Stay Happy Stay Healthy

Being a young person in today’s world can be pretty stressful. There is a lot of pressure on us to do well at school, look good, succeed at hobbies and sports and be the most popular. But it’s easy to run ourselves ragged trying to be perfect at all of these things, and get super stressed in the process. That is why it not only important to be compassionate to ourselves but also to plan in regular fun times as a break from all of this pressure. Read on to find out more.

Attitude Change

The first thing that can help us stay happy and healthy through our teen years if to have a bit of an attitude adjustment. It is so easy to start to compare ourselves to others or worry about pleasing everyone else like our parent’s, friends, and families.

But this often comes from a place of not believing that we are good enough of ourselves. This, of course, is wrong and it’s vital that we stop from time to time and realize that we don’t have to be perfect in a worldly way. Why? Well, because we are enough, and believing this is really going to help in our lives.  

Movie Nights

Of course, as well as a little attitude adjustment now and again it’s also pretty important to have some fun things planned in that avoid as much stress as possible. One activity that is great for that is chilling out in front of the TV or watching a movie.

Although now we have so much choice as to what to stream, it can be a minefield picking something. It’s also worth noting that some streaming services may cause online privacy issues. Which you can read more about at So makes sure you check before grabbing your popcorn and sitting down to watch.

Girls Night

Now, what could be more fun that a girly pamper night? You can find the perfect instructions on how to do this at’s-Pamper-Night-In.

It’s a great way of reconnecting with friends and giving yourself a bit of luxury as well. Why not give yourself a manicure and pedicure, as well as face masks and hair treatments?

Of course, if you choose to invite friends over for this it’s also a good way of connecting and catching up with them, to see how thing are going.

Quality time with the family

For some folks, chilling out with their siblings and parents is where they feel the least stressed out and happy. But what can you do if you family is always busy, and you rarely have a chance to hang out together?

Well, why not book in some special family time? Where everyone sets aside a slot, and you can do something all together. It may be that you go out and grab some food? Head to the bowling alley? Or even stay in and plays some board games. Just as long as you are together.


Lastly, something that can have a health and happiness boosting quality is to do a creative activity such as baking, woodwork or crafting. You can do this with friends or alone if you need a bit of me time.

Consider things like crochet, drawing, zentangle or even clay modeling. Or get some additional idea and instructions from Remember the activity itself does not matter too much; as long as you enjoy it.