Clever Clothing For Cash-Strapped Students

Living on the money you’re expected to as a student is never easy. At this time in your life, you’re finding more and more out about yourself. And, it’s very important that you can express this through the clothing you wear. Most students want to wear designer clothing, with huge price-tags and famous names. But, the bridge in price between these options and regular clothing is massive. And, far too much for most students to be able to afford. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. This post will be taking you through some ways that you can start making these items yours.

As a student, you’ve probably already figured out how sales work in superstores, where you buy your food and other essentials. And, these principles can be applied to clothing, too. To start, you should never buy a garment at full price. At some point in its life; it will be on sale. So, it can be much better to wait for the clothing you love the most. In most places, sales have to be rotated by companies to make sure that they are staying within the law. As another way to get around the law, companies will also have coupon codes. The restrictions on these are usually much more relaxed. And, there are loads of websites to help you. For example, if you were looking for a new handbag; finding a Rebecca Minkoff coupon could get something you would otherwise be unable to afford. This work will usually pay-off. And, the results will be loads of lovely new clothing.

This next idea will take a little more work than the first one. A lot of the clothing you find in charity shops and thrift stores is found during house clearances. This means that the people who have given them to the store may not know exactly what the items are. And, if they make it past the employees at the store; some incredibly cheap deals can be found. Most people are clueless when it comes to designer clothing. So, the odds are that anything that goes in will end up on the shelf. To find deals like this, you will have to visit these stores as often as possible. This gives you the chance to support a good cause and get some great deals at the same time.

If you’re willing to put in extra effort; you may not even need to save money. Instead, you could be earning it. As a student, you have a skill or study that you’re currently working on. In most cases, this will be related to something that you can sell. For example, an art student could sell their work on a website like Etsy. Or, a computer science student could use websites like Freelancer to get developer work. The money that you make from these ventures can be set aside just for your clothing. Using the saving methods above; you will be able to save loads and make the money you earn going even further. And, this is all while growing your wardrobe.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to start working harder on your wardrobe. A lot of people are very interested in clothing. But, don’t think that they have the money to pursue their outfit dreams. With the right work, even a student can spend their days looking great. There’s loads of proof; so, you just need to go out there and take it for yourself.

Fund Your Studies with Funky Scholarships  

Today’s teenage girls have more options than any generation of young women before them, including fun and unusual careers that incorporate new technology and require valuable skills. But professional success often comes after your education, and when you think “scholarship,” you probably imagine wordy essays and other stuffy application requirements. Think again! Sometimes it helps to consider non-traditional career fields and unconventional scholarships, which cater to specific interests or skills that growing industries need right now. Tulsa Welding School compiled some of the most specific, creative and bizarre scholarships that just might help you fund your studies *and* find a fun new niche.


Created by: TWS

Be Rewarded for Thinking Outside the Box

How many scholarship applications are on your to-do list? Don’t forget to consider competitions and awards that ask you to think outside the box, especially if that’s the kind of thing you want to do for a living. Whether you want to become the next great technological innovator or you just appreciate a good joke, it’s time to tap into your skills and earn some funds for your education. 


Sparkle, Shine and Save!   

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All smart shoppers have their go-to places to find savings for their favorite stores and Groupon Coupons makes the list! And now that you are ready to take on the world as an adult, you can start wearing the nicest jewelry like one too!

3 Guaranteed Ways To Rub Out The Regret

Nostalgia can rear its head at the most unexpected of times. It could be a song playing on the radio that reminds you of an ex-partner, a smell which throws you back to a summer 9 years ago or a name mentioned that you haven’t heard in awhile. Bringing up feelings that you’d either rather hide from others or indulge yourself in, it’s a strange phenomenon. It’s meant to be one that’s fondly looked back on, according to the definition. Regret is the form of nostalgia which is associated with the negative. In our lives, it’ll be more beneficial to our well being to have nostalgia over regret – so what can we do to lessen the latter?

Out With The Old

Old stuff lingers rounds and haunts us more than we care to think about. Getting a tattoo in the heat of the moment, for example, could be something that we look back on with regret and have no idea how to fix – or do, but don’t want to because we have heard about how much tattoo removal hurts. Erasing away the evidence won’t erase away the memories, but it’ll help to not be reminded every time you look at something. You’ll have to go to a special part of your mind to get a throwback to whatever it was that previous jumped out at you every time you looked at the thing associated with it.

Take On Challenges

As we get older, we grow increasingly more aware of things that we should have done better. From concentrating more in class to making more informed life choices when it came to our careers and love lives, there are some things which simply cannot be reversed. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most of a missed opportunity. There are so many routes into further education now that you’d be hard pressed not to find a course that would suit you and your lifestyle.

Get In Touch

We are now in the best position that we have ever been in to get in touch with people who we may have lost contact with or have made a mistake with in the past. Reaching out is only a text, call or instant message away – no longer do we have to travel miles on foot to reach the person that we need to see. There is absolutely no need for regret in terms of seeing people and making the most of your lives together. This especially goes for family; our jobs nowadays offer the flexibility of holidays for us to utilise as we wish, and instead of leaving the regret to form when it’s too late to pay a visit to those who you always intended to see but never quite got around to doing so, take the opportunity by the horns and invest your time into doing it. If you are sitting on the pride of not being the first person to make contact, check yourself and get over it; else it may be a situation that never materializes.

Low Mood? Discover The Happiness You Felt When You Were Young

We all know what it’s like to experience low moods from time to time. For most of us, the situation isn’t bad enough to visit the doctor and ask for medication. However, it can still affect our lives and leave us feeling miserable. When the depression isn’t the result of a chemical imbalance, we have to take a long look at our lives. Sometimes we feel down because we’re not happy with our current situation. Maybe you have a job you don’t enjoy or a stressful relationship? Either way, you should try to reconnect to the happiness you felt when you were younger. The ideas on this page will assist you in achieving that goal.


Listen to music you used to love

The music you listened to from the ages of thirteen to eighteen will stay with you for the rest of your life. You made lots of happy memories listening to those tracks, and so you should try to recreate that mood. You can get pretty much any songs online for free these days, so you don’t have to spend any cash. Just watch the videos on YouTube if you don’t want to subscribe to Spotify. Spend time creating a playlist of all your favorite artists. Listen to the songs as you go about your business at home. You should notice a vast improvement in your mood within minutes. Music has a fantastic way of lifting us up and making us smile.


Watch TV shows you used to enjoy

You probably spent endless Saturday mornings in front of the TV when you were younger. In most instances, you will have had a fantastic time lazing around and viewing those shows. Well, you can do the same thing again right now if you’re smart. Nearly every program you used to enjoy is available online or on DVD from your local store. Maybe you loved Saved By The Bell or Goosebumps back in the day? Perhaps you enjoyed Japanese cartoons? You’d have no trouble finding a licensed anime streaming service if you search Google. There are hundreds of different platforms around these days. You just need to select the one that offers lots of your favorite shows.


Call some old friends and arrange a get-together

Most people lose contact with their best friends as they grow older. Life gets in the way, and before you know it, it’s been years since you last spoke. With that in mind, now could be the best time to dial their numbers. Who knows? Perhaps they’ve suffered from low moods recently too? Reconnecting with the people who were around during your younger years is always a sensible move. You will have a lot to talk about, and you’re guaranteed to enjoy the experience. Some of you might even have children the others have never met!

You should now have enough ideas to assist you in rediscovering the happiness you felt when you were young. Do yourself a favor and make sure you don’t sit around feeling depressed. You need to take decisive action and employ some self-help if you want to turn things around. If you suffer long periods of depression, you should always consult your doctor for advice.


Thanks, guys! I’ll see you next time!

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda – You Shall, You Will and You Can

How are you meant to make big life choices when you’re still so young? It’s like everybody except yourself has your life mapped out for you. It’s a shoulda-woulda-coulda lesson on repeat, with those who are older, wiser and more experienced trying to lay upon you everything that they had wished to achieve when they were your age; the possibilities that they turned down only to feel repercussions in later life. If you don’t have a clear path to go on, it’s hard to know where to start. We use parents as role models, but in this day and age we also use other people, too – friends, celebrities and anybody else we view through social media. So it all gets a bit muddled up, really. We don’t know who to look up to, who to follow the footsteps of and who we can use for guidance.

Want to know a secret? Nobody really knows what they’re doing. We’ve all had to carve our own path out along the way. No two lives are the same, and definitely no two journeys are. It’s hard to say what you can learn from this as everybody is different, but a little guidance goes a long way. Whether you’re still in school or just out of it, it’s a hard time to come to terms with. What you could do now affects the rest of your life, right? Well, to a degree, yes, but it won’t cover all of it. There’s so much more to explore. And with that…


Explore The World

There is so much of the world to see, and right now we are the most privileged we have ever been in terms of getting to explore it all; the chance to do it is lying right at your fingertips. Getting online and booking flights can be done in little to no time, but it shouldn’t be done on a whim unless you’re an experienced traveller. There are tours, programs and volunteering deals available to those who haven’t really experienced traveling on their own before, but it’s always recommended that you take a buddy with you – it’s always nice to be safe and have company! Whether it’s for a week or you’re taking a gap year, any and all travel is brilliant experience. Even if you are going with parents and are nudging them to indulge in their own wanderlust, near or far, it’s something that you will always remember.


Go For A Scholarship

There are so many companies out there which are offering scholarships to the top students who have applied for college – you just need to know where to find them. For example, if you have applied for a law degree, look at the Medler Law Firm scholarship. Always look to professions that are related to your degree to find the funding that is applicable. Things like this are an amazing way to get help towards your tuition, it’s just not many people are aware that they’re there. The more you realize that you could get financial help towards what is arguably going to be one of the most expensive things that you ever do, the more willing you may be towards being able to do it. One of the main reasons that people aren’t going on to further education at the moment is the sheer cost of it all. There is help out there, so take it.


Help Out In The Community

Not only is this a great one for your resumé, but it’s amazing for feel-good-feels. You’ll be doing fantastic things for a brilliant cause, and the best bit is that you get to see it all unfold on your doorstep. It can open the door for bigger and better things in a lot of cases – getting to know members of your community well will put you in good stead and give you the ability to make an impression on those who are able to give out opportunities. There are so many things that you can get involved in, but if you live in quite a sleepy little town with not much going on then it’s down to you to make it happen. This has happened all over the world; if something isn’t going on, people like to make something of it so that there is.  It could be an arts festival, a community litter pick or even just going round to help somebody fix up their home. It all counts, and is conveniently super fun to do.

How To Land Your Dream Job In 4 Steps

When we think about the future we often think about the job we’ll be doing. Let’s face it, a working week is made up of at least seven hours work for five days. This is a huge amount of time in our weeks, months, years, in our lives even. When we spend so much of our time at our job it makes sense to do something we love. Of course, to get there you will have to work hard. The reward for all that hard work? Your dream job to wake up to every day.


Step 1: Pinpointing Your Potential Career

The first step to landing your dream job is to find out what it is. This sounds fairly obvious but some people find it more difficult than others. You don’t have to rush this step, but it’s something to keep in the back of your mind. As you learn about new subjects, cultures, sports, you’ll find out what you’re passionate about and love doing.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that pretty much any hobby can be turned into a career. Painters, sports players, writers, there are even video game testers! So don’t worry if your passion isn’t educational. It could still be a viable source of income in the future. Take massage therapists, for instance. This career involves a passion for the body, how it works, and for doing a practical hands-on job. You can even work remotely from your own home. Massage SOAP Notes has also meant that therapists can now go paperless. This means more time spent doing what you love and less time filing! However obscure your interests, cherish and nurture them.


Step 2: Figuring Out A Career Path

The best way to do this is to speak to someone who is doing your dream job. Failing that, do some research online to see if there’s any advice. You’ll need to find out what skills or qualifications you’ll need to land your dream job. A careers advisor at school may also be able to give you some helpful pointers. Remember, you won’t land your dream job overnight. Work out how long it will take you to gain the necessary experience and qualifications you’ll need. Then you can map out a plan for your career path.


Step 3: Getting Some Experience

It goes without saying that you’ll need certain qualifications to do your dream job, but real world experience is important too. When it comes to looking for a job, there’s fierce competition. Whilst lots of people may have qualifications, it takes a determined and motivated person to seek real experience. So if you love makeup, why don’t you arrange to shadow a makeup artist for a week in the holidays? That way you can determine whether or not the career is for you, and pick up some tips. Similarly, if you love writing, why not see if your local newspaper has any work experience opportunities. These kinds of experiences are valued highly by employers.


Step 4: Persevere

Go to as many interviews as you can and don’t give up. Most successful people don’t land their dream job at the first interview. Learn from any rejections or knockbacks you may have, and use it to fuel your ambition.

Love Biology? Here Are Some Career Ideas

Biology is a relatively popular pursuit in this country, A lot of people assume that biology majors will probably just go on to go to medical school and become doctors, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, there are many people out there who love biology but didn’t study it in school – and even they can still pursue certain careers relating to biology!

Here are some job options you may want to consider if you’re interested in biology.


A lot of people have misconceptions about professionals in nutrition. They think that they’re just people who get paid too much to regurgitate diet tips to people who need to lose weight. But a nutritionist needs to be much more than this. People with any health issue that is affected by their diet should work with a nutritionist to keep themselves healthy and safe. Nutritionists need to know a lot about biology – especially biochemistry.

Blood science

Imagine telling your friends that you’re a “blood scientist”. Almost sounds like a name for a death metal band. Blood scientists don’t all require medical school degrees – they’re often technicians and assistants who simply need to take a training course and have a deep knowledge of biology. This is often the case in phlebotomy, where many people who are considering a job in blood science will turn. You should check this site out if you want to know more about starting a career in phlebotomy.


Science writing can take many forms. You may be a contributor to a science magazine, either for kids or adults. You may write news articles or biology education articles for blogs. You can even look into proofreading and editing of scientific papers, or work as a consultant for others writers. People often forget to consider the world of writing when they’re looking into science-related work, and there’s a lot more demand for writers with a knowledge of biology than you may think.


If you have a degree in biology, you can look into becoming a crime scene examiner or a crime laboratory analyst. Becoming a medical examiner or a forensic pathologist will require time at medical school, but the other options generally just require knowledge of both biology and criminal law as well as some time in a training course. The two I mentioned may even require some time at a police academy, though it won’t be quite as intense as what those training to become police should be going through.


You’ve probably already heard it: humans are using up natural resources at such a fast rate that the Earth just can’t keep up when it comes to replenishing those resources. To many, this signals that our time on this Earth is more limited than most people think. That’s why conservation work is more important – and more in-demand – than ever. People with an interest in biology can certainly get involved. Collecting and analyzing samples – crucial work for conservationists who need to track the effects we’re reaping upon the environment so we can better know what to do about it – is perfect work for a biology buff.

Lessons From a Master Gardener

When I was in San Francisco I toured the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park. It was created by Makoto Hagiwara in 1894. Mr. Hagiwara was clearly a master gardener. I was awed by the cultured beauty and peace of the garden, but I particularly loved the Bonsai trees. How did they grow so perfectly shaped? I knew there must be a story behind each one, just like each of us. I found the answer in the Bible.

Through my brief study of the art of Bonsai, I learned the trees are actually regular size trees or shrubs that have been cultivated to a small size. To maintain the tree’s small size, constant  pruning must be done to control growth. Roots must be cut back so the tree will not grow beyond the size of the container. Branches are wired to shape them into the desired position. The trees require regular maintenance to keep their design intact.

When I began to read my Bible regularly, I realized a Christian is like a bonsai tree. We start out as a new believer, ignorant, eager, and desirous of becoming like our Lord and Savior. We are raw material waiting for our Lord to teach and train us, so that we may be pleasing to Him and able to do the work He calls us to do.  

Jesus explained this in John 10:10b, “…I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

Most importantly, God wants us to bear fruit. Jesus said in John 15:1-2: “I am the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman. Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away:  and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit.”

In John 15, we learn about the true vine. Who is the vine? Jesus. God, the Father, is the husbandman or gardener. The branches are Believers. In a biblical sense, we find that abiding is the result of a personal relationship with Jesus. If we are not part of the vine of Jesus, we will wither and die.

Just like the Bonsai master prunes his tree, so does the Lord prune His children. The beautiful form of the bonsai is accomplished by placing wires around the branches to bend each one gradually into the desired shape. Through God’s shaping process, the Believer is groomed to better produce fruit.

The Lord shapes us through His Word and through life experiences. He trains us to put aside the selfish and self-interested tendencies of the natural person. He reminds us that we are rooted in Him through the Holy Spirit. He keeps us, just as the Bonsai master keeps his trees.

The Bible says in Ephesians 2:10:  “for we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.”

As a Believer, we are expected to obey God’s Word because we love Him. We recognize the sacrifice He paid so we might be saved from the punishment for sin. Abiding is about love, commitment to Jesus, and obedience to His commands. As we grow and develop as Believers we will be used to reach others. Our Lord created each of us for a purpose that He reveals to us in His good time.

Change in us and in a bonsai tree is gradual and oh so slow. I am thankful that my Lord is patient and kind to me, giving His life that I might have eternal life.

Written by Linda Hull


More about the Bonsai…

*Here is a link to the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco:


*If you would like more information about bonsai trees, check out this website:

*Here is a link to the United States National Arboretum’s page about The National Bonsai & Penjing Museum which features a bonsai photo gallery.

Have Fun and Impress College Admissions Officers

The world of college admissions has never been more competitive, which means that, if you want to get into the college of your choice, being academically successful alone isn’t enough. If you want to wow the admissions officers and secure your place, you need to dedicated yourself to other activities that show them that you’re an interesting, well-rounded and dedicated person, whose presence at their college will make it a better place.

The good news is, many of the extracurricular activities you can use to impress the college admissions officers are also a lot of fun. Here are some of the best ways you can impress with your college application when the time comes:


Volunteering shows that you are a caring person who is willing to go out of their way to help over people and do something for the good of your community and the rest of the world. When you volunteer, you can also pick up a range of skills that will impress. Because there are so many volunteering opportunities, from helping out at an animal shelter to teaching overseas, you will almost certainly be able to find an opportunity that you truly love and which is a joy to participate in.

Take a Class

Did you know you can take college courses online? If you want to show the admissions officers that you’re serious about learning and you’re capable of succeeding in college, enrolling in a college class is a great way to do that. You’ll get credit towards your college degree, and you’ll find out what it’s like to be in college. Some people even do their whole degree online, which leaves them free to travel, work and fit in other commitments around their study.

Start Your Own Business

Setting up your own business online and becoming a teenage entrepreneur is a great way to show the admissions board that you have drive, creativity, and motivation. Even if you’re business just involves selling your creations on Etsy, it’s a great way to make an impact.

Spend the Summer Overseas

Living overseas for a summer is a great way of getting out of your comfort zone and exploring new cultures. There are a number of programs available to young people, which combine overseas travel with volunteering or learning, and skill-building and they will almost always look impressive on your college application, painting you as a confident, cultured individual.

Take an Internship

Internships, whether paid or unpaid, in your chosen field of study, will enable you to get hands-on experience in the industry which will give you a competitive edge against many other applicants. It’ll also give you the chance to find out if you really do want to work in a particular field when you graduate when you still have a chance to explore other options.

Whatever you choose to do, don’t waste your time doing things of little importance when you could be improving your prospects. Sure, take time out to have fun and chill out in front of Netflix, but do something worthwhile with your time too and the colleges will be fighting for you!