When Counting Sheep Isn’t Enough: Tips On How To Get Enough Sleep

Research shows that as many as 87% of high school students in the United States are sleep deprived. Are you one of them? If you are a typical teenager, then the chances are that you are indeed not getting enough sleep.

The problem with not getting enough sleep as a teenager is that it can have a negative effect on both your school and home life. Your grades can start to suffer and you are most likely to be getting into fights because you are cranky.

Ways To Improve Your Sleep

The following are all easy-to-follow guidelines that will help you get a good night’s rest.

  • Your bedroom needs to become a quiet haven in the evening. Turn off your computer before you go to bed and if your household is noisy at night, invest in a pair of earplugs.
  • If you are feeling anxious or stressed try relaxing with soothing music (or white noise) before bedtime. Yoga is also known to relax you and prepare your body for sleep. If you are spiritual you can take time reading your favorite scriptures or even meditate. If you find yourself unable to sleep continuously it is suggested that you consult with your doctor for assistance and remember that most sleeping disorders are covered by medical insurance.
  • If you are feeling under the weather go to bed earlier than usual. Your body will need the extra rest to recuperate. Remember to plan for the additional sleep ahead of time if you have to wake up early the next morning for school.
  • Certain dietitians suggest eating a carb-loaded snack before bed to aid in sleeping. These snacks will make you feel warm and drowsy and can enhance your sleeping experience significantly. Good foods to snack on include pretzels, crackers, popcorn, fruit or even just toast with jam or honey.
  • If you are unable to sleep in light try putting blackout shades on your windows and make sure your door is properly shut at night. Comfortable and lightweight sleeping masks are also available at many stores if you really find yourself battling with even the smallest amount of light.
  • Taking a hot shower or bath before bed and keeping your room cool to lower your body temperature is known to trigger deep sleep.
  • Try to figure out what is keeping you awake at night. If you are on any medication check with your doctor or pharmacist to see if these could be the cause of your insomnia. Other common culprits are caffeine (coffee, cola, caffeinated energy drinks) or stressful situations (exams, sportstry-outs etc). Try taking a soothing tea made with chamomile before bed. Again, if your insomnia persists please seek professional medical attention.
  • Certain scents are considered to have sleep-inducing effects. Try orange blossom, lavender, chamomile or marjoram. You can buy scented candles, incenseor essential oils. Just be sure to put out any candles before you go to sleep.

Once you are able to get a good night’s sleep more often, you won’t only feel better but you may see an improvement in your grade and performance on the sports field as well. You will be happier and more relaxed resulting in your friends and family feeling the same.

How To Protect Your Skin While Looking Good

It’s very easy to find all manner of products that can help shape your skin, and help give your skin a good glow. Of course, there’s the cost involved which you must account for, but for the most part – it’s very easy to find a means to an end when it comes to skincare and beauty. It seems like there is a product for every purpose, if you’ve got the cash of course – but even then, there are plenty cheap options available as well. The thing is, however, that we also need to think about protecting and caring for our skin – as well as making it look good. A healthy glow is one thing, but if our skin is unhealthy, well, it’s not exactly healthy is it? We need to seriously think about skincare, and what we can do to our skin to ensure it looks good at all times, we need to also think about our routines and regimes – and if we are performing them with health in mind. While we are trying to make our skin we look, we need to think a lot about protecting our skin from damage.


Firstly, shaving. Most women shave bodily hair off of their body – but incorrect technique, dodgy shaving equipment and a lack of aftercare can lead to damage. Ingrown hair, damaged skin, cuts, infections, lumps, and bruises can be caused by incorrect shaving techniques and poor equipment. Always shave with a sharp blade to avoid cuts and for a closer shave, to avoid being caught short with a blunt blade, companies like 99 Cent Razor offer subscription packages, which can be pretty cheap and ensure you’re always shaving sharp. Ensure you lotion and care for your skin after a shave to ensure it’s in good shape after. Shaving during a bath is your best bet as the hot water brings the hair out and allows for a smoother shave.


If you want your skin to be clean, you need to exfoliate and use scrubs, gels, pastes, and rubs to drag dirt from your pores. However, use them with care – applying them to the skin with force can lead to skin damage. Instead of tearing your face apart, apply the exfoliating product and leave it on the skin for an extended period of time. Allowing the product to work its magic is a lot better than forcefully applying an irritant to your face!


The sun is a big danger to the skin, but it also allows us to tan. Despite the incredible danger, the reward of a healthy tan is simply too much of a lure for some. This means that people are ready to risk their health for a glow. Don’t. Don’t bask in the sun without sunscreen, and ensure you’re out of the sun between 11 am and 3 pm. If you’re in the sun, hydrate and wear a hat. The damage caused by the sun’s rays can have a lasting effect, and the consequences are avoidable.


Getting Fit While At Uni

It can be easy for your active levels to go down the pan when it comes to university. After all, you might not have to walk very far from your dorm when it comes to classes and hobbies. And you can spend a lot of time in your room working on assignments rather than getting active in the sunshine. However, your fitness doesn’t have to go down the pan while you are at college. In fact, here are some ways you can get fit while at uni.

Look into going to the campus gym

Depending on the size of your uni, it’s likely there might be a gym on campus. After all, they want their students to stay healthy while they are living at university. Going to the gym might be the last thing you want to do after a day of lectures. But a session in the gym can soon see you feeling a lot of healthier. After all, you can use the equipment to help you stay in shape. And going to the uni gym can often be a good social event. After all, you can meet some new friends and work out together. If you are worried about costs, a lot of uni gyms offer students reduced rates, so it doesn’t have to break the bank!

Invest in a new bike

It’s likely you left your car back home while you are at university. After all, it’s not necessary to have it at uni. And you can just rely on public transport to get you around the city. But if you want to get fitter, you might want to think about getting a bike. After all, it’s a great way to fit some exercise into your life when you are a student. You can go for a bike ride after your class to work your muscles. It’s one of the best forms of exercise as it works all your body. And an hour on your bike a day can soon see you losing the pounds. It can also help you to get to the other side of town easily. After all, getting the bus can be a drag. Just make sure you look into bikes which will keep you safe. In fact, look online at the pros and cons of Genesis V2100 bicycles, and other makes before buying. That way, you know it’s right for your uni area!

Go for a jog around campus

It’s so easy to just stick around in your room for hours on end. But it’s not going to be very good for your health if you don’t get active. Therefore, it’s time to get up and around campus. After all, it’s an excellent way to ensure you get some fitness into your life. And it can help you to see everything going on if you are a newbie. It might be that you go for a jog around campus. You can then get some good exercise into your life, and the fresh air will do you good too. Or if you are less fit, start with a walk, and you can soon build up into a daily jog!

And don’t be afraid to start a fitness group. After all, there might be other students who would be interested in getting healthier while at uni.

Meet Young YouTube Fitness Sensation Alivia D’Andrea (a.k.a. Fiercelivy)


If you are looking for some inspiration in regards to fitness and/or a healthy lifestyle, go to YouTube, type Fiercelivy in the search bar, and get ready to work hard and feel great while doing it! Alivia D’Andrea has succeeded in making fitness fun, and her videos are full of inspiration for everyone, whether you dance, cheer, do gymnastics, play sports, or just want to get fit. As a dancer myself, I find her workout and stretching routines very helpful, and I love to hear her words of wisdom and encouragement as she guides you to a healthier, happier you! Be sure to check her out at https://www.youtube.com/user/fiercelivy


R: How did you get into fitness and when did living a healthy lifestyle become important to you?

A: Growing up I was always relatively thin, but not fit. My sophomore year in high school, I gained some weight and started to feel lethargic. I wanted to lose the weight, but in a healthy way, so I started researching healthier food options and it just kind of took off from there. After studying and exploring the benefits of a healthier lifestyle, I felt so great inside and out, and wanted to share that with my subscribers.


R: What made you want to start a YouTube channel?

A: I wanted to do something that allowed me to project my voice, and I thought YouTube would be a great platform. Little did I know how much I would love making videos. I’ve been on YouTube for about three years now, but it wasn’t until last June that my channel started to really gain popularity. I didn’t receive a lot of recognition my first two years, but I kept at it because I loved it so much. Then last year, I decided to alter the content I was producing, and suddenly the acceptance began to soar.


R: What are some of the opportunities you’ve had since you became a YouTuber?

A: My presence on YouTube is still fairly new. However, I recently signed with a talent agency, and I’m looking forward to future opportunities like branding, collaborating with companies, and events.


R: What advice do you have for someone who wants to start a healthy lifestyle but doesn’t know how to begin?

A: Make small, specific goals, such as making a commitment to drinking five glasses of water a day. You will be more likely to be consistent, and a little progress each day adds up to big results. Also, your mind is a very powerful thing, so you need to make sure you have the right mindset about leading a healthy lifestyle. Get excited about all the healthy recipes you can try, learn the limits of your body, and reach for greater heights through recreational activities. Fall in love with taking care of your body, mind, and spirit.


R: It can be hard to stay motivated. What are some tips?

A: I get this question a lot from my subscribers. My top three tips would be:

  1. Take photos and keep a food journal to keep track of your progress and help you see the bigger picture.
  2. Follow social media accounts that post flexibility and fitness inspo and create a playlist of all the songs that motivate you.
  3. Lastly, don’t think of healthy eating as a diet, think of it as a lifestyle.


R: I heard that you travel a lot. Where have you gone? Where would you like to go?

A: I’ve been to China, England, Russia, France, the Caribbean, Italy, Spain, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Hawaii. I would love to visit Shanghai and Bora Bora.


R: I know that you dance. What else do you do?

A: I enjoy playing the piano and public speaking.


R: What are your social media addresses?


Instagram: @fiercelivy

Twitter: @aliviadandrea

Snapchat: @fiercelivy


R: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

A: We see so many tragedies on the news today, and it breaks my heart. As youth, sometimes we may feel like we can’t do much because we’re only “kids,” but remember that simple acts of forgiveness and charity, like donating food or clothes, and even just smiling at someone, are things we can do now. Great achievements can come from many small deeds strung together. Nonetheless, the one constant that can change the world from lonely and bitter to beautiful and compassionate is love. In any form, big or small, love can transform us all.


Written by Anna Tallarico

Photo credit: Alivia D’Andrea


The Dangers Of Eating Your Feelings

You have probably heard the term “eating your feelings” before – but have you ever really thought about what that entails?

The concept is fairly simple. When a person goes through a difficult or stressful stage in life, it can be hard to deal with the mental and emotional toll of such a struggle. As they do not have other adequate coping mechanisms, the person instead turns to food as a way of improving their mood.

It works, too – especially if they opt for so-called “comfort foods”. These foods are almost invariably high in sugar, salt, and fat – and our bodies like these things. In fact, eating sugar delights our brain in such a way that it’s possible to become addicted to it.

So what’s the harm if it works? Is it really so wrong to turn to food when you need a pick-me-up?

The Problem

When someone has an unhealthy relationship with food, using it to quell problems and mental difficulties, then the result is inevitable: weight gain and its impact on your body image.

If this is something you have experienced, then it’s important to acknowledge that you have to fix the underlying emotional distress. If you do not, then you are likely to continue to repeat the cycle and always find solace in food.

The Physical Solution

If you find yourself struggling with weight issues as a result of emotional eating, then it may be necessary to “reset” your body. There are several ways of doing this, but the most effective is also the simplest: eat fewer calories and exercise more. If this is difficult for you (and don’t worry if it is – millions of people struggle with their weight, so you’re not alone), then it might be time to investigate other options. For example, you can try this HCG diet plan to see if hormone therapy might be effective for you, or you could discuss with your doctor medication that can help you lose weight. Just remember you’re not alone in this, so don’t be afraid to admit to someone you are struggling.

The Underlying Cause

As touched on above, no matter how rigorous your dieting efforts, if you don’t address the underlying causes of emotional eating then you will never conquer it. There is no need to be afraid of the idea of being diagnosed with depression; in fact, diagnosis can be the beginning of you returning to full health.

At the very least, consider seeing a therapist who has experience in dealing with emotional eating. They may be able to offer advice and insight specific to your case, giving you the best chance of beating the problem once and for all.

Lifestyle Tips For Stronger Bones

Bones are one part of our bodies that it can be easy to overlook with everything else we need to worry about. However, they’re extremely important, and if we don’t take care of them, it can be very detrimental to our later quality of life. Most of our bone density development happens in childhood and adolescence, and as we move into adulthood, it’s important to maintain it to slow down the rate of bone loss. Here are a few lifestyle tips to keeping strong bones.

Eat Calcium-Rich Foods

Calcium, as you’ve probably heard, is an essential nutrient for strong, healthy bones. You can ensure you’re getting enough of it by eating enough calcium-rich foods, such as milk, cheese, yoghurt, and kefir. Obviously, getting enough calcium in can be difficult if you’re vegan, and some people may opt for plant-based supplements. AlgaeCal side effects are non-existent, and its calcium content can help with the treatment of osteoporosis and similar conditions. Aside from that, there are various non-dairy sources of calcium, such as fortified rice beverages, leafy green vegetables, nuts, beans, and fortified orange juice. As with anything, make sure you’re reading the label on any foods you pick up, and consulting your doctor before taking supplements.

Get Enough Vitamin D

Vitamin D has a number of health benefits, one of which is that it helps you absorb the calcium in other foods. Fortunately, many of the foods containing Vitamin D also contain calcium. These include milk, fortified orange juice, soy, and rice beverages, and fatty fish such as sardines and salmon. Egg yolks and fortified yoghurts are also great sources of this vitamin. Experts recommend drinking 500ml of milk each day, or a fortified soy beverage if you don’t consume dairy. It can also help to consume supplements like the ones from Carlson Labs.

Keep Active

Physical activity has all kinds of health benefits, and everyone should be aiming for 150 minutes of it every week. If you’re specifically trying to keep your bones strong, do weight-bearing exercises such as walking, running, hiking, dancing, low-impact aerobics and tennis. You can also try some resistance training activities such as push-ups or lifting weights. These will build your muscles, and in turn, keep your bones strong. Finally, consider balance exercises, such as tai chi and yoga. These will improve your coordination and balance, and in turn, lower your risk of falling and damaging your bones.

Keep a Cap on the Caffeine

People don’t usually associate caffeine with the health of their bones, but the amount you take in is directly linked to the health of your entire skeleton. When you consume too much caffeine, it can decrease the amount of calcium that your body absorbs, and limit the health of your bones. Adults should aim for no more than 400 mg a day, which is about 2-3 cups of coffee. When you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, this should come down to 300mg, as passing caffeine onto young children can have a detrimental effect on their health.

I’m Unfit! How Can I Build Up My Strength and Endurance?

We all know the importance of regular exercise. It helps us to maintain our weight, boosts immunity, improves brain function and makes us feel good too. It’s recommended that we do at least 150 minutes of activity a week to keep us in peak physical shape. However working out doesn’t have to mean pushing yourself to your limits while you pour with sweat and utterly exhaust yourself. You can keep trim and get all of the health benefits with far more gentle exercise too. If you’re quite unfit, you probably won’t be able to hop on a treadmill and start sprinting, or perhaps you have an injury. If you’re looking to start on your fitness journey here are a few activities are suitable for everyone, and will burn excess fat and calories without risking injury.


Walking is fantastic exercise. It’s free, you don’t need any special equipment, and you can save yourself money on travel too. Give yourself a little extra time to go to school, college or work and instead of hopping in the car or on the bus, walk instead. While it mainly works the muscles in the legs, walking also helps to tone abs and even your arms too. You don’t have to power walk, but for the best benefits keep a good pace. You should be able to feel your breathing and heartrate is elevated, but not to the point you feel like they’re going to explode. Pop your headphones in, listen to some music and go for a walk or hike. If you have a dog, take them along too!


Cycling is great for weight loss and shaping your body, and it’s fun too. You could pack up a (healthy) picnic and go on a bike ride all day with friends. You get to explore your local area, take in the sights and enjoy the health benefits too. Cyclingweekly.com suggests making the most of your commute by cycling, so this could be something to consider. If you’re a beginner in the gym, using the exercise bike is a good place to start. Unlike some of the other equipment, it’s self-explanatory to use, and you can increase the resistance the fitter you get.


Not only is yoga good for the body but it improves the mind too. It helps to build your strength and flexibility meaning you have less chance of injuring yourself during other forms of exercise. It teaches you breathing and mindfulness techniques which can be useful if you suffer from anxiety or depression. It might not seem like the most cardio-heavy exercise, but according to bestyogablog.com it’s effective for weight loss with different types of yoga burning a surprising number of calories. It’s definitely something worth including in your fitness routine and helps break things up a little too since it’s a bit different from most other kinds of exercise.


Swimming is both gentle and fun but is incredible for the body. This article by livehealthy.chron.com states that it uses just about every muscle, so is ideal for an all- over workout. Start by doing a few laps and then increase it from there. You could aim to do an extra lap every time you swim, or set a time and try to beat it. It won’t aggravate the joints so is suitable for everyone (providing you can swim!)

Happy Mind Happy Life

There is so much information out there on how to be physically healthy and a good student, but it’s only recently that knowledge on how to have a happy mind has been circulating. This, of course, is a vital aspect of any fulfilled life, so read on to get some advice on how to keep your brain box happy, as you grow into adulthood.

Don’t believe everything you think

One of the most important tenets of a happy mind is seeing the mind for what it is. That is an organ that generates thoughts. A lot of us believe that our thoughts are in fact who we are, but that is not the case. This is a cognitive distortion, or mistaken pattern of thinking called thought-action fusion. It means we fuse our sense of self onto the content of our mind.

But what no one explains to most of us, is that the content of our mind is only meaningful when will give those thoughts meaning. That means you are free not to believe or judge yourself based on everything you think. Something that with a little practice can help you stay a lot happier.


Another route to a happy mind is to take a moment to pause now and then. That means turning off the TV, putting down your phone, and just sitting quietly. It doesn’t have to be for long. Just use it to get in touch with where you are right now. Breathe, look around you, and really see what is there.

Remember that the old adage: “Take time to smell the roses is right,” because if you don’t, then those parts of your life can just flash by. Meaning you won’t have even noticed because you are urging onto the next thing on your to-do list.

Seek help

Of course, minds are not all created equal in terms of mental health. Some folks can do all of the above and still struggle with the feeling of anxiety, depression, or other problematic states. That is when it’s essential to seek help.

To do this, it’s best if you speak to a trusted adult that can help you get the assistance that you need. This may be a visit to the doctors, a discussion with your teachers, or an appointment with a counseling service.

Once you have made the first step things will get easier, and you will probably find that a lot of treatment options open up. Such as being referred to centers like The Hills Youth and Family Services for additional support. As well as to learning coping skills to get you back on you feet.


They say a happy body helps to create a happy mind too. That is why it’s essential to exercise regularly.

Exercise can work wonders for your mood as it helps to circulate oxygenated blood all around the body. As well as providing an excellent outlet for stress and releasing endorphins that can help you feel happier, as well as stabilize your mood.

The Six Rules Of Summer Safety

When summer comes along, we all just want to have fun – and who doesn’t? Warmer weather means the chance to be outside more. Not just that, but the days get longer, and spending the nights chilling with our friends is something that is par for the course. Everybody’s mood lifts and we don’t have a care in the world. But, really, we should be caring about something – our body. There’s a bit of extra TLC that we need to be giving ourselves during the summer months, to make sure you’re kept happy and healthy throughout.

Drink More Water

It’s recommended that we drink at least eight glasses of water a day, but most of us aren’t even hitting that target. This increases during the summer, as you will need to replace fluids lost through sweating due to the warmer weather. The most important thing that you need to consider each day is how hydrated you are. If you can’t remember to take a drink (and this is a common problem – a lot of us have to wait for the real signs of thirst to develop within our bodies), you need to set yourself reminders. Whether this is a little buzzing on your phone, an alert going off on your Fitbit or even buying yourself a smart water bottle to encourage you to take a sip, these are all useful things. Not only are you keeping your body hydrated, but it also does wonders for your skin and energy levels. The more water you drink, the more focused you will feel as well – so if you’re in school or studying, this is a great tip to take with you. Hydrate yourself to be able to get better grades!

Avoid Bites

Warmer weather means that bugs are more likely to make an appearance. A lot go into hibernation during the cooler months, and this is their time to shine; they make their homes, breed and also like to bite you. A lot of them don’t do it intentionally, but as more of a defence mechanism. Nevertheless, there are critters such as mosquitos and horseflies who don’t fit in this category, and are literally only after your blood. There are steps that you can take to prevent this, and heeding precautions may mean that you don’t spend most of the summer months itching at the least, and visiting ER due to allergic reaction at the most. Once bitten, there are certain remedies that can be found at naturalcave.com to combat some of the swelling. However, it is more important to look at what you need to do to minimise the risk of getting bitten rather than thinking about the treatments afterwards (although these really do come in handy – so read up!).


Wear Sunscreen

A lot of us tend to take into consideration the SPF (sun protection factor) when deciding on which sunscreen to purchase. The most common for the more fair-skinned amongst us who aren’t wanting to get burned is factor 50+; the recommended is at least factor 15 to avoid irreversible skin damage. However, contrary to the recommendations, research has been released stating that you need to focus more on the UVA & UVB rating rather than the factor. Each sunscreen is given a rating of between 0 and 5 stars for these points, and you need to ensure that you are picking the product with the highest star rating to achieve maximum coverage.

Protect Yourself

Wearing sunscreen sometimes is simply not enough. Thankfully, fashion has adapted so that we are able to wear certain pieces of clothing that can give us the coverage that we need while also playing a vital part in blocking out the sun’s harmful rays. If you can find a hat with a wide brim, to cover your head but also give you a certain amount of shade on your face, then wear it. Kaftans are cool – not only are they back in style this summer, but they will help to air you out so you’re not overheating. The main risk of overheating is that you are susceptible to sunstroke, which will leave you poorly from anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks depending on how severe it is. Keep yourself out of direct sunlight as much as you can, and don’t overexert yourself; warmer weather can take a lot out of you without you realising. Your body has to work a lot harder to get you through the day, rather than in winter when it’s simply preserving your fat stores.

Repel The Bugs

As well as the bugs that bite, you also have the ones that sting floating around. Wasps are common around the country, but depending on what state you live in, scorpions can also make an appearance. It’s more a case of common sense with these guys; if you stay away from them, they tend to stay away from you. Swatting at them will only increase their need to defend themselves more, and that’s when the sting comes into play. Except it’s nothing to be playful about – they really hurt!

Swim With Friends

Last but not least comes the one pastime that everybody enjoys during the summer months: swimming. A dip in the pool may seem innocent enough, but you must make sure that there is somebody with you regardless of how old you are or an experienced swimmer you may be. Freak accidents can and do happen, and it’s not worth taking the risk of submerging yourself in water without anybody being on hand to come and help you should things start to go awry. Something as small as having low blood sugar, causing you to go dizzy and slip, could be enough to land you in hospital – and that’s even with somebody there to take you. Taking all of the precautionary measures that we are taught in childhood, such as no running around the poolside and only going in the deep end when you feel confident enough to, is vital.

How To Stay Motivated When It Comes To Getting Fit

You’ve decked out your Pinterest board with healthy recipes, summer looks and exercise plans, and you’re following your favourite fitspo models on Instagram. But how do you take the step from being inspired, to actually doing it? And once the hard work kicks in and your old habits come back, how do you stay motivated?

It’s hard to balance exercise and a healthy lifestyle with school responsibilities and work. But it’s not impossible. You can find some tips on making healthy lifestyle changes at http://www.relatemag.com/2017/06/the-3-key-components-in-any-healthy-lifestyle-change/, and this post will give you plenty of ways to keep your motivation up when you’re beginning to struggle.

Choose exercise that you enjoy

If you don’t like running, don’t run. If you don’t like going to the gym, don’t go to the gym. The trick to staying motivated in the long term is finding a kind of exercise that you enjoy doing. From pole dancing to rock climbing, swimming to surfing, there are so many ways that you can get and stay fit, that aren’t boring. There are some really fun suggestions at http://www.webmd.com/fitness-exercise/features/the-unworkout-7-ways-get-fit-have-fun, so take your pick and see how it goes. Experiment with a few different taster sessions, and see what you enjoy the best, what fits with your lifestyle, what you can afford, and how much of a workout you get from it.

Get ready the night before

If you’ve planned to do a class at the gym or to go for a run in the morning, don’t let anything get in your way. Make sure you get everything ready the night before, so that when you wake up you aren’t looking for excuses to not go. Get your lunch for school or work sorted and make up an easy breakfast, like the overnight oats at https://wholefully.com/8-classic-overnight-oats-recipes-you-should-try/. You could even get your clothes, bag and books sorted so that when you get back, you only need to hop in the shower and get dressed, without having to think about what to wear.

Sign up for classes and training

If you’ve signed up for a class, or with a personal trainer, the impetus to go is even stronger, as you won’t want to waste any money. Plus, personal trainers, like those at https://origympersonaltrainercourses.co.uk/online-personal-trainer-course/, will tailor your sessions to work on exactly what you want – so you won’t have to waste time wondering what sort of exercises to do, or which machines to use. If you’re not confident using the machines at the gym, having a personal trainer will help improve you, so that you can use them when you’re on your own.

Get fit with friends or family

If you’ve got a friend or family member relying on you to do some sort of exercise, it’ll be much easier to stay motivated. It’s hard to go to the gym or workout alone, but if you’re going with friends, just see it as another way to catch up and chat. Plus, you don’t want to be the person who always bails, so you’ll need to stick to your fitness plan to keep your friends happy.