All Work and No Play? No Way!

Life, whatever your age, is something that takes a lot of time and effort. It’s not until we are able to retire, or snatch a few days on a holiday, that we can truly sit back and think “hey, we’ve got this”. For those who are just getting to the end of their school career and are thinking about college, and even those who have done all of that and are trying to further their careers, there are things that can be done to both prepare you for and release you from the busyness of life.

Organize Your Schedule

Make sure that you know what you’re doing on a daily basis, and try to stay a couple of days ahead of yourself. That way you won’t burden yourself with taking on too much. Know your limits and try to understand what too much can be to you – whether this is an after-school club or volunteer work for example, if it is tiring you out too much to work effectively at anything else then you need to realise that this is something that needs cutting out. This is something that takes time and experience to master, so don’t expect that you’ll know exactly what you need and don’t need in your life – just go with the flow and see what works best for you.

Organize Your Food

You can’t get by on a busy lifestyle without the right sort of nutrition. If you aren’t feeding your body the foods it requires to give out a great performance, then you will see yourself lagging in several areas – whether this is not being fit enough to do your daily walk to school or losing concentration on whatever project you’re working on, your body needs a good nutritional diet, as explained on She Informed, to sustain a constant operating level. The best thing to do is compare yourself to a car and how much gas and maintenance it needs to keep itself going; it needs a lot more than just fuel and a service, it also needs water and oil and a whole host of other things to make sure it works to the best of its ability. Your body is completely the same.

Organize Your Fun

Don’t be so busy that you forget to take time out to have some fun. Make sure that you organise yourself enough that you have the time available to you to be able to go out and give yourself some freedom, but don’t feel like you have to hold back on doing anything other than work just because that’s what your schedule tells you. Follow the mottos of ‘work hard, play hard’ and ‘all work and no plays makes [insert name here] a dull person’ – they’re old but they really do hold a lot of powerful meaning. If you don’t de-stress once in a while, you won’t have the means and the focus to go on and keep doing as well as you’re doing … to achieve your potential.

Health Anxiety 101: The Anxiety Disorder You’ve Never Heard Of

The vast majority of mental health conditions trigger before the age of 25. While some – such as schizophrenia – can manifest later in life, for most, they emerge towards the end of their teens.

This is problematic. It’s a time of life that is generally disruptive anyway, as teenagers try and figure out what they want from the world. Then they have to deal with the onset of what can often be a vicious mental health condition. This is, in no small part, why eating disorders are so prevalent among girls and young women.

You are likely familiar with the names of the most prevalent mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety. However, there is a subset of the anxiety disorder category that is becoming more prevalent – Health Anxiety.

What Is Health Anxiety?

Health Anxiety is separate from the infamous hypochondria; when someone imagines themselves to be ill for attention. With Health Anxiety, the sufferer imagines themselves to be ill – but they don’t want attention. They don’t want to be ill; they’re terrified by the mere prospect. It is not malingering in the traditional sense; it’s a constant, all-consuming fear of illness, doctors, hospitals and medical tests.

Something as simple as a trip to the opticians is difficult for someone with Health Anxiety. They suffer fear that has physical manifestations, such as sweaty palms, shortness of breath and lightheadedness.

Those with Health Anxiety also tend to be consumed by a fear that they have a terrible illness. At this point, there are two subsets of the subset itself:

1) Reassurance Seekers. The reassurance seekers tend to visit their doctor often with a new perceived symptom, in desperate need of reassurance they are not suffering from a terrifying disease. They have more medical tests than normal. They will Google symptoms they experience in an attempt to alleviate the intrusive thoughts that they have no control over.

2) Avoiders. Avoiders are the exact opposite. They will not visit a medical professional if it can be avoided; they avoid anything on TV to do with medicine. This can often be to the detriment of their own health. They will, for example, miss routine eye tests for fear of what may come of them.


What Is Health Anxiety?

Health Anxiety is now being recognized as a form of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). OCD is best characterized in a nutshell as:

“A person suffers intrusive thoughts they cannot control. They then take actions to alleviate the disturbing thoughts and calm anxious feelings.”

In the standard OCD, those actions are the recognizable symptoms such as hand-washing. For people with Health Anxiety, their actions are likely to be visiting a medical professional or researching symptoms of diseases.

Why Can’t Health Anxiety Sufferers Just Get Over It?

The nature of intrusive thoughts is that they are intrusive; they are not invited. Health Anxiety is caused by brain chemistry being awry, the same way all mental illnesses are. Someone with Health Anxiety can no more “get over it” than a person with a broken leg can just walk on it. The cause is physical – the term “mental illness” is something of a misnomer.

A typical cycle of Health Anxiety goes as follows:

1) The initial trigger, such as navel pain, kicks off this cycle.

2) They seek reassurance from a doctor or leave the problem long enough for it to resolve itself.

3) They satisfy the initial trigger with the above; the pain disperses (or has a benign cause such as IBS, which is rectified) and they resume normal activity.

4) They are then triggered with an entirely new symptom, and the cycle begins again.

The length of the cycle depends on the individual concerned; it may take days, or it may be weeks. The whole while, they are anxious, distressed and terrified. It’s not something they have any control over – no one would invite these things.

How Is It Treated?

Treatments for OCD have some efficacy against Health Anxiety, but many sufferers have to formulate an individual plan that works for them. Options include:


SSRI drugs commonly used to treat depression can help alleviate mild symptoms. Earlier generic tricyclics such as Clomipramine can be helpful in more severe cases.

Talking Therapies

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is most often utilized for Health Anxiety, with varying degrees of success.

What Do I Do If I Think I Have Health Anxiety?

Talk to a doctor and explain your symptoms. Diagnosis can be tricky; you may find a doctor saying you are just malingering. You have to be careful to explain the anxiety and upset your thoughts are causing you. And never be afraid to get a second opinion. Health Anxiety is becoming more commonly recognized, so don’t miss out on the chance for assistance.


The Pecs Factor: Health And Exercise Information

With the amount of people telling us what is healthy and what isn’t, it can be totally confusing. One person is saying you need to eat loads of carbs to stay healthy, and the other person is saying that carbs are evil and you should have lots of fat. It doesn’t make it easy for you to decide what route to go down in terms of diet. There are, however, things you can do that are as old as time itself to help your body, exercise and sleep!  

The benefits of an active lifestyle have long been talked about, from increased blood flow to improving your heart to just plain feeling better in yourself.  There are many different things that people tout as a shortcut to weight loss, from special tablets that are potentially very dangerous to natural remedies like using lemon water. While squeezing lemon in a bit of water is very refreshing, lemon water is overrated and it is not as good a tool to weight loss as it was once thought to be. But when it comes to losing weight, it’s the cliché of move more and eat less. This doesn’t give you license to eat an apple and go for a 5-mile run! In fact, if you don’t eat enough, your body goes into “starvation mode.” The trick is to strike a right balance. The thing about exercise is that it doesn’t have to be the chore everyone thinks it is. If you think it’s going to be difficult, believe me, it’s going to be difficult! But by choosing an exercise that you enjoy, that is half the battle. Pick a high-intensity sport that you can play with a friend, like squash. You will get the exercise you need, plus it’s fun!

A lot of people think exercise has to be punishing and “no pain, no gain” is the best thing to do to your body. In fact, rest and recuperation are as important to building muscle or losing weight as the exercise itself, this is where sleep comes into play. The benefits of sleep are numerous, but we seem to think of sleep as a thing of weakness. A lot of people go to work on little sleep, thinking that they just need to power through. However, those people are doing a lot of damage to their bodies! Not only does your body need proper sleep to recover after a gym session so your muscles can recover (it is more important than consuming loads of protein!) but it is also good for your mind. Your brain does all of its processing during sleep, so you need to make sure that you get the right amount of sleep to feel recovered. This doesn’t mean you can sleep for 12 hours a day! Too much sleep is as dangerous as too little sleep, and if you are sleeping for an excessive amount of hours, you may need to check if you have a deficiency in a key mineral like iron.

Sleep and exercise are what we need to build our bodies properly. Combined with a good diet, you will be completely fighting fit!

From Teen To Adult In 4 Steps

All girls will go through puberty at some point between the ages of nine and fourteen. This is the point at which a child’s body starts to grow and get ready for adulthood. There are some big changes that occur in a girl’s body during this time, some of which can be very strange and hard to come to terms with. However, no matter what happens to your body during puberty, there is no need to stress out about it! We have all been through it before and know exactly how you are feeling. Here are five of the most common things that change in a girl during puberty.

Breasts Develop

One of the most obvious physical changes to occur in a girl’s body is that her breasts will start to develop. At first, she will develop small breast buds, which will then become more fuller and grow into breasts. Not only will girls start to see these developments, but they will also start to feel them. That’s because their nipples will become slightly tender and sore. If you do find that your nipples and breast buds become painful, this is nothing to worry about and perfectly natural.

Periods Start

One of the main changes that girls worry about is the start of their periods. Most girls start at around 12 years old, but some can be as young as eight when they get their first period. There are various signs that signal a girl is about to get her period. These include a dull ache in her belly and a white discharge from the vagina. Once your period starts, you shouldn’t feel self-conscious about it. As long as you are using tampons or towels correctly, no one will be able to notice. Be sure to maintain good personal hygiene during the period, as this can reduce the development of infections:

Notice The Opposite Sex More

During puberty, there will be some big hormonal changes in your body, and as a result, you will start to notice the opposite sex more. This means that you might start to fancy boys and could be sexually attracted to them. Even though you may feel ready to experiment sexually, you should wait until you are married. Abstinence is the best way to protect against unwanted guilt, regret, pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections:

Gain Weight

Most girls find that they gain weight during puberty. This is a result of the hormonal changes, as the body is getting ready to bear children. You will find that your hips become a lot rounder and you start to develop fuller thighs and arms. Don’t worry, though; this doesn’t mean you are getting fat! It is just your body changing from a child’s into a woman’s! There are other factors that may affect the weight gain, such as going on the contraceptive pill.

Once you are prepared for puberty, you shouldn’t find the changes that much of a shock, and will be able to be happy throughout this phase!

Go SAD For Your Health

Health is a wonderful thing that keeps your mind and your body functioning. Until something goes wrong and then everything feels broken: The mind is out of focus, the body is out of shape, and you find that your mood is not as joyful as it used to be. Often, the cause of a health problem can be easily identified: Bad habits! Indeed, your body is able to sustain bad habits for a very long time before it starts showing signs of tear and wear. This is exactly why it’s important to take care of what you have now before it fails you tomorrow. When it comes to health habits, you might be thinking of fitness regime and hitting the gym every day or so. You are right! But don’t be fooled by it: There’s more to health than putting your favorite gym gear on – even if it’s the latest pair of running leggings from a sports brand! -, taking care of yourself means being aware of the factors that could harm your body or your mind and actively taking all the measures you can to prevent any risk. Some would even say that staying healthy is a full-time job! So, look out for the SAD factors of your health and make sure to monitor them closely.

S For Sexual Health

You have probably already heard the big S word, but don’t worry, today there won’t be any talk about the bees and the flowers! Sexual health is absolutely essential in your life as a young adult. Young adults are, by the way, a recent term that describes anybody from 13 to 14-year-old to 25+, and you probably came across the term in your local library. Books such as Harry Potter are for young adults, for example. What this means about your health, is that your body is as ready as it could be: There will be no further growth development. As a result, you should look at it as an adult body and consider the health risks of the grownup world. From your early 20s, you should start screening for cervical cancer, as well as self-examination for breast cancer. However certain health providers do give clinical breast exam for women over 20s. Additionally, if your periods cause you problems every month from severe cramps, heavy, long, frequent or irregular cycles, the pill might be something for you. You can even order the contraceptive pill online if this is the easiest way for you. 

A For Attentive Lifestyle

You need to be attentive to the signs that your body gives you: If you are feeling tired often, it may be more than a bad night sleep, you could be suffering from a deficiency in vitamins or minerals for example. As bad habits need time before they inflict their lasting effects, it’s essential that you use the time now to develop a healthy lifestyle that is focused around listening to your body. You will soon recognize the signs of healthy routines as your body will feel better for them. For instance, if you start going to the gym regularly, you will soon notice that your body doesn’t only get fitter and stronger, but your mood will improve, and your sleep will be more refreshing. The same argument is valid for switching to a healthy diet. The positive effects will rapidly be noticeable, and this will help you to redefine your health.

D For Depression

Depression is often misunderstood and mistaken for having a bad day. In truth, there are almost 3 million of teenagers between 12 and 17 years of age, who suffer from depression in the USA. This number increases as people hit their 20s. Unfortunately, it is tricky to identify depression, or to take it seriously, if you have never faced it before. The symptoms are varied, but generally, feeling low and without energy, experiencing eating disorders, feeling worthless or even guilty are common to a depressive state. When left untreated, depression can cause long-term problems as it will have a negative impact on your education and your professional career, and it is likely to lead you to develop a form of substance abuse such as drug or alcohol. Additionally, as if things were not bad enough, teens and people in their early 20s who have a tendency to go through depressive moods can develop serious bipolar disorders in their later years. So save yourself any future troubles, and talk to your doctor if you are feeling down.  

The Lowdown On Healthy Living: It’s Not All About Avoiding Takeouts And Hitting The Gym

When you hear the words healthy living, what do you think? Do you conjure up images of sweating buckets in the gym or eating a salad? It’s great to keep an eye on your diet and to try and be active. But healthy living isn’t always about working out and eating well. It’s also about paying attention to your happiness and well-being and making sure your body is working properly. Here are some simple tips to help you stay healthy and happy.

Spotting the signs of stress

We all get stressed. But it’s important to be able to spot the signs of stress taking over your life. It’s possible for most of us deal with bouts of stress from time to time. But if you feel under pressure all the time, or stress is affecting you on a daily basis, it’s time to try and find solutions. We tend to think of exercise as a way of shedding weight these days, but it also has incredible benefits for battling stress and anxiety. Some people also find creative activities, such as painting or coloring in effective, and it’s also helpful to talk to others. You could confide in a friend, a partner or a parent. Or you may feel more comfortable seeing a therapist. Improving your time management skills can also make a positive difference, especially if you feel like you’re chasing your tail all the time. If you learn to organize your time, this will enable to gain greater control and prevent last-minute panics.

Having fun

Sometimes, when you’re busy, it can seem that life is all about work, meeting deadlines, and trying to obtain goals. It’s true that we have to work hard to succeed, but you need to find a balance. Life is about work and play. If you’ve been studying hard or you’ve started a new job, and you’re working all hours, take some time out. Make the most of your evenings and weekends. Connect with friends, make plans and ensure you always have dates in the diary to look forward to.

Paying attention to health matters

We tend to focus on our body weight when we think about being healthy, but there are many aspects of health that you need to bear in mind. Don’t forget to organize routine eye and dental checks. If you’ve been struggling with a toothache, or you’ve noticed that you’re straining to read the board in your classes, don’t wait, and hope for the best. Call up and book an appointment with your dentist or organize an eye test. It’s also important to see a doctor if you feel unwell and to seek advice if you think you’ve injured yourself. We’re all guilty of hoping that medical issues miraculously disappear, but the truth is that most get worse with time.

Health is something that concerns us all. If you’re young and fit, you may not be thinking about how you can boost your health, but it’s never too soon to start looking after yourself. Healthy living isn’t just about eating vegetables and lifting weights. It’s also about making sure you feel alright, connecting with others, and paying attention to your entire body, rather than just checking that you’re a healthy weight.

The Healthy Habits To Start Adopting Now

Thinking about being healthier and actually doing it are two very different things. Sometimes, we have the means and the intentions to become a lot healthier in life, but lack the conviction to see it through. It’s not always a conscious decision, but we can often put off doing anything we feel is too hard.

Whether you want to set yourself on the right track on life or ensure you can remain healthy and active in college, it’s a good idea to start changing your habits to become a lot healthier. Not only do you avoid committing to a complete lifestyle change this way, but you’ll also find that the changes are easier to stick to in the long run.

Sleep Well

When we don’t get enough sleep, our bodies struggle to function. Not only is it harder to get work done, but we also have a lot less energy for everything else in life and find it hard to concentrate. So, if you’re serious about being healthy, start with your sleep. Make sure that you’re getting at least seven to eight hours of deep sleep each night. You’ll soon see the benefits in your energy levels and productivity.

Be Educated

It’s not that easy to start being healthier unless you know how. There are so many different types of advice on being healthy, some of which you’ll love and some won’t work for you. But, the point is, you need to read and learn if you’re ever going to find out what works for you. You can find tons of healthy tips for getting fit online, on sites like Diva Gal’s Daily, as well as this. So it’s time to start doing your research.

Find Balance

It’s important also to remember that health means something different to us all. We might not be able to control everything in our lives, and that’s okay. You don’t have to be all healthy, all of the time; you just need to find some balance between both. Be healthy, but also don’t be afraid to indulge from time to time. It also applies to school. Study and work hard, but don’t put off having fun too – we all need a break.

Switch Situations

When you’re trying to work on something, whether it’s a hobby, at school, or at work, you can sometimes find that you hit a brick wall. At times like this, it’s important to walk away. Don’t keep driving yourself into that brick wall; it’ll only cause more damage in the long run. Instead, get up and go for a walk. Get some fresh air and refocus your thoughts, and then try again. It’s so important to work on regaining focus when you lose it and switching up your situation can help.

Be Okay

Healthy habits don’t have to be related to eating and exercise. In fact, they can cover all areas of your life, including your emotions. If you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, you’re going to need to work on being okay with your feelings. Good mental health stems from acceptance, openness, and honesty. So learn to talk about things, rather than bottle them up. You’ll find that you lead a stress-less life if you do.


Three Handy Pieces Of Equipment That Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

When it comes to our health and fitness, it can sometimes feel like a long uphill struggle. Tackling any weight or health related issues requires a lot of motivation in the first place, something we often forget to pat ourselves on the back for. But when we feel as though we are putting our heart and soul into our fitness regime and getting nothing back, it can be very disheartening. It can also make some of us feel tempted to give up and quit altogether. But in reality, just by adding certain pieces of equipment or kit to your health routine, you can start to see some real changes. Many of us often think we are making healthy choices simply by eating fruit and vegetables and doing a lot of cardio. But whilst that will initially cause you to shed the pounds, you may find that you reach a point where your body and fitness levels stay exactly the same. Take a look at these hot pieces of kit you can add to your workout and lifestyle to see the best results possible.

Good-fitting footwear

If there’s one piece of workout wear that it is absolutely vital to get right, it’s your shoes. We put our feet through a lot during the average gym session, so it’s important that we show them some love with good quality footwear. If you have been wearing poor-fitting shoes for a while, or trainers that perhaps don’t meet gym-worthy requirements, you may notice some negative side effects on your workout. If your trainers are not supportive enough, you may not be able to run as well as you would in a good pair, which can affect the quality of your workout. Look for a pair that is well-cushioned, and that also enables the foot to breathe. You should also add some comfortable socks to your gym footwear – a gym shark coupon can help you to find discounts on some top-quality sportswear.

Home weights

When us ladies are trying to tone up those problem areas, many of us stick to cardio and aerobics. Women have shunned weight work for decades due to the fear of becoming ‘too big’ and losing their feminine shape. But in reality, when it comes to toning, there is nothing better than lifting weights. Bodyweight workouts are still good, of course. But if you want to see effective results faster, investing in a set of home weights could be the perfect thing for you.

Food measuring cups 

So, you’ve made all the right changes to your diet. You’ve swapped refined carbs for wholemeal ones, and have all but cut out sugar. So why are you still the same weight as when you started? One common mistake many people make when it comes to their diets is eating all the right food, but eating too much of it. You can get away with eating a bigger quantity of food if the food in question is healthy – but, there is a limit. Eating a small mountain of brown rice is healthier than white rice, but it is still going to make you put on weight if you are having too much of a good thing. Invest in some measuring cups for your food so that whenever you cook, you know you are not overeating.

Weight Loss Foods For 2017

This time of year everyone is usually looking forward to shedding the extra Christmas weight and gearing up for a health push come the new year. But if you’re looking for a healthy start, you should be eating the best foods you can. Here you can see some of the best foods available to you, so you can kick start your 2017 health regimen.


It isn’t a shock, but water is one of the best things you can consume. First, we sometimes mistake thirst for hunger, which of course drives us to eat more unnecessary foods. But if you keep a glass or bottle of water close at hand which you sip throughout the day you can limit the need for excess consumption. Drinking water limits the food you need, but it also increases your metabolism, meaning your metabolic rate increases and the food you eat is burnt and processed quicker. Fat is burnt more thoroughly during exercise and it flushes toxins out of your system. Water is also great for giving you glowing, healthy looking skin. It’s so easy to do too, just sip gently as the day rolls by and watch the benefits begin.


Everyone knows the benefits of juicing, it’s a quick way to get your five a day and you can blend pretty much whatever you like into a killer cocktail of goodness. There are some great simple juicing recipes out there which can help you form a delicious and nutritious drink. Once you’ve made one it can be consumed at anytime throughout the day, some people like to blend it all up at the beginning of the week and pour it into bottles for consumption throughout the week. Whichever tactic you use, juicing can be a great food to promote weight loss and get the vital vitamins and nutrients your body needs to effectively train.

Leafed Greens

Eating leafy greens can be a great way to lose weight because they are both low on calories yet full of fibre, which can help you feel full even when you haven’t actually eaten much. Spinach and kale are great to start off with, try using them to replace potato and eat them with a protein, this limits your calorie consumption yet increases the amount of goodness you consume. They contain calcium, which can help burn fat during exercise and also come loaded with antioxidants and good vitamins.


Fish is sometimes overlooked in favour of meat and other foods, but it is incredibly beneficial for people looking to lose weight. This is primarily because fish contains a low amount of fat. Tuna for example is a great way to consume high protein but little fat, it is used widely by bodybuilders and models for this exact reason. Whereas salmon provides healthy fat, nutrients and omega-3. It’s an oily fish, so it provides loads of healthy benefits which can aid in weight loss, especially when consumed instead of fatty foods. There are many different ways to eat fish, and plenty of different ones to try.

Living A Healthy And Active Life At University

Moving to University is a hard time in a young person’s life. They have to deal with a lot of change that can be quite daunting and lead to further challenges. Of course, this is simply part of growing up, but that doesn’t mean that things can be ignored. Health and fitness are two areas that are rarely considered by students at University. But, keeping fit and active on campus isn’t too hard. To help you out, this post will go through some of the easiest ways for college students to stay fit.


Of course, your diet plays the biggest part in your fitness journey. While at university, it can be very tempting to overindulge in cheap, unhealthy food. For some people, this isn’t outwardly a problem. But, internally, it will always be doing damage. It can be hard to eat healthily on a low budget. Organic and free range foods that are the healthiest tend to cost the most. So, you have to do some preparation. One of the easiest ways to eat healthy is to plan your food. Make sure that you choose meals that use similar ingredients, but provide enough of the required nutrients to survive. This will allow you to reap the savings of larger purchases, which can be used for multiple meals. It will also make it easier to avoid impulse food buys because you’ll already have meals prepared.

A lot of people overindulge in other ways, too. Drugs and alcohol are toxic chemicals which can do a lot of damage to your body if they’re mistreated. Binging on substances like this will do irreparable damage to internal organs like your liver. This means that you have to live a life of moderation. Of course, at university, you’ll always want to party. But, it’s not a good idea to drink heavily more than once a week. And, certain drugs should be taken in much stricter moderation, if at all.

Once you’ve made improvements to your diet, it won’t be long until you start to notice the benefits. Improving your diet will enable you to improve your education, as well. Eating well with give you more energy and increase your attention span. This added stamina and focus are perfect for when you have to study. Your body is a collection of pieces, that work as a whole. So, if one part is out of shape, other parts will feel the effects.


Fitting in exercise amongst your studies and social activities can be hard, especially on campus. You have a lot of commitments, and a lot of your spare time is taken up. The time that you do have should be spent relaxing, right? Well, unfortunately, staying healthy isn’t easy. You have to make sacrifices. But, losing a bit of free time is certainly worth a healthier body.

Most universities have a gym. So, really, there’s no excuse not to be doing some exercise. Most universities will give their students reduced rates, which are very affordable. Having a gym so close to home makes it much easier to go for a quick exercise. When it comes to staying motivated to go to the gym, you can’t really on motivation. That sounds silly, right? Well, motivation is already there. You want to get fit. But, if you don’t want to go to the gym, obviously that motivation isn’t enough. So, you need to rely on something stronger; your will power.

If you prefer to exercise outside or as part of a daily routine, bicycles fit well into student life. Your daily errands can be made much shorter, while also getting exercise. And, because cycling isn’t an impact exercise, you don’t damage your joints in the process. Travelling on a bike is free. So, having it as your transport is a great way to save money by avoiding buses. They’re perfect inner city, too. In busy traffic, bikes will often be able to go faster than traffic. Saving time, money, and the world in the process. Of course, if you own a bike, you want to keep it protected. It’s worth fitting a tracker to your bike, as well as getting a good lock. If your bike is very valuable to you, it could also be worth getting bicycle insurance. It’s not too expensive and could save you from losing your transport, too.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to start living a healthier student life. Once you start, you’ll notice the benefits almost immediately. You’ll need less sleep, and you’ll feel more focused. This is one of the best ways to raise your grades and avoid sickness!