Top 2 Questions To Understand if College is Right For You

It’s a really common assumption that if we are a great student at school, then we should automatically go on to study at college right? Wrong, or at least, not necessarily. There are a huge amount of choices available now after school, that means that college is no longer the only positive next step after graduating from school.

If you are unsure about whether college is going to be right for you or not then consider our following three questions to try and help you figure it all out.

Do You Enjoy Learning?

This might sound a little bit silly, but actually it is the first thing that you should consider. The college life can seem very fun and free to those looking to leave home and become independent, however the different level of learning at college can be a real shock to the system to students who are more focused on the fun and sociable side, than the actual studying side of things. If you love to learn and you are thirsty to really delve into a specialised area of study then that is a very positive sign that you are going to college for the right reason and that you will get a huge amount out of the experience.

Do You Have a Specific Career in Mind?

It is a lot of pressure for young people to start making decisions that will impact their entire future. One of the main problems is knowing what you want to do in the first place. Choosing a career is a big deal and that doesn’t come easy to most. So you must be spending time really thinking about the types of careers that you think would best suit you, your interests, passions and skills. There are many careers that you can go into directly from school without having to go to college. If you know that you want to be a doctor or nurse, for example then you know that you are going to have to start looking into medical schools. If you want to become a teacher you know you are going to need to train for that. The same with many different careers. There are just some careers that do need a college degree.

There are also many that don’t, however. There are some careers that will certainly benefit from degrees but nowadays sometimes choose work experience over three years of studying. Careers such as Marketing and Journalism, historically all required a degree, and whilst of course they do help there are many companies that will take you on based on raw talent and a real desire to learn. So, as you can see it is important to start working through the types of careers that you are interested and the best path to get a job in that industry.

With so many different options these days other than college, gap years, work experience, apprenticeships and trainee programmes, for example, it’s no wonder that the ‘college or no college’ question is more debated now, than ever before. Consider the two questions above and talk to your friends and family until you come to a decision that makes you feel happy, confident and ready to move forward into this exciting new chapter of your young adult life.