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Bring Hollywood To Your Wedding! • Relate Magazine

Bring Hollywood To Your Wedding!

When it comes to getting engaged and tying the knot in style, the celebs really know how to do it. This is mostly due to the amount of connections and money they can come up with for a big bash, so transporting this to the smaller screen of our own lives requires a little bit of thinking. If you need some ideas on how to make the wedding of a lifetime possible on a tighter budget, take a look at a few of these celebrity engagement trends.

The Right Kind of Ring

The Hollywood scene often likes to get stuck in its ways, but sometimes that doesn’t have to mean for the wrong reason. Take their penchant for platinum jewelery, as their rings mainly followed this theme for a few years until 2015.

If you like these kinds of ideas, as they work with anything you wear and are very classy to show off in those engagement photos, retailers such as 77 Diamonds stock multiple stones and colors and cheaply! Picking either a vintage or more modern trend is a lot easier.

Picking the Right Place

A lot of celebrities wait until they’re on holiday with their partner before they decide to propose, and they never do it in public either. This is a great way to make sure your significant other doesn’t feel pressured in the situation, and keeps the event romantic for the both of you!

So try booking a weekend away, or even a day trip to a big city, and pop the question with just the two of you in your element. You can eat in a fancy restaurant to savor the moment, or have a rooftop bar view. It sounds, and feels, glamorous!

Saving the Season

When we think about it, Christmas is the best time of year to celebrate with your friends and family, and anyone else who means the world to you. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that a lot of celebrities choose to ask during the December and January months.

Instead of a ski trip to really mark the occasion, book yourself a cabin and set the fireplace roaring. It’s comfortable and warm, and really brings the festive cheer to your engagement.

Announcing the Event

A lot of celebs take to social media to announce their upcoming nuptials, and they do it in a variety of ways. If you have everyone important in your life on this kind of platform, then try taking a subtle photo of your hands, or just a body shot, and see if anyone notices! This is a popular method, as Kelly Osbourne showed us back in 2014, and makes you feel a little sneaky about it!

So there’s a lot of things the celebrities like to post about, and their upcoming nuptials are usually one of the biggest. Helping to be inspired by these stories can make our own big days a little more magical! Give it a try if you have something in mind.