Chit Chatting with Adam Campbell


Written by Jill Sheets

Adam Campbell is a well-established actor. Some of his acting credits are from Mixology, My Life As an Experiment, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Now this UK native is on the comedy show Great News, which can be seen on Hulu. Keep reading and learn more about him, his show, five things you may not know about him, and a tip on how to memorize your lines.


R: Tell us about yourself and how you got your start in acting.

A: Well, my name is Adam. I am a rather small Englishman. I started acting in school doing plays and various amateur productions. I then went on to study theater at University before going to drama school in London. Six years training – I could have been a doctor!


R: Tell our listeners about your show, Great News, and about your character Greg Walsh.

A: Great News is a comedy series on NBC – it’s extremely funny because it’s from the team behind 30 Rock. It’s set in a cable news station. I play Greg, the executive producer. He is a rather small Englishman.


R: What is it like working with the cast and crew?

A: Briga Heelan, Andrea Martin, Horatio Sanz, Nicole Richie, and John Michael Higgins make up the cast – they’re absolutely brilliant in the show, and are truly so much fun to work with. The crew is also amazing, and in many cases, funnier than the cast.


R: Do you have any anecdote from the set of Great News?

A: The cast is quite gassy. During many of the takes, they have to stop filming because of uncontrollable burps. Especially the females.


R: What kind of roles do you prefer? Comedy? Drama? Horror?

A: I really enjoy comedy roles because I tend to watch comedy in my free time. My favorite television show is The Office. I don’t really watch much drama or horror as I get enough of that from my one-year-old son.


R: What character was the toughest for you to change into?

A: Although I’ve never really played a role that’s too far removed from myself, I did a horror movie last year called Wolves at the Door about the Manson murders. I had to play a Polish guy, so it was a lot of work to get the accent right. If you’re Polish, I recommend you don’t watch me in it.


R: Do you have any other upcoming projects you want to talk about?

A: I’m going to plug my wife’s TV show – it’s called Trial and Error. It’s also on NBC, and she is absolutely fantastic in it.


R: Do you have any secrets on how to memorize your scripts?

A: YES! Read the lines right before you go to sleep – in the morning, they should be lodged in your memory. Not sure why it works, but it does.


R: What is it like communicating with your fans? What is the nicest thing a fan has done or said to you?

A: I don’t really have that many fans, apart from my mother. The nicest thing she’s ever done is give birth to me.


R: What advice would you give someone who wanted to become an actress?

A: I highly recommend getting as much experience as you possibly can: trying out for school plays, getting involved with local amateur drama productions etc. It’s the BEST way to figure out, truly, if that’s what you want to do with your life. Acting is a tough profession, as I’m sure everyone says, so it’s definitely worth being honest with yourself if it’s really what you want to do. By getting involved in school productions, you might discover that you’re more suited to writing, directing, set decoration, etc. Explore as many different avenues as you can before making the commitment to just one path in the entertainment industry.


R: What are five things people may not know about you?


1. I am quite good at handstands. It’s how I make a living when I’m not acting.

2. Apparently I talk to myself a LOT. It freaks my wife out.

3. Put me in a swimming pool and I will spend the day in there. Try getting me out. You can’t.

4. I am extremely competitive playing sports or games with friends. I try to give the impression that I don’t care and that we’re just having a bit of fun, but my face goes red and my laugh sounds fake because I NEED TO WIN.

5. I’m Batman.


R: Do you have any charities that are close to your heart? If so, tell us about them.

A: The Union Rescue Mission is a wonderful organization in downtown Los Angeles that serves the enormous homeless population down there. I am trying to get more involved with them. Homelessness is a growing problem in LA – I feel helpless as an individual, but URM provides shelter, meals, counseling, safety and love for the community in ways that astound me. If anyone is keen to get involved, please visit


R: Are you on any social networking sites? If so, which ones and what are their addresses? Do you have an official website?

A: I am on twitter (@adamcampbelly) but I don’t tweet much.


R: Is there anything else you would like to add or say to your fans?

A: Mum, stop calling me at 2am, we’re on a different time zone out here.


R: Thank you for the interview. Have a great day!

S:  Thank you!


Photo credit: Sarah Dunn