Preparing For University in 5 Simple Steps

If you are facing your new university life you will probably be feeling a mixture of emotions. Excitement mixed with apprehension and happiness mixed with niggling fears of stepping into the unknown. It is completely natural to feel like this before heading off to your chosen university but there are things that you can do to prepare yourself for this new adventure.


Plan Logistics

If you are planning to study in your local county then it will probably be easier to plan and you may only need to hire the help of your parents, or some local moving services, to help you transport all your things easily and quickly. However if you are planning to study further afield you may need to plan things a little more carefully. Therefore think about all the things that you intend to take with you. Books, furniture, clothes and all the bits and bobs that you want to take should be listed down to ensure you, your parents or a moving company will only have to do one journey to get you and all your stuff settled in.


Learn to Cook

Constant take aways and microwave meals are not the best for your health or your student budget. As you start to miss your home cooking most students tend to gravitate towards the more convenient food options, however you can make sure that you don’t miss your home cooking by learning how to make those dishes yourself. So ask the chef of your family to teach you how to make your favourite dishes and practice how to make hearty and healthy meals to save you heaps of money and also make sure that you are eating healthily.


International Students

It can be even more intimidating starting university if you are travelling from another country. If you are going to be an international student then make sure that you join an orientation program. Orientation programs are really helpful for helping you to settle in, meet other international students and help you to adjust to life in your new country.


Set a Student Budget

It is all too easy to get carried away with our student loans in the first few months, only to have completely run out of money before the term is out. Therefore it is really important to set a student budget. Obviously you shouldn’t stress too much about money but it is definitely a good idea to work out how much you have to spend on rent, food, books, transport and therefore how much is left over for you to spend as you wish.


Be Organized

We all get carried away in the first few days and weeks of university. With so many new people to meet and so much to learn it is totally natural to just want to have fun and go with it for a while. However keeping yourself a little organised will mean that you can keep on top of all your study commitments whilst also enjoying settling into this exciting, new chapter of your life.