blue Line, which is soon to be released this spring. Read on to learn more about her.


R: When did you first get into acting? How did you get to where you are today in the business?

L: I first starting acting out when my younger sister was born and I was desperate for attention. But professionally, I started acting when I was 10 years old in a theater production of Annie. I performed in Florida theatrically and commercially until I was 18, then decided to move to Boston, Massachusetts for reasons that I’m still unsure of. I didn’t know anyone and definitely didn’t know what I was doing, but I ended up interning at Boston Casting and working on countless sets. I learned very quickly that I had a lot more to learn! Then I moved to New York where I worked for 3 years and went to Pace University before transferring to the University of Southern California and majoring in theater. I have been in LA ever since. 


R: What kinds of movies have you done in the past? Do you have a favorite film you’ve done? What is your favorite genre to act in?

L: I’ve done a variety of films, everything from family films to horror films to superheroine films. I think my favorite film thus far has been Apple Of My Eye because of everything I learned and being able to work with my best friend and favorite director, Castille Landon. My favorite genre in general is psychological thrillers. I love a good murder mystery that keeps you guessing!


R: Tell us about Blue Line. 

L: Blue Line was the first film that I booked after graduating from USC. It was such a great experience and definitely another one of those wow-I-have-so-much-more-to-learn times in my life, which is always very humbling, to say the least. We filmed in Cromwell, Connecticut in the dead of winter and I played Bunny Abbott, a cheerleader who gets held hostage by the two leads. The entire town and entire crew were so incredibly wonderful and it was an experience that I am forever grateful for. I’m so excited to see the final product when it’s released this spring!


R: What do you like to do besides acting?

L: I’m actually outrageously boring; there’s a rumor going around that I do a lot of fun things, but I really just hang out with my dogs and experiment with different food combinations in my kitchen! I also love a good vanilla latte and going to the Sleep Number bed store with my fellow weirdo Alana to see if my sleep number position has changed.


R: What are your future plans?

L: Career wise, I really want to get into television, so I’ll just put that into the universe! Personally, I plan on continuing to travel. As of January 1 of last year, I had never been outside of the US and I decided that that needed to change. So far I’ve been to six countries and I want to try to double that this year. I definitely caught the travel bug and I’m not mad about it!


R: Are there any charities or causes close to your heart? Tell us about them.

L: I adopted both of my pups, so really any charity having to do with saving animals is close to my heart. But more specifically, Bark n’ Bitches, where my family adopted our pup Winnie, and Wylder’s Holistic Pet Center and Rescue where I adopted my little girl Jovi (and since I mentioned Jovi, I have to mention my little cub, Scotch. He was found on the streets in downtown LA but now sleeps in a tempedic bed so he’s not complaining!), and of course the ASPCA and Best Friends Animal Society.


R: What advice do you have for young aspiring actresses?

L: I think the most important thing that I’ve learned is to find your “people”— likeminded individuals who are on your team. I think it’s so important, especially in this crazy industry, to have a core group of people who you can depend on to be consistent. With that being said, always make sure you are that consistent person for someone else. It goes a long way!


Written by Anna Tallarico

Photo credits: Ryan West