The Wild Outdoors

Given the USA’s huge outdoor spaces, you’d be hard pressed to avoid heading into the wild. Chances are you’ve been on a family holiday to one of these places and drank in the amazing natural vistas on offer. There’s a chance you’ll have experienced history, too, as the likes of cowboys still exist to this day. The wilderness is simply a great place to spend time, for a huge range of reasons.

If you’re considering taking a long trip or have one lined up, consider taking in a trip through America’s vast outdoor spaces – you won’t be disappointed, and here’s why.

Learning Practical Skills

One of the big losses you might be creating by sitting at home is the loss of practical skills. In years gone, kids and teens would spend time experimenting with nature, or in the girl guides, honing practical skills from rope-tying to whittling. TV and other media have picked up the old pastimes, though, with stars like Bear Grylls opening bushcraft academies to try and teach what outdoorsmanship is all about. There’s some seriously high level stuff to be learned in the wild, too, from learning what rifles, ammunition, outdoor gear and rifle scopes you need for hunting. to being able to fix up a  car when you’re stuck in a rut.

Mental Health

Mental health has come sharply into focus across the nation and for good reason. It’s becoming more acceptable to talk about deep feelings, which is great, given statistics have shown higher depression in female teens. Part of those statistics are thought to be down to a reliance on social and online media. Getting away from it all could be important for mental health. Moreso, there are deep connections between nature and spirituality, something which many teens have reported as widely benefiting their sense of mental wellbeing.

Get Fit

Obesity is an epidemic in the USA. Luckily, most are starting to do something about it and it’s great that feeling and looking confident and healthy are big on the agenda for female teens in the USA. But, if you want to take it up another level, taking long treks in the wilderness is a great way to improve a huge range of trackable health and wellness indicators.

So, why not consider a trip into America’s wilds? It’s often overlooked, but can be the best trip away of your life, encompassing wellbeing, fitness and real life skills that you’ll carry forever.