Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda – You Shall, You Will and You Can

How are you meant to make big life choices when you’re still so young? It’s like everybody except yourself has your life mapped out for you. It’s a shoulda-woulda-coulda lesson on repeat, with those who are older, wiser and more experienced trying to lay upon you everything that they had wished to achieve when they were your age; the possibilities that they turned down only to feel repercussions in later life. If you don’t have a clear path to go on, it’s hard to know where to start. We use parents as role models, but in this day and age we also use other people, too – friends, celebrities and anybody else we view through social media. So it all gets a bit muddled up, really. We don’t know who to look up to, who to follow the footsteps of and who we can use for guidance.

Want to know a secret? Nobody really knows what they’re doing. We’ve all had to carve our own path out along the way. No two lives are the same, and definitely no two journeys are. It’s hard to say what you can learn from this as everybody is different, but a little guidance goes a long way. Whether you’re still in school or just out of it, it’s a hard time to come to terms with. What you could do now affects the rest of your life, right? Well, to a degree, yes, but it won’t cover all of it. There’s so much more to explore. And with that…


Explore The World

There is so much of the world to see, and right now we are the most privileged we have ever been in terms of getting to explore it all; the chance to do it is lying right at your fingertips. Getting online and booking flights can be done in little to no time, but it shouldn’t be done on a whim unless you’re an experienced traveller. There are tours, programs and volunteering deals available to those who haven’t really experienced traveling on their own before, but it’s always recommended that you take a buddy with you – it’s always nice to be safe and have company! Whether it’s for a week or you’re taking a gap year, any and all travel is brilliant experience. Even if you are going with parents and are nudging them to indulge in their own wanderlust, near or far, it’s something that you will always remember.


Go For A Scholarship

There are so many companies out there which are offering scholarships to the top students who have applied for college – you just need to know where to find them. For example, if you have applied for a law degree, look at the Medler Law Firm scholarship. Always look to professions that are related to your degree to find the funding that is applicable. Things like this are an amazing way to get help towards your tuition, it’s just not many people are aware that they’re there. The more you realize that you could get financial help towards what is arguably going to be one of the most expensive things that you ever do, the more willing you may be towards being able to do it. One of the main reasons that people aren’t going on to further education at the moment is the sheer cost of it all. There is help out there, so take it.


Help Out In The Community

Not only is this a great one for your resumé, but it’s amazing for feel-good-feels. You’ll be doing fantastic things for a brilliant cause, and the best bit is that you get to see it all unfold on your doorstep. It can open the door for bigger and better things in a lot of cases – getting to know members of your community well will put you in good stead and give you the ability to make an impression on those who are able to give out opportunities. There are so many things that you can get involved in, but if you live in quite a sleepy little town with not much going on then it’s down to you to make it happen. This has happened all over the world; if something isn’t going on, people like to make something of it so that there is.  It could be an arts festival, a community litter pick or even just going round to help somebody fix up their home. It all counts, and is conveniently super fun to do.