How To Protect Your Skin While Looking Good

It’s very easy to find all manner of products that can help shape your skin, and help give your skin a good glow. Of course, there’s the cost involved which you must account for, but for the most part – it’s very easy to find a means to an end when it comes to skincare and beauty. It seems like there is a product for every purpose, if you’ve got the cash of course – but even then, there are plenty cheap options available as well. The thing is, however, that we also need to think about protecting and caring for our skin – as well as making it look good. A healthy glow is one thing, but if our skin is unhealthy, well, it’s not exactly healthy is it? We need to seriously think about skincare, and what we can do to our skin to ensure it looks good at all times, we need to also think about our routines and regimes – and if we are performing them with health in mind. While we are trying to make our skin we look, we need to think a lot about protecting our skin from damage.


Firstly, shaving. Most women shave bodily hair off of their body – but incorrect technique, dodgy shaving equipment and a lack of aftercare can lead to damage. Ingrown hair, damaged skin, cuts, infections, lumps, and bruises can be caused by incorrect shaving techniques and poor equipment. Always shave with a sharp blade to avoid cuts and for a closer shave, to avoid being caught short with a blunt blade, companies like 99 Cent Razor offer subscription packages, which can be pretty cheap and ensure you’re always shaving sharp. Ensure you lotion and care for your skin after a shave to ensure it’s in good shape after. Shaving during a bath is your best bet as the hot water brings the hair out and allows for a smoother shave.


If you want your skin to be clean, you need to exfoliate and use scrubs, gels, pastes, and rubs to drag dirt from your pores. However, use them with care – applying them to the skin with force can lead to skin damage. Instead of tearing your face apart, apply the exfoliating product and leave it on the skin for an extended period of time. Allowing the product to work its magic is a lot better than forcefully applying an irritant to your face!


The sun is a big danger to the skin, but it also allows us to tan. Despite the incredible danger, the reward of a healthy tan is simply too much of a lure for some. This means that people are ready to risk their health for a glow. Don’t. Don’t bask in the sun without sunscreen, and ensure you’re out of the sun between 11 am and 3 pm. If you’re in the sun, hydrate and wear a hat. The damage caused by the sun’s rays can have a lasting effect, and the consequences are avoidable.