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Are you the stylish girl who is always rockin’ a great look? Do your friends always come to you for fashion advice? Well, show us what you’ve got! Share your fashion tips with other Relate readers by sending in a photo displaying your favorite fashion advice and ideas. We will publish your picture on the site or in the magazine for all to see!

Stylin’ & Profilin’

We know you have lots of style!

Send your fashion tips and ideas with a photo of how to wear it!

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“My latest fashion inspiration is wild and crazy unique and mostly tutus.” (Tutu fashions)




“Sweater Dresses are definitely the style for the winter! I bought this one at Macy’s last year when it was on sale after Christmas- talk about a great buy, because guess what I saw all over Macy’s this year? Sweater dresses! I wore a grey cami underneath the sweater, and cute denim skinny jeans underneath. Wearing golden flats make the best finishing touch. Sweater dresses are a great buy, are affordable, and are great to keep you warm and fashionable in the wintertime!”


“My latest fashion inspiration is wearing long sleeved t-shirts underneath dresses. Therefore, a dress can last all year instead of one season. This dress is supposed to be a summer dress from the Pink brand at Victoria’s Secret, but I’m getting my money’s worth and looking stylin’ in the winter!!”




“If you are going on a date, don’t flip about your outfit! If you are a bit girly, wear a sundress with a cute cardigan and flip flops. If you are more tomboyish, wear layered tanktops, skinnies, and Vans or Converse. For makeup, go with natural colors.”




“Go with whatever your feeling that day. If your feeling confident go with and earthy necklace of something then a bright shirt to make it pop!”

-Lauren, Stylin & Profilin, T-Shirt, Stylin & Profilin, T-Shirt