5 Stressful Times Only Twentysomething’s Will Understand

Being in your twenties does not mean you’re immune to stress, and no matter how many times your parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles (delete accordingly) tell you not worry because you’re still only twenty-something the fact doesn’t change. You still have to do battle with that voice in your head, the one that can’t handle life’s intensity and constantly screams at you to quit your job because this isn’t how you are meant to spend your life and you should just give up trying by moving to Colombia and hiding from all responsibilities.

The important thing to remember in these moments is that you are not alone and that your brain isn’t the only one screaming that kind of thing at its hosts. Oh, and you mustn’t give up. By all means, go to Colombia, but don’t give up; you’re way too awesome.

Instead, what you need to do is work out what stress management techniques work best for you, couple them up with some adrenal balance, green tea and dried mango and then prepare yourself for those stressful moments you and all your twenty-something peers will have to endure.


  1. The Dreaded Job Hunt

Nothing is more stressful than stepping out of college with a degree and $80,000 worth of debt only to realize you are incredibly unqualified in the eyes of all employers. The job descriptions are fine, you can do that, but the qualifications are way out of reach, as is the required experience. Cue stress.

  1. Hearing Financial Terms

You suddenly realize how unprepared you are for life when you hear financial terms like 401K, compound interest, tax rates and budgeting and have no idea what they mean. All that education you had to endure and no one taught you about money management; it’s stressful.

  1. Having A Life Plan

You finally land a job after college, the kind that you aren’t excited about but it lets you move into your own place and have your own life, and that’s cool. But then you discover almost every conversation you have is geared toward what your long-term plan is. You get asked things like, “so what’s next for you?” and you have zero ideas because you’ve only just got your first job. Come on, people, give us a break.

  1. New Definition Of Poor

Every month comes with two weeks of financial stress because you suddenly realize your current salary only stretches two weeks and the term poor relates to how much month is left at the end of your money. It is stressful, and it becomes even worse when you start comparing yourself to that one friend who landed on their feet right out of college (we all have that one friend).

  1. Managing Your Personal Life

Some people just seemed to have it all figured out and that is stressful. They are somehow managing to balance having a job, paying rent, holidaying six times a year, find the one and getting engaged and you are still living off leftover pizza and sleeping diagonally in your bed. No one warns you about these stresses and yet the struggle is oh so real.