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As a Parent, What Is Your Role When Your Child Starts to Consider Careers? • Relate Magazine

As a Parent, What Is Your Role When Your Child Starts to Consider Careers?

Knowing what you should be doing as a parent when your child is considering their career options can be pretty tricky. You need to strike a balance when it comes to your involvement. These decisions aren’t yours, but at the same time, you don’t want your child to be lost and unsure. This is what we’re going to look at in more detail right now, so read on if you’re a parent of a teen.

Motivate Your Child to Pursue Their Goals

Offering motivation is one very positive thing you can do. If they worry that they don’t have the ability to do the things they want to do, you should do what you can to reassure them and encourage to carry on pushing for the goals they have. It’s not difficult to do, but it can be massively helpful.


Suggest Ideas That You Think Might Suit Their Skills

Your child might be stuck for ideas of what they want to do when for a career. That’s hardly uncommon. You should be there to gently offer suggestions, without being too forthright about it. Give thought to the things they enjoy and are good at. If they’re good with numbers, pointing them towards an international finance msc might be useful. It’s a way of being there and offering the right kind of support.


Don’t Pressure Them With Expectations

Parental pressure can be very damaging for some children, and it doesn’t necessarily help them in any way at all. So, don’t assume that the best way for your child to achieve the best in life is for you to put pressure on them. You will simply end up alienating them, and it could even cause resentment. Instead, be encouraging and accepting. Doing so will help keep your child happy and balanced as they enter the world of work.


Avoid Dictating to Them

You don’t want to be the kind of parent who tells their son or daughter which career they should choose. And you certainly shouldn’t try to correct your own career missteps and regrets via your child. That’s selfish and unfair. Instead, you should leave them in the driving seat, while also offering the right level of support and help when the time is right. That’s the best way to deal with this situation.


Inform Them About the World of Work

It’s valuable for your child to understand what the world of work is like and how it differs from the school routines they’re used to. It might sound like an obvious thing that doesn’t really need covering, but why would your child understand the world of work if they’re yet to enter it? The more you tell them, and that doesn’t necessarily mean scaring them, the better prepared they’ll be for what comes next.

There are plenty of things you can do, as well as things you shouldn’t, as a parent of a child who is starting to consider their career options. Keep the above things in mind when your child reaches this stage in their development.