Affording Your First Adventure

In recent times, travel has become something which almost everyone has access to. As long as you can get together a bit of money, the world is truly your oyster, and you can go anywhere you like. Of course, though, finding the funding for something like this can be very hard. This means that the first part of your adventure is going to be fundraising, and there are loads of ways to do this. To help you out, this post will be exploring some of the options you have to make your trip affordable.

Saving Up

Birthdays, Christmases, and other special occasions will often yield a lot of different gifts. If you’re lucky, a good amount of this will be money, giving you the chance to start saving up for your adventure. The best way to save for something like this is by keeping the money away from the stuff you spend on a daily basis. This will enable you to avoid expensive impulse purchases, while also giving you the chance to keep a good eye on what you’re saving.

Getting A Job

Of course, relying on the rare gifts you receive to save your travel funds might not be enough, as it will take a very long time. To make this faster, a little bit of work can be done to bring in a lot more money. Websites like make it nice and easy to pick up some small jobs which are easy to do around study and other important commitments. Alternatively, though, you could also consider the idea of a normal job with low hours, as these will be a lot more consistent. It will take a lot of work to get a role like this, but it will be worth it once you jetting off.

The Right Trip

Most people have grand ideas for their first few vacations, imagining themselves in all sorts of different locations. For your maiden voyage, though, it’s always a better idea to be more grounded in your approach. Sites like can help you to get together everything you need for an affordable camping trip. Along with this, you have loads of other options, but you will need to do some research if you want to find the best for you.

Go As A Group

Traveling as a group of people has long been one of the best ways to keep the costs of a vacation down. Being able to split the costs of travel, food, accommodation, and even activities while you’re there will make the whole adventure easier to afford. All it takes is a small group of friends to kick something like this off, and it’s worth doing some research to make sure you’re saving wherever you can.

The beauty of these methods of their versatility. Any combination of these can be used to fund your first vacation, even if you only choose to use one of them. For the best results, though, it’s usually best to do whatever you can.

Don’t Believe the Lie

Life teaches us many things. One thing I’ve painfully learned is lies are usually too good to be true. Sometimes, there are lies told that are almost believable, especially at Christmas time.

How about this one: “Santa Claus is real”? Responsible sane adults tell it to little children, along with the lie “I’ll never lie to you”. Yep! I once fell for it hook, line, and sinker!  It was intentional and well-meaning deceit, but isn’t that how Satan works too?

In the Bible, Satan is proven to be the first liar. Genesis recounts the Creation and the Fall of mankind through Adam and Eve. You see Eve believed a lie (Genesis 3:1). That belief ultimately caused her to lose her home in paradise and earned her pain in childbirth as punishment for disobeying God (Genesis 3:16). Her husband Adam also paid the price for her sin. He was condemned to struggle to survive for the ground was cursed (Genesis 3:17).

Here’s what the serpent said and Eve’s response:

“Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said unto the woman, Yea, hath God said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden? And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden:  But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.” Genesis 3:1-3 (KJV)

Here’s what God really said:

“And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat:  But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it:  for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” Genesis 2:26-27

Sin creeps in because the heart is deceitful. Jeremiah records the truth in Jeremiah 17:9-10:  

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked:  who can know it? I the LORD search the heart, I try the reins, even to give every man according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his doings.”  

These verses warn us about how easily we can be deceived and the consequences. It’s not pretty, as Adam and Eve discovered.

The world at large continually tears down the true meaning of the Christian celebration of Christmas. Jesus has been replaced with Santa and Self. Much ado is made over Santa and gift giving. Character is revealed very clearly during the rush Christmas shopping.

Believers celebrate the birth of Jesus, God’s own Son. His life on earth demonstrated God’s goodness, love, and mercy for mankind. He came to offer Himself as a sacrifice for sin. God’s law requires that sin be punished. Jesus took the punishment for our sins when He died on the cross. He satisfied God’s requirements so that those who believe in Him can be forgiven and reconciled to God.

Trust is precious. Once lost, it’s difficult to regain. Don’t allow yourself to get into the habit of lying. Even “little white lies” are a problem because they seem okay, even harmless. If someone lies about something small, they will lie about something big when it suits the purpose.

Let’s reject the lies about the reason we celebrate Christmas. Seek the truth. The Bible tells us Christmas is about a baby boy born in a stable who came to be the Savior of the world.

by Linda Hull

A Happy Christmas Day for Lydia

One sunny day in late November, my sister Emma and I sat in the cafeteria eating our lunch. “I’ve thinking about Pastor Jim’s message yesterday at church. He told us Jesus taught we should help one another,” I said, munching on a carrot.”I wonder if we can help someone have a happy Christmas. Maybe it could be someone who doesn’t expect a good Christmas Day.”

I finished the last of my fruit salad and said, “I know someone in my math class, and you know her too, Emma. Her name is Lydia Koch. She and her family recently came here from Germany. She told me her family doesn’t expect a happy Christmas Day because their father is away.”

“Oh, yes,” Emma said. ” She has blonde hair and blue eyes.  She’s shy and quiet, but she seems very nice. ”

“Let’s talk to Mother about doing something for her family today when we go home,” I said, as we put our trays in the cafeteria return window.

“Let’s do that,” Emma agreed.

That afternoon we found Mother in the kitchen. It smelled of good things coming from the oven. “Mother, Emma and I have a good idea,” I said. ” We were thinking about Pastor Jim’s message about how Jesus taught it was important to help others, especially when things aren’t going well for them,  and we were thinking maybe we could help  Lydia Koch’s family, have a good Christmas.  I could make some oatmeal cookies.”

“And I could bake a chocolate cake,” Emma chimed in. ” Mother,  you told me,  I can make good chocolate cakes.”

Mother smiled and nodded.  “Well, girls,” she said, ” I think that would be a very good Christian thing to do.  I talked with Sophie Koch after church last week. She told me she was not planning to have a Christmas dinner since her husband was away and couldn’t be home with the family, and lately,  she has not been feeling well either.”

“Mother, maybe we could prepare a turkey for her,” I suggested.  “Then, she can put it in the oven and bake it. That would make it a lot easier for Mrs. Koch.”

“Yes, it would, Alyssa. That’s a good idea. With a turkey and some pastries we bake, they should all make a good Christmas Day for Sophie and her family.”

“Let’s let it be a surprise,” I said.

A few days before Christmas, Mother, Emma, and I met the Koch family after church outside the entrance. While Mother  visited with Mrs. Koch, Ruth and I took Lydia to the gift basket we had prepared. “We have a surprise for you and your family,” I said, showing her the food basket. When Lydia looked inside and saw all the pastries and the big fat turkey stuffed and ready for baking, tears came into her eyes.  She reached out and gave Emma and me a big hug.

“Thank you. Thank you,” she said, smiling through her tears. “Now we can have a wonderful Christmas Day.”

I’ll never forget the look of happiness I saw on Lydia’s face as she carried the basket to her mother. Both Mrs. Koch and Lydia hugged us. Mother put her arms around them and said, “It was Alyssa’s and Emma’s idea.”

Mrs. Koch nodded happily through her tears “Thank you, girls,” she said.

“Last week Pastor Jim reminded us that Jesus wants us to help one another,” I said. “And today, that’s what we are doing. Lydia told us you haven’t been feeling well.”  I gave Mrs. Koch a big hug once more. Emma  and I looked at one another with a bright smile. We both felt wonderful inside. We knew we were following the teachings of Jesus by helping our friend Lydia Koch and her family have a Happy Christmas Day.


Written by Evelyn Horan

Four Jobs In Caring Professions That Also Pay Big

Caring for people or earning big. It feels like we’re conditioned to see our career potential as one or the other. Either we go for the big bucks in the corporate world, or we accept lower wages in order to feel like we’re making a difference. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are careers out there that offer job satisfaction in spades along with great rates of pay. Take a look…

Police Chief

Traditionally a male job, over the last few decades more and more women have been going into police work. There’s a huge variety of roles on offer, from desk based administration support to apprehending criminal suspects. Caring skills are also required to deal tactfully with delicate situations and support victims of abuse. It’s a position that can bring an enormous amount of satisfaction for the social justice advocates out there. Starting salaries are good but become a department chief and you’re looking at big money plus a healthy dose of job satisfaction through making the world a safer place. A police foundations course can help you decide if it’s the right environment for you.

Veterinary Surgeon

Caring for animals is a strong draw for some of us, so getting to work with them everyday and improve their lives is not only a fulfilling career but one that pays well. Full time degrees usually take 5 years to complete and you will also be required to undertake practical work experience. Many vets end up running their own practices, where they have the opportunity to grow their salaries and some become consultant specialists. It’s a job that can be physically demanding at times but is a great occupation for those who love to deal with animals.


It may seem niche, but becoming a dermatologist is actually one of the best paying medical specialisms after surgery. Dermatologists study for many years to become skin experts, and find themselves helping patients with a variety of complex conditions- the results of this treatment can be life-changing for patients, including the treatment of skin cancer. Strong exam results in biology and chemistry can help with selection for a place at medical school, with a graduate specialty requiring further years of study and on placement learning surgical skills particular to skin, including excursions, biopsies and cryotherapy.

Speech Therapist

Supporting patients with communication problems is an area that’s highly rewarding as it involves a time investment and tangible evidence of progress. A degree in speech and language therapy is a requirement, but if you’ve taken a science or language based subject there are 2 year fast track courses available plus some funding for courses. The job is creatively skilled – working with children to turn therapy into a game and you’ll need to be motivating and good at quickly establishing relationships. Developing a treatment plan and seeing a patient progress  is an activity that can really give job satisfaction, plus pay scales will put you in the high earners bracket. If you like a challenge and have patience, this could be the ideal career.

Career Choices: It’s Ok To Be Unsure

There’s a lot of pressure as you grow up in education to know exactly where you’re heading in your future and what career path you want to be on. It can be quite distressing when everyone else you know seems to have a plan, but when they ask you the dreaded question, your mind goes blank. Here are some smart moves, whether you’re still in education or not, to help you decide which career path you want to travel down.

If You’re Still In Compulsory Education:

First off, focus on the core subjects that will give you a good knowledge base for any career journey: Maths, English, and Science. These three are the basics needed for any entry-level job, and if you do decide to go onto further education, they will specifically look at the grades you achieved for these subjects. These subjects tend to have a lot of overlap with each other, and the computational and analytical skills learned, will be relevant to almost any subject or skill you wish to study further. You may also want to consider learning a language. Being fluent in another dialect could open a lot of doors with any career you may decide to go into. You could use it to increase your employability in various fields (marketing, engineering, the list goes on), or you could find work as a translator. As soon as you are legally able to work, be sure that you do. This will enable you to gain both experience and good references about your work ethic. This will show that you are driven, hard-working and up for a challenge.

If You’ve Finished Compulsory Education:

If you have finished compulsory education and are looking for your next step, there are quite a few options that won’t tie you down to a career that you aren’t fully invested in. First, you will need to analyze your skills, strengths, and what you enjoy doing. Typically, nine times out of ten, there will be a career opportunity in what you enjoy – it just might be a tricky path to go down. It could be that having thought about your skills and interests you now know what you want to do, but are not qualified enough to gain a position. At this point, you should look into increasing the relevant qualifications to your chosen career. A foundation degree is a great way of gaining further education without being out of work for too long, as they only take a year. You could even work part-time alongside your study. However, if leaving full-time work is not an option for you, you may want to consider studying in the evening or in your spare time. An online MBA program in marketing could be one of a huge selection of options to help raise your profile in a competitive field and secure you a job in your dream career.

Hopefully, this has eased your worries about not knowing what path to go down, and given you some tips and ideas that will help you to come to a decision in the not so distant future. If not, keep doing what you’re doing, and striving for success, you may find that you land on your dream path without even realizing that’s where you wanted to be until you got there.


Be Kind To Your Body

There are two types of people out there. Those that love and worship their body, and those that consume tons of soda and junk food and hardly seem to know what a vegetable is. We’ve all been guilty of being unhealthy at some point in our life, and there is nothing wrong with that. But, if you’re someone who chooses to do this all the time, you’re definitely going to notice the repercussion of it as you get older. A poor diet and low exercise levels can have just as much of a dangerous impact as abusing alcohol. However you mistreat your body, it’s time to change your mental attitude and be kind to your body. Read these few simple tips to see how you can do just that.

Diet & Exercise

This is the thing that most people struggle with. Some people just hate the thought of exercise, some people just hate going to the gym, some people just have no motivation at all. The best way to get your head in an exercising frame of mind is to start small. A brisk walk every morning or evening can really boost your energy levels, and you’ll start to notice the calories dropping before you know it. Once you’ve got comfortable with getting out for a walk, try changing it to a jog. Make sure you have the right running equipment to make the whole ordeal that little bit comfier. There are brands such as Brooks shoes for sale that’ll give you all the comfort and support your need. Build and build on your exercise routine until you feel ready enough to progress to weights, or even gym classes. They’re a really good way to keep yourself interested in fitness. Diet also plays a huge part in your overall wellbeing. Focus on trying to get your 5 a day of fruit and veg to being with. Then you can begin to cut the junk food out to really notice a difference.

Holistic Approach

The holistic approach covers all areas, from your physical wellbeing, mental, and spiritual. It’s all well and good just improving your diet, or just improving your exercise levels. But if you don’t have the right mental attitude you’re never going to be truly kind to your body. When you’ve got so much going on in your life, it’s so easy to become down, stressed, or a little bit depressed. This has such a negative impact on your overall appreciation towards your body, yet people tend to ignore it and assume it’s just how everyone thinks. To try and alleviate some of this stress, try praying and remember that Jesus tells us to give all of our fears and anxieties to Him. Sleep is also something a lot of people seem to lack, yet it is so important to your overall well being. Try and get the recommended 8 hours a day to make sure you’re always fresh.

As a Young and Inexperienced Professional, You’ll Need to Know These Things

No one should expect a young person with little professional experience to know exactly how things go down in the professional world. Sooner or later, you will learn the ropes but it can definitely help to have your horizons broadened before you delve in and start working hard.

You’re about to learn about some of the things you really should know about working and gaining experience as an employee. Each of the points raised will help you navigate the work world easier and faster, so carry on reading.

A Big Part of Career Progression Will be About Personal Relationships

You’re probably already thinking about how you can expand your career horizons and move onto bigger and better things in the years ahead. First of all, it’s important to realize that personal relationships can matter as much as the work you do. As they say, it’s not what you know but who you know in the world of business so focus on cultivating strong relationships.

You Have Rights and You Might Have to Defend Them

Every worker has employment rights that must be upheld by the company that employs them. Sadly, this is something that not all new professionals are informed about when they start working. You should get to know your rights and if you ever feel that they’re being infringed, contact people like Anderson Gray lawyers. Sometimes, you will have to defend those rights.

A Company’s Culture Won’t Bend to Accommodate You

Every company has its own way of doing things and its own way of interacting internally. Generally, this is referred to as the company culture; it’s all about how the company operates on the ground level each day. As a new person, you will need to slot into place and find your place within the existing culture and structure because it’s not going to bend or change to accommodate you.

You Will Learn as You Work

If you’re stepping into your first job worried about the gaps in your knowledge, you should calm down and not worry so much. The truth is no one arrives at their first job as a fully formed professional and no one would expect that from you. As you do the job, you will learn new things and develop new skills you previously never thought you’d have.

Not Everyone Who’s Your Senior Will be Superior

You will get used to working with people who have been doing their jobs for much longer than you have been doing yours. As you do this, you will probably assume that these wise and experienced people have much more to contribute than you, and in certain ways that can be true. But you should also remember that not everyone who’s your senior is also your superior in terms of talent.

Navigating the world of work when you’re a young person just entering it for the first time always presents you with challenges but now you know these things, you’ll be in a much better position to succeed early on.

Good Reasons To Use Your Musical Talent

If you’re a student, or a new young adult trying to find your feet, you’re probably a little confused on what you’re up to and where you should go with a career. It might not make you the most money ever, but look back into those musical dreams you used to have! It’ll make you feel good and you can impress plenty of people at parties. Yet, it seems everyone is into music nowadays, or has a singing gig on the side, and maybe you’re finding that a little boring. However there’s good reasons for this! Let yourself be creative and create what you want; here’s why you should!

Because it Can Make You Good Money

Think of your childhood dreams and how great it would be to actually be able to follow in them. Dreams of standing on a stage, playing your guitar at local gigs, and signing autographs after the end. However, maybe you gave up on that when you hit puberty and decided school was the only way forward.

Okay so maybe you weren’t a superstar back then, crooning in music class and being told to quieten down by your parents, but you’re older now and that means your voice and creative drive has changed with your age. Look into your musical ability again; maybe even take some lessons if you have the money or your parents decide it’ll be good for you too, if you’re still under their roof!

Because of How Hopeful it Can Be

Music has been around for thousands of years because people love it for similar reasons. Music stimulates the brain and releases endorphins for us to enjoy ourselves with, and we get happier when we put the headphones on. We could all do with cheering up from time to time, and the world needs a little more sprinkling of happiness in it.

Hearing someone sing is something that can truly uplift the spirits. Similarly, when you’re working hard on cultivating your talent, whether it started from singing into a hairbrush or just picking up a keyboard from the charity shop, there’s so much you can do with it. Just take a look at the case of Coran Capshaw, a music producer who was recently honored with these reasons in mind.

Because it Can Make You Feel Better

This is probably the best reason as to why you should starting creating and playing your own music. We’ve touched on this above, but that’s just the shallow end of it! You can raise your self esteem, memory, and empathy levels incredibly via a few tunes you penned yourself.

Self worth is a cycle of improvement. If you managed to make a whole tune by yourself, or a little jingle you and a friend made together, you’re probably going to feel good about yourself. Do it again and again and again, and you’re going to feel even better!

It’s all for a good cause. Make music and make yourself and others happy with it!

3 Ways To Give Yourself The Best Start In The Real World

When you leave high school, it’s essential that you have a plan in place for your future. Teachers probably tell you that all the time, but you need to start listening. Giving yourself the best start in the real world is often challenging, but you can achieve that goal if you think long and hard about your options. There are some suggestions below you’ll want to consider.

Choose the right university

Before you do anything else, choosing the right university will ensure you’re on the best path for the future. That could mean applying to colleges in your hometown or thinking outside of the box and studying abroad. There is a graphic at the bottom of this page that sheds some light on the process.

Learn about the value of money

You’ll want to start working as soon as possible so you can learn about the value of money. Even if you plan to attend university and your parents will pay the fees; you still need to find a part-time job so you can get used to the real world.

Stop wasting your free time

Far too many young people spend their free time watching Netflix on the sofa or using games consoles. There are much better ways to spend your time, and you need to think of some as soon as possible. Only engage in activities that further your ambitions for the best outcomes.

That advice should help all readers to give themselves the best start in the real world. Make sure you share it with all your friends!


Graphic by spotahome

Juggling Work & School – Survival Tips For Those With A Busy Schedule

If you are both in higher education and in some kind of work, then you might often find that it can be quite stressful keeping on top of everything. It goes without saying that you don’t want either your school nor your work life to be damaged by the busy schedule, but that can be easier said than done. Like many others, you might be stressing out about how to actually make it work as a lifestyle. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to improve the situation and ensure that you stay on top of it as best as you can. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best ways to do just that, so you can get the most out of both your school life and your work life.

Schedule Your Time

If you are routinely feeling as though you don’t have time for anything, you might need to take a step back and look at how you are actually using that time. It might well be possible that you are not properly scheduling your hours in the day. In this case, it’s all too likely that neither school nor work are getting the time they need. If you think you might need to schedule your days a little better, there is plenty you can do on this front. Let’s take a closer look at this now.

Bear in mind that some parts of your day are inflexible. These include working hours and class hours. Fit those into your schedule first, as they cannot be changed. Then you need to make the rest of your schedule as flexible as you can, while incorporating those other spects as well. This means that you can easily change them around if you need to – this will be useful as studying can change throughout the year, depending on what point of the semester you are in. You need to be ready to adapt to new assignments and so on, so this is vital to work out beforehand. As long as you have a good, flexible schedule, you will find it a lot easier to stay on top of your work and your schoolwork, and neither will suffer as much that way.

Learn To Prioritize

There might be times when you need to accept that you cannot do everything at once. You often just don’t have the time to do this, and it means that you need to learn how to prioritize as best as you can. Fortunately, this is an easy skill to learn, even if it is not always simple to put into practice. Learning to prioritize means having a strong understanding of what is important and what can probably be left alone for now. This will take time to develop this skill, but nonetheless it is a vital one which you should work on harboring if you are serious about juggling work and school to your best efforts. You can then work on beating procrastination, which is often caused by a lack of prioritization, by breaking down the important jobs in manageable chunks, before moving onto the less important ones after that. Do this, and you will find it makes a huge difference to your studies and your work.

The Value Of Time Off

If you read through this guide: Tips for Going to School While Working as a Full-Time RN, you will see that one of the major suggestions is to find a way to value your time off. The truth is that time off is not just nice to do – it is actually important. This is because, by giving yourself a break every now and then, you come back to the schoolwork – or the work – refreshed, and often with a better understanding of what you need to do, or a firmer comprehension of the material you have been studying. With enough time off, you will also be able to deal with the many stresses of studying and working, as it will give you a chance to relax properly and fully. If you don’t feel that you are getting enough time off, you should find a way to work it into your schedule. Don’t be angry at yourself for needing it – it is a perfectly valid human need, and one which will actually help you in the long run much more than not having it at all.

Picking Your Employer

It’s likely that you might want to change jobs at some point. You might find that it is no longer serving you very well, or that it has become especially difficult to keep up to date with your schoolwork. In that case, you should allow yourself the freedom to take a different job, as ultimately it is entirely up to you who you work for and why you do it. Go for something that is related to your schoolwork, if you can. If not, then just go for something that is the least hours possible in order to continue comfortably living your life. This way, you can devote as much energy as you need to on your studies, and you won’t constantly be tired or stressed out from work. Picking an employer which is likely to be sympathetic to your studying needs is also important. They will be more likely to be flexible with your hours and holiday, and that alone can really help to keep your studies in check in the long run.

The act of juggling work and school can be a notoriously difficult one. However, it is a noble thing to be attempting, and you should be proud for doing it. As long as you learn to prioritize, take time off when necessary, and enjoy the process on the whole, you should find that you get from the experience everything you need to get from it. You will also learn a number of skills which can carry over into your life after this period of time is done with.