Could You Carve Out A Career In Music?

Do you dream of a career in music? Would you like to share your talent with the world and get paid (a lot) to do what you love? Working in music is a privilege and a pleasure and something that many young people aspire to. So many young people struggle to choose a career so you should congratulate yourself if you have already found something that you love and decided on the direction you want your career to take. The music celebrities that you see at gigs and online are just the tip of iceberg. There are thousands of other people working behind the scenes and in clubs and venues all over the country. They may not be household names but they are making a valuable contribution to this vibrant industry.

Types of music industry careers

Obviously, there are the performers (instrumentalists and vocalists) and the composers and songwriters. However, music is not limited to live gigs and chart releases. There are opportunities in film and television music, advertising, apps and religious organizations. Behind the scenes, the music producers and sound technology experts are making sure that it sounds perfect. At live venues, there are the promoters and stage managers as well as more music technologists and roadies.

There is plenty of PR and advertising associated with the music industry as well as TV, radio, DJs and music industry merchandise. If you like to analyze and teach music and musicology there are many careers in teaching. If you want to combine your love of music with writing, you could become a music journalist or even start your own music blog.

Helping yourself break into the music industry

You need to be skilled, versatile, have a good working knowledge of the industry, and have a thick skin because competition is high and you need to be able to deal with rejection! The best musicians are well-rounded and have a wide knowledge of how all parts of the industry work. It is never too early to start your education.

Familiarize yourself with all music genres (from classical to grime) to find what suits your skills and talents. Listen to as much music as you can, all the time! Keep up to date with all the latest trends in the music industry by reading industry magazines and checking out websites. There has been a revival of vinyl lately and this is the sort of thing that future employers would expect you to know about. If you like the idea of vinyl turntables you can search online to find one yourself by reading the reviews categorized by price. You can choose from the retro look that is identical to what your gran has in her loft or a sleeker modern model.

Network with people who work in the industry. Email them and ask if you can work as an intern or get some work experience. If you are a performer, set up your own YouTube channel and promote your work amongst your niche on social media. If you don’t get your stuff out there you will never be discovered!