9 Things Everybody in Their 20s Should Know

Whether you’re in you 20s or you are fast approaching them, there are a few things that you should know about life as a 20 to 29 year old. In fact, there are 9 things that you should know; to see these 9 things, make sure to read on.

It’s still okay to feel young

In your 20s you are going to be doing a lot of very ‘adultly’ things, and you are going to be spending a lot of time with people who you deem to actually be adults. This is going to make you feel very much like an adult. But, even though you will feel like an adult, and in truth will be an adult, that doesn’t mean you should surrender your youth with a fight. No, you should still continue to squeeze the most out of your youth whilst you still have it by doing things like travelling, seeing different people and generally having a good time. You should do so because, once your 20s are over, you’ll wish you had done!

It’s still okay not to have everything figured out

And just as it is okay to still feel and act young, it’s equally okay to not have your life figured out. What this means, first and foremost, is that you should never compare yourself to your friends who are of a similar age to you. If they are putting down a montage on a home and you are not, do not worry. If they are climbing their career ladder and you are not, do not worry. Everybody develops through life at different speeds and at different times.

It’s even still okay to have and chase your dreams

It’s funny. When you were a kid you were told to chase your dreams and ‘be all you can be’, right? Well, now you’ve reached adulthood and your 20s you’re being told to ‘stop being so silly’ and to ‘give up on your daydream’ in order to focus on getting yourself a comfortable job, right? Even if those words have not been explicitly said to you, it’s still the truth. But you can stick it to the monolithic man that tells you that by continuing to give it a go in chasing your childhood dreams. This means continuing to pen (or type) that story idea you’ve had for yours. This means getting the old guitar and guitar straps and practising your music, and even busking, until you are spotted. And this means doing as much studying as your dream job in life dictates that you do.

Be open to continuing your learning

And on that note, whether it is in order to grab your dream role or not, you should be open to containing your learning and education. You should be willing to do this, simply, because you have a lot more learning to do! Now, this could mean heading back to college or university and taking a degree as a ‘mature’ student (whether you feel mature or not). Or, this could just mean taking courses that are offered to you in regards to your work or your hobby.

You don’t have to please everyone

But you shouldn’t take these courses or doing anything at all for that matter in order to please others. Yes, it’s still nice to please your parents and the rest of your family. But, the only person that you should really be trying to please in your 20s is you. You see, this is a time to be selfish and do things that will enrich your life — and you can’t do that by trying to please everybody you meet, can you?

Be flexible

You should also be flexible and open to pretty much everything that comes your way and everything that life throws at you. Have you ever heard that old adage ‘you should try everything once’? Well, this means something! This means something because practicing it will allow you to truly find out what you like and who you are now you do not have the restraints or parents, guardians and teachers pushing and pulling you in certain directions.


It’s a good idea to learn how to manage your time

As flexible as you should be, you should still be learning to manage your time. You should be doing so because adulthood can come and does come thick and fast, and it will leave you pretty much no time at all to do things that you want to do in life in order to better it. You see, your life is split into three times: time at work, time to sleep and spare time, and you will need to protect that last one with your life. You will need to protect it, by learning to manage your time correctly, because that’s the only time you will get to devote to betting your life and chasing your personal dreams.


Money shouldn’t be prioritised

Money is not the be all and end all in life; if you think it is, you’ll never have it. Simply, yes, money is important because it allows us the chance to retain the standard of life that we deserve. But, it is not the most important thing on this earth, and the sooner you learn that in life the better!

But you shouldn’t forget to save

However, it’s still a good idea to save your money and contribute towards your retirement or pension pot. It is never too early to be doing this and you should be doing this because you are in the best positing possible to do so: your money now has the time and potential to accrue enough interest when left in savings accounts to see you be able to retire happily ever after.

Life in your 20s is equals parts tough and fun — and this balance is something that you should be both remembering and protecting at all times! So, go out there and do what needs to be done in your life as an adult, but don’t forget to have some fun whilst you do so!