Clever Clothing For Cash-Strapped Students

Living on the money you’re expected to as a student is never easy. At this time in your life, you’re finding more and more out about yourself. And, it’s very important that you can express this through the clothing you wear. Most students want to wear designer clothing, with huge price-tags and famous names. But, the bridge in price between these options and regular clothing is massive. And, far too much for most students to be able to afford. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. This post will be taking you through some ways that you can start making these items yours.

As a student, you’ve probably already figured out how sales work in superstores, where you buy your food and other essentials. And, these principles can be applied to clothing, too. To start, you should never buy a garment at full price. At some point in its life; it will be on sale. So, it can be much better to wait for the clothing you love the most. In most places, sales have to be rotated by companies to make sure that they are staying within the law. As another way to get around the law, companies will also have coupon codes. The restrictions on these are usually much more relaxed. And, there are loads of websites to help you. For example, if you were looking for a new handbag; finding a Rebecca Minkoff coupon could get something you would otherwise be unable to afford. This work will usually pay-off. And, the results will be loads of lovely new clothing.

This next idea will take a little more work than the first one. A lot of the clothing you find in charity shops and thrift stores is found during house clearances. This means that the people who have given them to the store may not know exactly what the items are. And, if they make it past the employees at the store; some incredibly cheap deals can be found. Most people are clueless when it comes to designer clothing. So, the odds are that anything that goes in will end up on the shelf. To find deals like this, you will have to visit these stores as often as possible. This gives you the chance to support a good cause and get some great deals at the same time.

If you’re willing to put in extra effort; you may not even need to save money. Instead, you could be earning it. As a student, you have a skill or study that you’re currently working on. In most cases, this will be related to something that you can sell. For example, an art student could sell their work on a website like Etsy. Or, a computer science student could use websites like Freelancer to get developer work. The money that you make from these ventures can be set aside just for your clothing. Using the saving methods above; you will be able to save loads and make the money you earn going even further. And, this is all while growing your wardrobe.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to start working harder on your wardrobe. A lot of people are very interested in clothing. But, don’t think that they have the money to pursue their outfit dreams. With the right work, even a student can spend their days looking great. There’s loads of proof; so, you just need to go out there and take it for yourself.