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How to Learn Guitar Scales

If you have decided to learn how to play the guitar, then you should start by learning the guitar scales. There are several scales to learn, so it might take some time before you can easily do all of them without needing to think about it. However, if you follow this guide, then you will be well on your way to learning your scales by heart and how to play your guitar in general.

Learn Your Fretboard

One of the first things you are going to want to do is learn your fretboard. This is part of the guitar where you put your finger to produce different notes on different strings. Each scale is played by placing your fingers along the frets on the fretboard. Which string you use and where you place them will be different for each scale, but you should get used to pressing your fingers against the fretboard and moving them to different positions. When you strum, you should notice a different note depending on the string and where your fingers are on the fretboard. It is sometimes useful to put small colored stickers on the fretboard to indicate where to place your fingers on each scale or note when you first start to learn how to play the guitar. Some guitars will come with small dots already on them to help with this. The frets themselves may be referred to in number order with fret 1 being the one at the very end of the guitar’s neck.

Learn The Strings

The next thing you need to do is learn which string is which. This is how you are going to learn the names of the notes you need to play to complete your scales. Starting with the thickest and ending with the thinnest the note for each string is the following: E, A, D, G, B, E. The thickest and thinnest strings share the same name, so they are sometimes referred to the high and low E to help tell them apart. It is worth saying the strings name aloud when playing them at first so to help you remember which string is which. Once you can play the correct string on command, you will have successfully learnt your guitar’s strings.

Practice The Scales

Once you know the strings and where to place your fingers on your fretboard, all that is really left is to practice. You need to keep practicing your scales until you can do them without thinking about it. There are several benefits of learning your scales as they will make learning other songs much easier and strengthening your fingers as well as getting them used to moving to each note on command. It is worth taking breaks between learning scales to also practice and learn basic tunes. This will help make the relatively boring scales work seem much more bearable, and any practice with your guitar will help you to learn how to use it better. Once you know all of your scales off by heart, then you are ready to move on to more complex techniques and tunes.

Pamper Yourself Pretty: Fun Beauty Tips To Try Out

The world of beauty often gets a bad wrap. Although true beauty comes from within, having the option to pamper and primp can be a lot of fun. When you take beauty too seriously, it does have the potential to turn sour. After all, you are who you are, and you should embrace that. The beauty world is there to have fun with, to make your feel better about yourself, and accentuate what you have. So never let it make you feel bad. Instead, experiment with a bunch of fun treatments and pamper yourself pretty, starting with these cool ideas.

False Lashes

There are lots of different beauty accessories that you might like to think about using, but right now there’s one that stands out as being the most fun of all. False lashes are a great way to play around with your regular beauty regime. When you have an event coming up or a special occasion,  there’s nothing like wearing a set of false lashes to glam up your look and change your eye shape. So head to your favorite beauty section and find some great lash effects to play around with.

Nail Art

Coming in as a close second and maybe even fighting for the top spot is nail art. You might love to paint your nails and give yourself manicures and love the colors you have, but just think about what fun stepping that up a notch can be. With different nail art designs, you can create different beauty looks to match your outfits, or even create cool looks for your friends too.


Then there’s also glitter to think about. Glitter can be a great way to jazz up your beauty and pampering routine. Before, it was saved for things like manicures and eyeshadows, but the latest beauty trends have taken glitter to the next level. Not only can you add fun designs to your face and show off your creative makeup skills, but you can also add it to your hair too. When you’ve got a party or celebration, going with glitter roots can be a great way to add some sparkle.

Hair Extensions

Then there’s always the option to play around with your hair styles. Whether you’ve always wanted to grow your hair long, or you’ve got thin hair, and you need some more volume, there’s one simple solution to try out. You’ll find that tape in hair extensions can give you the locks of your dreams. By playing around with different styles and adding more length, you’ll find endless ways to dress your hair.

Face Masks

Then there’s also skincare to think about. And facials are great for when you have problem skin. Even if you’ve already got great skin and you’ve not suffered from acne, applying face masks can be a lot of fun. You’ll be able to relax and pamper, and if you want to think about using them with your friends, you can have a great girly time together too.

Getting Started On Guitar

Many of you will agree that there’s no instrument quite as cool as a guitar. From tranquil, airy pop ballads to the blistering solos of metal, this instrument can fill a wide variety of roles, and even if you’re not much of a player, you’re going to look good with one hanging over your neck! Whether you’ve got a dream of being a pro musician or just want to see what all the fuss is about, here are some great tips for getting started with guitar.

Pick Your Instrument

The guitar industry is absolutely huge. If you have a look around any music store, you could quickly begin to feel overwhelmed by all the different makes and models. The first thing you want to do is find out about the technical differences between types of electric guitars via buzzharmony.com or a similar website. Your choice here is mainly going to depend on the kind of music you want to play. Cutaway acoustics are better for country, for example, and through-neck electrics with Floyd roses are better for rock and metal. The next main piece of advice we can offer is not to spend too much, or too little. While you generally get what you pay for with guitars, you don’t want to spend $1,500 on a new Stratocaster, only to drop the hobby a few weeks in. Many low and mid-range guitars get a decent tone, and will teach you the basics, which is what your first guitar should be for.

Get a Head Start

As you may be aware, some of the greatest guitarists who ever lived were completely self-taught, including Jimi Hendrix and Slash. However, if you want to get the best possible start in playing guitar, we recommend getting at least a small block of professional lessons. Having a teacher observe you can help to wean you off of some of the common bad habits that beginner guitarists tend to pick up. These really aren’t anything to worry about when you’re first starting out, but as you try to tackle more advanced music, they can become a major obstacle. Look up a local tutor, or find a service that allows you to take lessons over Skype. After around ten hours, you’ll have a good enough foundation to go it alone if you want to. The internet is bursting with YouTube tutorials on songs and techniques, not to mention a whole library of free tablature, covering almost every song with a guitar part!

Practice, Practice, Practice

We’ll close with the most important tip of all. A lot of people get frustrated with slow starts in music, and wonder why they’re not making the progress they want. The whole mystery is actually one of the simplest concepts in the world: the more you practice, the better you’ll get, and the sooner you’ll get where you want to be. There are going to be times where you don’t want to play guitar, but you have to power through these if you want to see quick results! See uberchord.com for some great practice tips.

Do You Have These Key Items In Your Closet?

If there’s one mistake that a lot of women and girls (and guys for that matter!) tend to make it’s that they have way too many clothes in their closet. They end up spending huge amounts of money on clothes that they stuff into their closet and never actually wear. Not only is this a total waste of money but it also ends up making it incredibly difficult for people to figure out what they actually want to wear! Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem: Streamline. Cut down on the things in your closet and stick with staples that you really need. With that in mind, here are a few key items that you should definitely hold onto.


There is nothing quite so perfect for the warm weather than a sundress! Women’s sundresses are not only a great way to stay cool when the sun is out, but you also get to look seriously good while doing it. It’s the perfect girly look to really bring out your feminine side, whether you want a maxi dress for summer evenings or the classic white sundress for a day at the beach.

Boyfriend jeans

Look, we all love our skinny jeans, and no one is going to tell you to get rid of them. But you need to have more than one pair of pants! Especially around laundry day! Boyfriend jeans are coming into style in a big way. Mix them with a lumberjack shirt and some low-tops for that perfect, grungy nineties look. Whether you want to embrace your feminine side or let your inner punk out for a while, boyfriend jeans are the perfect way to do it.

Interview outfit

We all need that one outfit for going to interviews. Whether it’s for college, a job interview, or even just a formal event, sometimes you just need to look smart for a few hours. Even if the formal look isn’t your thing, it’s a good idea to get yourself something clean and sharp for when you really need to dress to impress. What you choose is up to you. It could be a white shirt and pencil skirt, or perhaps you’d rather go with a pants-and-blazer combo. Whatever you decide, make sure that it’s subtle and understated. There’s a time for bright colors and bold patterns, but a job interview certainly isn’t it.


Ah, the little black dress. Is there a single item in a woman’s wardrobe more legendary? After all, most women know exactly what it is just from those three simple letters. Whether you’re going for a night on the town with your girlfriends, or you’re getting ready for a hot date, everyone needs their little black dress to rely on in the evenings. Pair it with a pair of simple black pumps, the six-inch heel is optional, and you’re set for anything that the night can throw at you. You’ll be looking good and, most importantly of all, feeling great all night long!

4 Easy Ways To Refresh Your Look

Every now and then, something just clicks, and we get the craving for a big, dramatic change to our usual look. Despite what it may feel like, you don’t have to dye your hair, lose 20 pounds, or spend a fortune at the mall to totally refresh your image. Here, we’ve listed four of the easier, smaller changes that can have a massive impact on your entire look.

Move your Parting

Like many girls, you may have been parting your hair in the same way every morning for years. If this is the case, then the simple change of flipping it to the other side can be all it takes to completely refresh your look. This will add a lot of volume to your roots, and change the way the front of your hair frames your features. You may not really need one, but these high quality lace front wigs from CelebWigs can make a handy go-to tool for changing your parting at a moment’s notice. If your hair just doesn’t want to get out of its usual parting, then try moving your parting before bed with a comb and a little styling cream, and then putting on a wide, no-slip headband.


You don’t need to buy a whole new wardrobe to make it look like you have. Try making a point to change up the accessories that are going to get noticed the most, such as your handbag. Accessories are one of the most cost-effective things you can buy for your wardrobe, as you’ll be able to wear them day after day, without your look getting tired out. If you’re going for a more high-end look, try getting handbags that combine faux leather with brass, rather than silver. This helps your whole outfit to look a little more unexpected and expensive.

Get Some Red Lipstick

A lot of girls, and grown women for that matter, are put off by the sheer boldness of red lipstick. In reality, red lipsticks are one of the most universally wearable, and can instantly add more femininity and general impact to your look. Try looking for shades of red that are blue-based. These appear flattering to the widest range of skin tones, and will also make your teeth look whiter as an extra advantage. Having said that, trust your instincts. Just like a great piece of jewelry, great lipstick shades are often the ones that feel right as soon as you look at them.

Lay a Great Foundation

Foundation isn’t the most exciting thing to pick out when it comes to makeup, but it can have a massive impact on your overall look. To get the most control and finesse over your base tone, make sure you’re choosing the right sponge. Non-latex ones are the most widely used by makeup artists, as these make it easy to blend colors naturally, and create a complexion that looks near enough perfect. You may also want to try adding a drop or two of skin luminizer to your foundation for a subtle shine.


Clothes: The Ultimate Wearables

Do you remember how you felt when you first heard the term wearables? What a strange and exotic word – but mostly just strange. These days, a wearable is a piece of technology that can be worn like an accessory. From Google Glass to the Apple Watch, the list continues to grow.

As technology develops, so too can the wearable industry. Many people don’t think of the development of clothing technology when they think of wearables, but this is the first thing we put on and should be the first “wearable” on our minds for daily use. Let’s look at a few ways clothing technology has changed.

Dual-purpose Clothing

Both brick and mortar stores as well as online retailers are always looking for ways to have their products serve multiple purposes. Along with function, fashion is being more and more considered by consumers when making their decisions on clothing. Being able to properly combine the two with technology that takes clothing to the next level is the goal both retailers and consumers are looking for. One example of a company that is advancing the way men look at clothing is Mizzen+Main. These products aim to give clean styles incorporating performance fabrics that are wrinkle-free and machine washable. Serving the purpose of office attire and casual outing appropriate is a strong dual purpose that is on the rise more and more.

Compression Clothing

There are numerous benefits of compression clothing. For some, it reduces swelling. For others, it helps them perform more efficiently and cuts down on soreness after a workout. But one of the greatest benefits of compression clothing is that it does all these things while still looking like regular clothing.

Aside from major clothing items like tops and bottoms, a category of compression clothing that should not be overlooked are compression socks. They can be a great help without looking like medical equipment for those struggling with plantar fasciitis, for example. That is not to say that compression clothing is a replacement for a necessary medical equipment, but it is a great tool to help with medical conditions on a regular basis. How many people could have thought that technology of clothing and socks has evolved to address medical issues the way they are doing so today.

Change Is Coming

Technology in the clothing department continues to advance. From smart bras to smarter underpants, you can be covered with electronic smarts from head to toe. It turns out smart clothes are the ultimate smart wearables. Google has partnered with Levi to make a Jacket with a touch gesture area for controlling smartphones. There are pants that can charge your phone. There are shirts that can read your heart rate. Clothing technology will continue to change and adapt to the way we as consumers will need our clothes to function. With the constant change in technology in our clothing, the term wearables will no longer be limited to things like the devices around our wrists.

Your clothes do not have to sport touch screens to be smart wearables. Activewear dress shirts and compression clothing also fit the bill. 

Tricks to Make Your Eyes Pop

Whether you want to look great for prom, ensure you look fab in your graduation photos or you simply think your eyes are your best feature and you want to make the most of them, there are a number of tricks you can use to really make your eyes pop. Here are some of the most effective:

Layers of Eyeliner

A lot of girls find it difficult to correctly line there eyes, but there are few things that will make the eyes pop more than lovely lined lids. Luckily, one of the best techniques for lining the lids so that they eyes stand out and liner lasts is also a very easy one. First, use a liner pencil to draw a straight line (it’s easier to do with a pencil), then very carefully use a liquid liner, like L’Oreal Paris Infallible Super Slim Liquid Eyeliner, to draw another layer on top of the pencil. It’ll make your eyes stand out like nothing else.

Use Two Colors

Another liner trick that many makeup artists use to make the eyes pop is to line the upper lashes with black liner and the lower lashes with a lighter, brow liner. This softens the eyes while ensuring that they’re also the star of the show.

Use a White Liner

Using a white eyeliner pencil on the inside lower rim of your eyes will make your eyes look bigger, and the color of your irises pop. This is a trick that starlets of the 30s and 40s used a lot, and it is still very effective today.

Line the Inner Eyes

Applying liner carefully to the inner rim of your eyes will open them up, add more definition and help to make your lashes appear thicker, fuller and prettier.


Image sourceIf you want your eyes to look big, bright and open, instead of lining the entirety of your lash lines, simply apply liner to half of the area for an eye-widening look you’ll love.

Pencil in Your Brows

Your eyes will always look more dramatic if they are framed by darker, thicker eyebrows. So, if your eyebrows are particularly thin or light, take a soft pencil that is a similar shade to your hair and fill in your brows. Plucking your brows will also help to define your features more effectively.

Use Fake Lashes

If you want your eyes to make an instant impact, using  House of Lashes false eyelashes is a must. These lashes are thick, luscious and difficult to ignore. Not only will they give you a dramatic look in their own right, but they’ll frame your eyes so that they perfectly pop.

Make Your Mascara Work for You

If you’re using budget mascara, you can make it look as brilliant as high-end products by placing a thin business card under your lash line as you apply the product. This will prevent the mascara brush from bending your lashes, ensuring that they are covered from root to tip, giving you a more wide-eyed appearance.

Make Over Yourself (Without Changing Too Much)

This time of year, a lot of us are starting to think about making a few changes to our lives, whether that’s pulling up your grades at school or college, updating your apartment, or finally trying to decide what you want to do with your life (spoiler alert: you never have to figure things out 100% – you can keep on changing yourself indefinitely!). Something that’s a whole lot easier to do is to give ourselves makeovers. You don’t have to start slapping on thick layers of foundation and investing in a complete new closet full of clothes – here are some ways to make over yourself without losing the essence of who you are…


Master A Makeup Look

One of the best ways to feel great about yourself when you leave the house is to be confident that your makeup is on point. Not many people except for Instagram stars and beauty vloggers have mastered how to put on an entire face of makeup perfectly – and remember that makeup trends move so quickly that not even contouring is in fashion any more, so it’s best to stick to the classic looks. Blend in some BB cream with a sponge (you don’t have to use an official beauty blender – most drug stores will make cheaper versions), and fill in your eyebrows. Decide whether you’re going to be a lip or eye girl, and perfect either a perfect black eyeliner wing or a gorgeous crimson lip. No matter which you choose, keep practicing until you know how to do it right first time.


Get Your Hair Cut

Getting your hair cut will blow away all the cobwebs and make you feel a whole lot better about yourself. There’s nothing worse than knowing your hair’s grown too long for its style and that the ends look a little ragged – so it’s time to get a whole new look. If you aren’t confident about styling your hair, ask the stylist to make sure that you can still tie it back if you want to. When you get home, make sure that you practice curling and flat iron techniques so you know that you can easily style it any time that you want to.


Invest In New Underwear

The number one best way to look good in your clothes and to have a clean silhouette is to get new underwear. You don’t have to buy underwear that will hold in your stomach – on the contrary, don’t let yourself be comfortable all day – but you should definitely buy a bra that fits you and that you can jump around in without worrying that you’re about to pop out of it. A lot of women are wearing bras with a back that’s too big and a cup that’s too small, so get professionally measured to figure out your real size.


Change The Way You Look At Clothes

Finally it’s time to change your attitude towards clothes. A lot of us dress in an attempt to hide the parts of ourselves that we don’t feel good about – our thighs, our stomachs, our upper arms – but instead why not focus on showing off the parts of your body that you love? Wear rings to draw attention to your beautifully shaped hands, wear v-neck shirts to show off your pretty collarbone, wear sandals when you’ve had a pedicure. Focusing on what you love about your body will make you feel better about it.

Shine Like A Star At Your Prom By Treating It Like A Red Carpet Event

You’ve done it! School is almost over, and the world is your oyster. You may not know the results of your exams yet, but you can rest easy you’ve done everything you could to secure the grades you need. So, how can you celebrate? Prom is a good place to start. After your hard work, you deserve to enjoy a night of freedom and glamor. While you plan for your prom, it’s important to note that this is your chance to shine. Okay, it’s not a red carpet event, but it may as well be! That’s why you should treat yourself like a celeb. For this night, you can! To make the most of your night, it’s important you get to know all your options. That way, you can ensure everything is the way you want it!


When we think of prom, we think of the dresses. When else are you going to have a chance to wear a gown like the ones you can choose for prom? Make sure you look your best on the night by taking the time to consider a few different prom dresses. You may only wear it for one night, but this is one of the most important dresses you’ll buy! If you’re reluctant to spend the money, you could rent instead. That way, you can get the best dress for less cost! This could be an excellent way to get the dress you want. Or, you could take finishing your exams as an excuse to treat yourself. If anyone deserves a new dress, it’s you. If you’re struggling for inspiration, turn to the pros. Look at what the celebs are wearing. Look, too, at what’s on the catwalk. It may seem unlikely, but yellow is the hottest color of the season. One thing’s sure; a yellow dress will make you stand out!


To get the right look, think about more than your dress. Think, too, about your accessories and hair. After you’ve gone to the trouble of getting the perfect dress, it’s worth doing something new with your hair. Research some styles that will complement the dress you’ve chosen. If you have trouble mastering them, turn to online tutorials to teach you! Spare a thought to your accessories, too! Don’t let your dress go to waste by not accessorizing the way you should! Most importantly, you’ll need to choose the right shoes. Your shoes say a lot about you, so it’s important you get them right! You may want to go for heels, but don’t take the leap unless you feel confident! Remember that you’ll be dancing the night away. Don’t be afraid to choose flats instead! Think, too, about what handbag would look best. You don’t want anything too big, but you’ll need to carry your phone and keys! Take a look at clutch bags out there to see if any would suit. You don’t see anyone on the red carpet with a huge bag on their shoulder, do you?


Once you’ve got your outfit ready, it’s time to think about how you’re going to get there. It doesn’t matter how good you look if you haven’t got a form of travel. This is your prom, so it fits you should arrive in style. You may not be driving to the Grammys, but treat it like you are! Look at fun ways other people have come at their proms. In keeping with the red carpet theme, consider hiring a limo. If you’re worried about the cost, take some friends along for the ride and split the cost between you. Or, you could go for something a little different. Why not hire an old style bus to take you all? Everyone will notice your arrival when traveling in one of these! Whatever option you choose, make sure there’s a touch of glamor to it! If you’re stuck for ideas, talk to your friends. They may have a plan you can get involved with.


Yes, you’re going to be enjoying yourself. Even so, it’s important to take pictures. This is an event you’ll want to remember, after all. In true red carpet style, there’s likely a photographer to take pictures as you arrive. Even so, you’ll want some pictures of your own! Put a camera in that clutch bag of yours, and make sure to remember it’s there! If you want to ensure the quality of your snaps, do a little research into how to take a good picture before you leave. You never know, you could develop a passion for it! Practice, too, taking pictures of yourself. It may sound strange, but you’re going to be taking selfies with your classmates. So, you want to ensure you get people in the frame! If it helps, invest in a selfie stick to get the shots you need. Bear in mind that it may be difficult to carry the stick around with you! You might be in a rush to get there on the night, but don’t forget the obligatory ‘before you leave’ pictures. Celebrity snaps won’t have anything on you! Remember, too, that this may be the last time you see a lot of your classmates. If people are leaving town after prom, make sure to get pictures with them. These are memories that you’ll come to cherish.


For the past few weeks, and maybe longer, your thoughts will have been consumed with picking a college. We all know what a stressful decision that can be. It may be easier said than done, but try to let the decision go on your prom night. Yes, the future is beckoning. Even so, it can wait one night. Take the chance to relax. Try to let go of all thoughts of the future. If you sit dwelling on your decisions all night, you’ll miss the prom. Not to mention that you’ll regret it. So go on, leave the future alone for the moment!


8 Fun Things To Help Kill Boredom At Home

When you’re bored at home and you can’t go out, or you can’t be bothered to go out, being able to kill boredom is key to not going stir crazy. If you need some inspiration, here are 8 fun things you can do to kill boredom at home. Take a look and see what you find:

Learn A Brand New Skill

Why not take this time at home to learn a brand new skill? There are so many ways you can do this, many of which are for free! You could take a look at tutorials on YouTube, sign up to SkillShare (they sometimes have a ridiculously cheap offer for 3 months membership and unlimited courses), or even use Udemy, where you pay per course. However, many courses on Udemy are free. You can learn just about anything you can think of; how to make jewelry, how to play an instrument, drawing, speaking another language – the list goes on!

Bake Some Sweet Stuff

The great thing about baking sweet stuff is that you can settle down with your cookies or cakes afterwards and indulge. You could decorate them in a really fun way and even give some to friends and family if you make lots of them and want to avoid a binge!

Binge Watch A Series/Films

Just because you don’t want to binge on cookies doesn’t mean you can’t binge on a series or some films! Apps like MovieBox APK are pretty good for this, but you’ll need to read a few reviews to make sure you find the right one for you. Many allow you to sync the programs you want to watch to other devices.

Try Some Upcycling

Upcycling is a super fun and creative way to bring life to an old piece of furniture. You could paint it a brand new colour, use stencils on it, add new hardware, and so much more. You could give it a subtle makeover or make it look completely different. There are tutorials online for this too if you need some help.

Write A Story

Do you come up with great ideas for stories but never do anything about them? Now’s your chance! Writing a story can help you to improve your writing skills, and you could even come up with something amazing. It’s up to you what you do with your story once you’re finished. You could share it on a site like Wattpad, where people read your stories chapter by chapter and give you feedback. People have even had offers from publishers this way! Just write, regardless of what you think it will turn out like.

Color Something In

Coloring isn’t just for kids. Adult coloring books can be really relaxing, almost like a form of meditation. If you don’t have a book, you could print something out.

Read Something

How about reading something? You could even try reading out loud if you have your family with you, and take it in turns to read chapters. People don’t do this enough these days, and it could be a great way for you all to enjoy a story together.

Make A Scrapbook

How about scrapbooking some of your favorite pictures and bits and bobs? You’ll be able to look back on your memories with a smile for years to come!