3 Guaranteed Ways To Rub Out The Regret

Nostalgia can rear its head at the most unexpected of times. It could be a song playing on the radio that reminds you of an ex-partner, a smell which throws you back to a summer 9 years ago or a name mentioned that you haven’t heard in awhile. Bringing up feelings that you’d either rather hide from others or indulge yourself in, it’s a strange phenomenon. It’s meant to be one that’s fondly looked back on, according to the definition. Regret is the form of nostalgia which is associated with the negative. In our lives, it’ll be more beneficial to our well being to have nostalgia over regret – so what can we do to lessen the latter?

Out With The Old

Old stuff lingers rounds and haunts us more than we care to think about. Getting a tattoo in the heat of the moment, for example, could be something that we look back on with regret and have no idea how to fix – or do, but don’t want to because we have heard about how much tattoo removal hurts. Erasing away the evidence won’t erase away the memories, but it’ll help to not be reminded every time you look at something. You’ll have to go to a special part of your mind to get a throwback to whatever it was that previous jumped out at you every time you looked at the thing associated with it.

Take On Challenges

As we get older, we grow increasingly more aware of things that we should have done better. From concentrating more in class to making more informed life choices when it came to our careers and love lives, there are some things which simply cannot be reversed. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most of a missed opportunity. There are so many routes into further education now that you’d be hard pressed not to find a course that would suit you and your lifestyle.

Get In Touch

We are now in the best position that we have ever been in to get in touch with people who we may have lost contact with or have made a mistake with in the past. Reaching out is only a text, call or instant message away – no longer do we have to travel miles on foot to reach the person that we need to see. There is absolutely no need for regret in terms of seeing people and making the most of your lives together. This especially goes for family; our jobs nowadays offer the flexibility of holidays for us to utilise as we wish, and instead of leaving the regret to form when it’s too late to pay a visit to those who you always intended to see but never quite got around to doing so, take the opportunity by the horns and invest your time into doing it. If you are sitting on the pride of not being the first person to make contact, check yourself and get over it; else it may be a situation that never materializes.