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Who doesn’t get sick of their hair? It can be so hard to come up with new styles! We give you great ideas for easy-to-do styles, the trends in cut and color and, of course, product reviews! Now you will always have something new to try.

How To Create The Perfect Messy Bun

messy bunBilly Lowe, celebrity hairstylist has a few tenacious tips on how to create the perfect “Messy Bun”! With nearly two decades in the beauty industry, red carpet experience and appearances on shows such as TLC’s 10 Years Younger, MTV’s Made and Extreme Makeover, Billy has transformed even the most treacherous tresses to runway ready! Watch this quick video link for how to get a “Messy Bun”. Billy reveals a few steps to obtain this sensational style!

“In my video for Gloss & Toss, I share with readers and clients’ one great look that people are seeing everywhere called a messy chignon – or a messy “bun.”

What you’ll need:

A large paddle brush

Padded rubber bands – the same color or tone as your hair

GLOSS & TOSS hair shine serum for a more shiny/unstructured look. A curling iron if you want move movement or curl pattern

“Bobbie” pins – also the same color as your hair
NOTE: If you have blonde hair – you can use gold colored bobbie pins to secure chignon. Please see the video below for design details.

The Hair Apparent

Celebrity Hair Stylist & Miami Beach Salon Owner, Danny Jelaca Reveals Tips & Tricks for the Perfect Hairdo (or Hair Don’t)

When it comes to our hair, women are never satisfied. You go into the salon asking for a trim and they chop off 3 inches, or you try the DIY hair masque you read about and see no results. It can be such a struggle to achieve the look we envision, so we just shrug off the setback and accept what Mother Nature gave us. Although there is nothing wrong with natural hair, Miami beach salon owner and stylist to stars like Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Lopez, and Padma Lakshmi, Danny Jelaca shares his tips on mistakes to avoid, how to protect your strands, and playing with length.


cameron diaz hair colorWant to Try a New Hair Color? Avoid These Mistakes

Changing your hair color is a bold move, and if careful steps aren’t taken to cover previous coloring it won’t turn out right. Many of us may not know what hair color works best with our natural base or skin tone.  If the base has already been colored there are certain shades that won’t mix well.  Danny advises to take these variables into consideration when selecting a new color:

1.     Don’t go from too light to too dark without filling in the hair pigment first. Filler is used to replace previously lifted hair pigment and allows hair to match your desired color. Then, Danny tells us to “always use semi- or demi- permanent hair color when going dark.” Demi-permanent hair color is ammonia and peroxide-free, unlike permanent color. This means that it will cover the lighter hair completely, but it will only last 4-6 weeks until you need a touch-up.

2.     Don’t over-process the color. This means you don’t want to overlap one color onto another. “Hair that has permanent color is sensitized, and overlapping ammonia and peroxide is what causes damage,” Danny tells us. So once you chose a color, stick with it for a few months. Celebs like Lindsey Lohan who change from brunette to blonde to red inflict a lot of damage on their strands that will take years to mend. Danny suggests switching up highlights and lowlights to change the look without touching the all-over color.

j-lo hair colorCut Too Much Off? We Can Fix That

We are told that in order to get longer locks you need to trim the ends consistently, but we never listen. Why would we cut our hair to make it longer? Many people fear the shears and equate cutting their hair to losing a body part. As many of us struggle to grow out our hair, others have discovered the secret. “What many people don’t know is that celebrities don’t naturally have such long and full hair. With the magic of hair extensions, anyone can get a glamorous look,” Danny explains. There are two types of hair extensions that Danny likes to use at the Danny Jelaca Salon.

One option is the long tape method that is almost invisible and doesn’t slip or flip. It can be reused and reaped every 8 weeks. For optimum results, Danny recommends the natural hair be shoulder length. Another option is keratin hair extensions: single extensions that are applied perfectly 8 pieces at a time in as little as 15-20 minutes. These are such good quality that the maintenance is 3-4 months. The bonds are tiny and look great and you only need about 6-7 inches of your own hair in order to install them.


More Secrets to Long Lustrous Locks

Hair extensions can be pricey and need a lot of upkeep. For a lower maintenance approach to hair growth, there are several steps you can take:

1.     Deep condition once a week with a moisturizing hair mask. Danny uses Leonor Greyl’s “Masque Quintessence” at his salon. The masque has amazing hydrating power and retains water that is absorbed, moisturizing the hair follicles. Immediately after just one treatment you will be able to notice how your dry, damaged and weak hair is transformed into a shiny, soft and manageable coif. The Danny Jelaca Salon also does thinning hair treatments in the salon with other Leonor Greyl products. They have a special suction treatment to bring blood flow to the scalp and make treatments work 10 times better.

2.     Nourish your strands from the inside. Make sure you are getting proper nutrition and vitamins. “Hair is an extension of the skin as are nails. Always eating the right diet full of protein and amino acids is advisable,” says Danny. You can’t expect to have healthy hair if the rest of you are not!  “I recommend getting enough regular exercise in addition to a healthy diet to increase blood flow. Also it is good to go for regular scalp manipulations to increase blood flow,” Danny tells us. “There is also a great oral natural supplement called Viviscal. Taken regularly it speeds hair growth and stops unnecessary shedding.”

3.     Avoid using hot irons too often. Every now and then ditch the styling tools and let your hair dry naturally.  The heat from styling tools is very damaging to hair and promotes splitting ends. If you absolutely can’t live without your iron, turn the heat down to the lowest setting and use a heat protector. Staying true to Leonor Greyl products, Danny suggests the Condition Naturelle – Heat Protecting Styling Spray, which you can find for around $30.


Three No-Time Hair Styles You Can Do At Home

So you want to change up your look without making any permanent alterations. Many of us are stuck in the “straight or curly?” dilemma when styling our hair. For some reason it just seems quicker to run an iron through your hair then spend time creating a “style.” Danny suggests trying some of these “no-time” hair styles that will amp up your normal look.

1.     Got bed head or messy gym hair? Work with it. Add some texturizing balm and scrunch the hair into beach waves. To polish off the look form waves into a side braid and add a thin headband loosely on the center of your head.

2.     How about a classy low bun perfect for work or school? First, collect hair in a low ponytail. Twist the ponytail and form around the band. You can decorate by throwing in 3-4 different thicknesses of braids to makes the look more interesting. Also, you can tease the ponytail and wrap it around for a more messy and tousled look. To finish, pin strands in place with bobby pins.

3.     Shock your friends with a faux bob. A faux bob is executed by taking the length and pulling it out while letting any shorter layers fall into a bob style. Start by attaching a hair band near the end of a ponytail. Then, roll the pony under and inward toward the nape of your neck and secure with pins. Let the shorter layers on top come loose and fall into the bob style. Perfect the style with a finishing spray.


Making Waves or Smoothing It Out?

Our hair gives us the constant need and desire to try new products and styles. We found a variety of products that will make trying new things both fun and successful. You will be rockin’ a new ‘do with these!

Make Waves:

bed head waver   Loose, beachy waves are all the rage.  The new Bed Head “Makin’ Waves” Tourmaline Ceramic S-Waver is the perfect tool to “Get the Look” you want with less fuss.  Use the “Makin’ Waves” S-Waver to easily create loose “S” Waves. Features include:

  • Tourmaline Ceramic Barrel Slates for softer, shiner waves without frizz
  • 30-second fast heat up
  • Instant heat recovery
  • Rheostat dial with multiple heat settings
  • Barrel locking switch for easy storage and travel
  • Tangle-free swivel cord

The Bed Head “Makin’ Waves” Tourmaline Ceramic S-Waver (model BH330) is currently on sale at Ulta for $34.99.

blow dryerBlowout:

The Bed Head Hot Head Turbo Dryer is loaded with all the features to create an edgy blowout. It incorporates materials such as tourmaline and ceramic which reduces frizz, making your hair look massively shiny. This powerful dryer features two heat settings, two speeds and professional rocker switches, cutting down on drying time with less hair damage. The concentrator attachment, when used with a round brush, helps define your look as it smoothes and softens your hair. Lastly, the cold shot button works with you to set your style for fabulous shine that lasts all day.  The Bed Head Hot Head Turbo Dryer (model # BH407) is available at Ulta for $29.99.

briogeohairClean & Condition:

Briogeo is a naturally-based hair care collection made up of four products.  Each luxurious product addresses the specific needs of a wide variety of hair textures and types.  The four products are Be Gentle, Be Kind shampoo, Curl Charisma conditioner, Blossom and Bloom conditioner, and Don’t Despair, Repair hydrating mask. Be Gentle, Be Kind Shampoo­ for all hair types is a rich-foaming, nutrient-rich sulfate-free shampoo. Curl Charisma Conditioner ­is specially formulated to de-frizz curls and promote consistent curl formation and enhance shine and softness. Don’t Despair, Repair is­ specially formulated for chemically-treated, color-treated, dry, breaking, and/or damaged hair.  After just 3 uses, lab studies showed 81% less hair breakage. Blossom & Bloom is­ specially formulated for fine or thin hair; essential nutrients and extracts help promote growth and thickness and unique ingredient. They are available for $19-$26 at

rio de keratinSmooth:

If you suffer from frizzy, tangled, dry or damaged hair, the Rio de Keratin Cocolada Keratin hair treatment kit is exactly what you need. Release Yourself Keratin Treatment is applied in three simple steps:

Prep: Use Life is a Beach Shampoo to cleanse the hair. Do not follow with conditioner. Dry the hair with a blow dryer until the hair is completely dry.

Step 1: APPLY: Spray Release Yourself keratin treatment through the hair, combing it in as you go. Make sure the entire head is saturated with the keratin treatment.

Step 2: BLOW DRY: Section off the hair and blow dry your hair. Blow dry the hair with a round or flat brush into a sleek finish.

Step 3: SEAL: Section off the hair once more, flat iron each small section using a ceramic plated flat iron set to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll want to go over each section five times. This step will seal the keratin into the hair. We recommend using the LASIO® ProStraight Flat Iron.

You’re all done! Just wait 24 hours, and wash your hair using Life is a Beach Shampoo followed by the Take Me Away Conditioner. The smooth results will last for around 3 months. The kit only costs $34.99 and is available at

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