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How to Get the SAT Scores You Want • Relate Magazine

How to Get the SAT Scores You Want

There is so much pressure on young people to perform well at school these days that finding time to fit everything in and get amazing test scores feels impossible! With the stresses and strains of life pulling you in every direction, what should you be prioritizing to get you to where you want to be? Are you even going to survive school?!

Getting organized now and figuring out what you should be doing will really help you in the long term. Here are a few of the things you could be doing to keep everything under control and achieve the best results you can.

Study and Revise

It’s easy to say, but less easy to do. All the information you need to take on board might feel impossible but if you start early enough and you are sensible about the way you work, it should be more manageable.

Don’t leave it all to the last minute! Create a study timetable for yourself to figure out what you are going to study and when. Your teachers will be able to help with this if you aren’t sure what you should be doing. For each subject, create revision notes. The aim of these notes is to trigger memories rather than learn by rote so don’t write absolutely everything down.

If you want to boost your chances even more, SAT tutoring is a good route to success. With professional SAT tutors, you will be able to learn quickly and methodically, all with the intention of scoring a perfect SAT result.

Make Time For Friends

Having a social life at the same time as studying might sound impossible, but it shouldn’t be. If you feel guilty when you are with your friends, but also guilty when you aren’t, you need to readdress your work/life balance. Try setting up study groups together so that you can help each other out.

Relaxing is just as important as studying, though, and you need time to let all the knowledge you are cramming in settle. Have fun together and go out for long walks or to the movies to clear your mind. Also, make time to tell each other about how your studies are going – your friends are a great source of reassurance and support and you should all make use of each other. Besides they might have study tips you haven’t thought of!

Stay Healthy

Unfortunately the high energy foods you crave when you revise aren’t always that good for you. Try to eat healthy foods with plenty of vitamins and minerals to keep your brain going through those long hours of study. If you are finding it hard to concentrate, take a run around the block to reenergise yourself and clear your head. Sleep is also really important as it helps you to recall what you have studied later.

SATs are tough and there is a lot of pressure to get perfect scores but the most important this is that you do your best. Don’t give up, keep going and good luck!