Love Biology? Here Are Some Career Ideas

Biology is a relatively popular pursuit in this country, A lot of people assume that biology majors will probably just go on to go to medical school and become doctors, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, there are many people out there who love biology but didn’t study it in school – and even they can still pursue certain careers relating to biology!

Here are some job options you may want to consider if you’re interested in biology.


A lot of people have misconceptions about professionals in nutrition. They think that they’re just people who get paid too much to regurgitate diet tips to people who need to lose weight. But a nutritionist needs to be much more than this. People with any health issue that is affected by their diet should work with a nutritionist to keep themselves healthy and safe. Nutritionists need to know a lot about biology – especially biochemistry.

Blood science

Imagine telling your friends that you’re a “blood scientist”. Almost sounds like a name for a death metal band. Blood scientists don’t all require medical school degrees – they’re often technicians and assistants who simply need to take a training course and have a deep knowledge of biology. This is often the case in phlebotomy, where many people who are considering a job in blood science will turn. You should check this site out if you want to know more about starting a career in phlebotomy.


Science writing can take many forms. You may be a contributor to a science magazine, either for kids or adults. You may write news articles or biology education articles for blogs. You can even look into proofreading and editing of scientific papers, or work as a consultant for others writers. People often forget to consider the world of writing when they’re looking into science-related work, and there’s a lot more demand for writers with a knowledge of biology than you may think.


If you have a degree in biology, you can look into becoming a crime scene examiner or a crime laboratory analyst. Becoming a medical examiner or a forensic pathologist will require time at medical school, but the other options generally just require knowledge of both biology and criminal law as well as some time in a training course. The two I mentioned may even require some time at a police academy, though it won’t be quite as intense as what those training to become police should be going through.


You’ve probably already heard it: humans are using up natural resources at such a fast rate that the Earth just can’t keep up when it comes to replenishing those resources. To many, this signals that our time on this Earth is more limited than most people think. That’s why conservation work is more important – and more in-demand – than ever. People with an interest in biology can certainly get involved. Collecting and analyzing samples – crucial work for conservationists who need to track the effects we’re reaping upon the environment so we can better know what to do about it – is perfect work for a biology buff.