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About Relatemag.com

In previous years we published a quarterly magazine for teens, but to meet the real needs of teens and parents of teens, we decided to make all of our articles available to the public through RELATEMAG.COM. This means, we are no longer publishing a print magazine.

RELATEMAG.COM is a web site for girls between the ages of 12-23 dedicated to encourage, motivate, inspire…committed to bring teens to a higher level of self-esteem and focusing on real teens that are making a difference in the world. We are a Christian-based organization with a value-conscious approach that Christian families can trust.

In addition we have started a series of ebooks for teens and parents on common teenage issues. Our first ebooks cover the important topic of Self-Esteem & Body Image. There is a version for teens and a version for parents, designed so that they may be used together as well as separate. The ultimate goals are 1) to help teens through their struggles with self-esteem and help them find true confidence, and 2) to help parents understand what their teen is going through and how to parent them through it.

Our Testimonials

“We received the magazines today. Thank you so much for sending them. I’ve got to tell you, Rachel just devours those. She won’t go to sleep tonight until she has read them all…and every page! It is such a blessing. She begs me for the secular magazines and I just won’t/can’t do it so I am so thankful for “Relate”. Thank you for reaching out in a positive way!”

“I must tell you that you hit a home run. I asked my grand daughter to look at the web site you gave me she is 13, she emailed me that it was very cool also today when I saw her she was telling me about it and quoting it!!”

“I was intrigued by Relate’s mission statement because it isn’t from your average fashion magazine. Relate seems to empower women whereas other magazines do the opposite. I like the how Relate uses the aspect of using real girls to inspire others. It’s a lot easier to empathize with. I believe in what Relate magazine is about. I’ve been that teenage girl who read cosmo and wished that she looked like that girl in the picture. It would have been nice to read a magazine that empowered me and gave me inspiration to be a strong confident woman.”

“I recently came across the magazine, Relate. I was very impressed by the emphasis on developing a girl’s character instead of just focusing on outward appearances. Thank you for publishing such an outstanding magazine full of helpful advice for girls. I look forward to reading additional issues of Relate…”

“The site looks amazing — it has everything a girl needs from games to college tips. Congratulations again for building such a great magazine!”

“I was thrilled when I found your magazine several months ago. Finally there is a faith-based and substantive magazine choice for young women. The greatest strength of your new title is that you are able to make it smart and value-based, without losing the youthful voice and tone of traditional teen magazines.”

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