Retro Items Your Parent’s Loved, And That You Can Still Buy!

Are you heading off to college soon and you want to purchase the freshest items for your student accommodation? Would you just like to create a retro feel in your bedroom? Then you’re guaranteed to love some of the products mentioned in this post. Your parents will know all about these items, and some of them might still have them kicking around at home. So, make sure you ask your parents if they can donate any of these products before you go out and buy them from a retailer. With that in mind, let’s get started!


Record players

Nothing says retro like the ability to play vinyl in your bedroom. There are some cool all in one record players available today that work in the same way as the items your parents used in the past. Indeed, most adults will have a stash of LPs in the attic, and so you might want to ask your mother or father to get them down. Some dance music professionals still release music using that format, and so you can purchase new records too! Just make sure you get something that comes with speakers, or you can buy some separately. Your new student pals are going to feel jealous when they see you have one of those in your room.

VHS players

Before DVD and Blu Ray, all parents used to watch movies using VHS tapes. You probably still have some at home if you check those bookcases. However, most people don’t have the device used to watch those films any longer. Thankfully, you can still purchase them online, and they don’t cost the earth. Maybe you could arrange a retro movie evening with your new college friends? Perhaps you could ask them to bring any old VHS tapes from home for the occasion? Just be sure to invest in a head-cleaning tape, so you get a clear picture on the screen.

Lava lamps

Lava lamps were exceptionally trendy during the late 1960s and 70s. However, you could still find them in most shops until just before the year 2000. If you like the idea of getting a lava lamp, it makes sense to check online auction websites so you can buy an original design. Some online sellers still stock those products, but they’re not as impressive as they once were. That is why you’ll need to invest in a lava lamp created before 1999 for the best outcomes. Again, you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money as many people still have those items at home.

Now you know about some of the best retro products for your student accommodation or bedroom; you just have to check your budget and start making purchases. Everyone who spends time in your room is going to love playing around with those old devices. Of course, there are plenty of other items that you could buy if you want the best results. So, don’t make the mistake of halting your research here. Those suggestions were just to point you in the right direction and provide some inspiration.