Good Reasons To Use Your Musical Talent

If you’re a student, or a new young adult trying to find your feet, you’re probably a little confused on what you’re up to and where you should go with a career. It might not make you the most money ever, but look back into those musical dreams you used to have! It’ll make you feel good and you can impress plenty of people at parties. Yet, it seems everyone is into music nowadays, or has a singing gig on the side, and maybe you’re finding that a little boring. However there’s good reasons for this! Let yourself be creative and create what you want; here’s why you should!

Because it Can Make You Good Money

Think of your childhood dreams and how great it would be to actually be able to follow in them. Dreams of standing on a stage, playing your guitar at local gigs, and signing autographs after the end. However, maybe you gave up on that when you hit puberty and decided school was the only way forward.

Okay so maybe you weren’t a superstar back then, crooning in music class and being told to quieten down by your parents, but you’re older now and that means your voice and creative drive has changed with your age. Look into your musical ability again; maybe even take some lessons if you have the money or your parents decide it’ll be good for you too, if you’re still under their roof!

Because of How Hopeful it Can Be

Music has been around for thousands of years because people love it for similar reasons. Music stimulates the brain and releases endorphins for us to enjoy ourselves with, and we get happier when we put the headphones on. We could all do with cheering up from time to time, and the world needs a little more sprinkling of happiness in it.

Hearing someone sing is something that can truly uplift the spirits. Similarly, when you’re working hard on cultivating your talent, whether it started from singing into a hairbrush or just picking up a keyboard from the charity shop, there’s so much you can do with it. Just take a look at the case of Coran Capshaw, a music producer who was recently honored with these reasons in mind.

Because it Can Make You Feel Better

This is probably the best reason as to why you should starting creating and playing your own music. We’ve touched on this above, but that’s just the shallow end of it! You can raise your self esteem, memory, and empathy levels incredibly via a few tunes you penned yourself.

Self worth is a cycle of improvement. If you managed to make a whole tune by yourself, or a little jingle you and a friend made together, you’re probably going to feel good about yourself. Do it again and again and again, and you’re going to feel even better!

It’s all for a good cause. Make music and make yourself and others happy with it!