Get Down To Business: Earn Cash For Your Creativity!

If you have a crafty hobby that you enjoy, this can be so much more than something you do in your spare time. You could set up a business and earn money doing something you love, whether it’s a side hustle or a whole new career change. If you’re the creative type or looking to push your hobby to the next level, here are are a few ways you can go about it!

Decide What You Will Be Selling

Are you handy with a paintbrush, sketching pencil or stick of charcoal? Perhaps animation and drawing via a tablet is your medium? If so, you can make money with your drawings, even your sketches! Perhaps you’re very fashion conscious and know what kinds of jewellery designs people are currently wearing- you could make your own using stones and beads sourced online. Perhaps edible goods are more your thing, and setting up a baking business from home could be an option. You could sell celebration cakes or collaborate with a local coffee shop to supply to them. There are a few health and safety rules that you have to follow through if you’re going to be baking from your own kitchen and selling your creations. You must have a separate fridge, and in some cases a separate sink too. Getting set up as a baking business can be a little more expensive, appliances like a stand mixer, a good quality oven, dishwasher and even things like pots, pans and tools can all be expensive. Look into small business loans for women who want to start a creative business, that way you can afford everything you need up front. Gardening is another possibility, and can be more than something you enjoy as a hobby at the weekends. You could grow fruit and use this to make artisan jams, jellies and chutneys which you can sell. You could sell decorative plants for the house or garden, or grow your own medicinal herbs to sell as they are or create your own products. There are lots of business options for those with green fingers.

Where Will You Sell?

Sites like eBay and Etsy are great, especially for those who are just starting out. You get your own little store within the marketplace, and customers can find you relatively easily without spending tons on marketing and advertising. As your business grows however it’s well worth setting up your own website. This way you avoid listing and selling fees and aren’t limited to the number of items you can sell. Work with a web designer as well as a marketing agency to get set up, with a visually appealing website that reaches as many potential customers as possible. There are upfront fees doing this, a professional business website won’t come cheap. But once it’s designed you’re good to go, and can expand your business easily.

Local, National or Global?
Selling items globally of course increases your sales opportunities, although it won’t be possible in every case. If you sell things like edibles or living plants, you will need to focus on selling to the local community or working with another business that you can supply to. If you sell items that aren’t too heavy or breakable you can think about expanding operations and shipping worldwide, just be sure to look into shipping costs and make sure nothing is on the airmail prohibited list. If you create your own nail polish or perfume for example, you will have to stick to selling nationally.