Thinking of the Future Now: Knowing Your Options

‘What about the future though?’ is probably a phrase you’re going to hear a lot at your age. The older generation did things their way, but we aren’t the older generation, are we? Before, those fresh out of school, or approaching leaving school were expected to go into the family business or find something that will allow them to settle down and start a family, but that doesn’t work anymore.

While it can be useful to think about your future now, it doesn’t mean that anything needs to be set in stone. The years between leaving school and your thirtieth birthday (or, around then) are a time to explore with what makes you happy and let you watch how the world around you develops.


Choosing to go into education is a noble cause. Sure, the hours are long and often without respect, but educating the future is a reward that very few have the privilege of experiencing. You can either choose to complete an education degree in person or instead elect to gain an online MA in Education. This will broaden your career prospects and allow you to make the most out of all those nights sat cutting out templates.

With an education degree, you can teach anywhere in the world. Countries such as Thailand or Vietnam are always looking for teachers to teach English as a Second Language, and the experience of living in another country will be just as rewarding as the actual teaching.


If education isn’t your bag, but you have an idea of what you want to do then applying for apprenticeships in specialised vocations is an excellent way of learning a new skill that will be useful for a long time, while also earning money as well.

For many, choosing to undertake vocational programs can lead to working as an apprentice to a big company and after a few years of excellent experience allow you to step out on your own and even start your own business. Manual labour jobs give those who engage in them the chance to learn responsibility as well as teach skills that can be used anywhere in the world.


For many though, having to make a decision that will affect the rest of your life can be a scary thing to think about at such a young age. In fact, it is downright unreasonable to ask someone who is fresh out of school to make such an important decision.

If you’re worried about the future now, then it is okay to take time to discover exactly who you are. Pursue your passions, travel the world, undertake new experiences, and most of all, don’t let yourself get crammed into a box that will warp who you are. It sounds like a cliche, but finding out who you are is the first step towards living a happy, prosperous life.

So yeah, you don’t need to make any significant life decisions now, but knowing what your options are can give you the chance to consider before it is all too late and can lead to making a choice that you could easily regret in the future. While you might feel pressured by the older generation to plan your life out now, remember that it is your life to live, and you can live it however you like.