God Has Promises for Us

by Evelyn Horan

praying-handsSometimes we are so busy at school, at home, or with our friends that sometimes things pile up on us, and we feel that our problems are too big for us to solve if we depend only on ourselves. But when we remember our Bible verses, we know we can turn to God for help, because God has promises all stored up for us when we need them.





I say:“It’s impossible.”

God says:   All things are possible.

(Luke 18:27)

I say:  “I’m too tired.”

God says:  I will give you rest.

(Matthew 11:28-30)

I  say:  “Nobody really loves me.”

God says:  I love you.

(John 3:16 & John 3:34 )

I say:  “I can’t go on.”

God says:  My grace is sufficient.

(II Corinthians 12:9 & Psalm 91:15)

I say:  “I can’t figure things out.”

God says:  I will direct your               steps.

Proverbs (3:5-6)

I say:  “I can’t do it.”

God says:  You can do all things.

( Philippians 4:13)

I say:  “I’m not able.”

God says:  I am able.

(II Corinthians 9:8)

I say: “It’s not worth it.”

God says:  It will be worth it.

(Roman 8:28 )

I say:  “I can’t forgive myself.”

God says:  I Forgive you.

(I John 1:9 & Romans 8:1)

I say:  “I can’t manage.”

God says:  I will supply all your needs.

( Philippians 4:19)

I say:  “I’m afraid.”

God says:  I have not given you a spirit of fear.

(II Timothy 1:7)

I say:  “I’m always worried

God says:  Cast all your cares on ME.

(I Peter 5:7)

I  say:  “I’m not smart.”

I say: “I have sinned.”

God says:  I give you wisdom.

God says: Repent and find  forgiveness.

(I Corinthians 1:30)

(I John 1:9)



Genesis 28:15
He is with me and will keep me in all places wherever I go.

Isaiah 41:10
Fear not for  I am with thee. He will strengthen me, Yea he will help me.


Psalms 23:1
The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.

Psalms 23:4
Thou are with me, thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.

Psalms 91:11
He shall give his angels charge over me, to keep me in all my ways…


Matthew 7:7
Ask, and it shall be given you.

Matthew 19:26
With God all things are possible.

Philippians 4:7
The peace of God shall keep my heart and mind.

It’s You

by Nadia Gyane

smile-winterDid you know that you can ignite someone’s gift, by being your very best?


You can encourage people to give their best wherever they are, just by what you do and what you say. What you carry is what you can promote in others.


Being excellent at your job, in your school, in your college, in your home, in your life, in your relationships and in your world. You can motivate people to do the same and it all starts with you.


Make a choice today to do your best, because God deserves it, in all areas of your life, because He gave His very best for you.

The Audacity of His Love

by Nadia Gyane


neon-loveEven when we make mistakes Gods love is there. It never goes away. His love is so relentless that it will never quit chasing after me. I sometimes wonder if it was not for the Love of God where would I be.

I could make one of the biggest mistakes in my life and feel guilty and ashamed and still He will beckon me home. His love, grace and mercy would all turn up to take me home.

He is always ready to forgive me when I do things that I know and don’t always know is wrong.

The audacity of His righteous love towards me, an unrighteous person. Who would have thought that  such a great God would have such great love for me. I can do nothing to increase or decrease His love, it’s exactly at a high level which is so unfathomable to me.

His love is so strong and forgives me of my wrongs, just because it’s love.

This wonder is so far beyond me that even when I try and turn away, it’s his love that keeps me.

What Great love, the sheer audacity of it overwhelms me to make me want to love Him so much more.

Let It Go

by Nadia Gyane


free-fallingThere will be times in your life when God wants you to let go and I mean really let go. Let go of the hate, the hurt, the disappointment, the temptations, the bitterness and the resentment. Let go of the past, your bad friends and bad attitude and move into all that He has for you.

Letting go of all the bad things is more than reasonable in most cases, however there will also be times when God wants you to let go of something you see and know is good. That good job, that good girl or that good guy. That good home and that good friend. He will want you to let go of it in order to give you the very best. The best job, the best guy, the best girl, the best home and the best friend.

We must let go in order to receive something better from God and it won’t always be easy. It is difficult to let go of something we know is good for us and instead trust God that He has something better in store.

It is hard to look back at what was and believe that there will be something more than what we had. God knows better and only has better things in store for you. Which is why He tells you to let go and trust Him.

It isn’t always easy and at times you will have to cry as you let go. But what sweet, sweet joy comes as we obey and receive that better thing that God has in store for those that trust Him and choose to let go.

Let it go, today!

Who Am I?

Who am I? Gambill_CharlotteIs an unspoken question we can all struggle with over time as we navigate the different challenges and seasons of life. Just when we think we know who we are, our situations change, relationships alter and we realize yet again we have allowed people and things to identify who we are.  But your identity is not in what you do or where you are, it is in whose you are.

Do you remember the story of Jacob in the bible? His name literally meant deceiver. His mother pushed him to strive after his brother’s inheritance. Never content with where he was or who he was, he wore disguises, lied and eventually had to flee from his home as a result. Jacob can be a picture of our own identity struggles. Just like Jacob we can become driven by peer pressure, society and others agendas, but our true identity can only be found in our total surrender to God. In Genesis 28 Jacob becomes separated from all that is familiar and comes face to face with the power of his turnaround God.

Jacob goes on a journey where he moves from deceiver to becoming a diligent worker in Laban’s fields; he turns from striving to please others, to being secure in who he was. One night as Jacob is about to return to see his family, there is a wrestle that takes place and in it God asks Jacob this question: ‘What is your name?’ He answers, ‘Jacob.’ Then God replies, ‘Your name is no longer Jacob. From now on it’s Israel; you’ve wrestled with God and you’ve come through.’  In Genesis 32 God renamed Jacob in accordance with his true identity. Jacob gained a limp that day that gave him his own unique walk. Maybe as you read this article you need to begin your own Jacob journey, maybe it’s time to step away from all the labels, agendas and peer pressures and allow god to rename you. Don’t settle for a life that is less-than when you serve a God who is more-than.

Allow God today to turn your life into all He predestined it to be.


turnaround-god-discovering-gods-transformational-powerBIO: Charlotte Gambill has an infectious love for life, a deep love for people and zealous love for God’s House. Her passion is to build the local church across the earth, to see people reach their full potential and to develop and strengthen leadership. Charlotte is known for her practical, humorous and passionate application of God’s word. Her messages of life and purpose are rallying a generation to embrace the broken and become ambassadors of hope. Charlotte is an author, speaker, pastor and mother; she leads Life Church in England with her husband Steve and together they have two children, Hope Cherish and Noah Brave.is the author of Turnaround God: Discovering God’s Transformational Power (Thomas Nelson, Inc.). Visit her website at CharlotteGambill.com

Remind Me

by Nadia Gyane


prayLord remind me when I’m having a bad day of your blessings and provisions you have given me for the day.

When my hair doesn’t look its best, that I am still beautiful.

When I feel unworthy and unloved that I am truly and unconditionally loved by you.

Remind me of your blessings that you send me each and every day, your caring hand upon my life and your gentle voice that guides me all day long.

Lord remind me of your forgiveness and your mercy’s which are new every morning. Remind me even when things don’t go my way that you are always there, and that you care.

Remind me that you are my Rock, my Life and my Salvation.

Remind me of your precious gifts sent to bless me.

Please Lord remind that you are my everything, my all and all and that I love you, because I may forget, so please Lord remind me.

Choose the Back Seat

by Nadia Gyane

backseatWhen you want to elevate yourself and be seen and praised by thousands even millions of people, choose the back seat.

The Bible tells us that we are to take the lowly place, the furthest seat at the wedding so that we can be elevated to our rightful place. We should not get so big headed and think so highly of ourselves that people need to accommodate our ego and pretentious ways.

You are going to have to choose who you are going to please in this life, your flesh or your God. Your flesh will want one thing and God will want another and neither one are willing to compromise. You will need to make the final deciding vote. If the praises of men is what you run after and you want to be spoken well of and seen to be doing good things in front of people, then you have chosen your flesh, and that will be your only reward. However if you want to please God and hear your Heavenly father call you out by name and lift you up to greater heights, you need to place yourself on the back seat and start to get real comfortable there, because God is no respecter of persons. He can raise up one and set down another at any given time. In pleasing God your reward will be great, but your flesh will have to die and that is something that a lot of us Christians are not yet willing to come to terms with. Needless to say you make the decision every day and either look to seek the praises and approval of people or the approval and praises from a great God and King.

The decision is yours, but I recommend that you take the back seat.


by Haley Norris
sweaterHello, friends! Lately, I have seen several articles or blog posts on modesty circling the social media I’m on, so I decided I may as well jump on that bandwagon and put my two cents in! Modesty is something that I have found to be very important, especially as I’ve gone through my high school years and grown as a daughter of Christ. The way I dress is a reflection of who I am. When I think of the many reasons I have decided to take a stance on modesty, I think my future husband is one of the most important. I’ll admit it, I’m a dreamer. I think about my future husband often. What he will be like. What is he doing right now? This very moment. I don’t like to think that he is being tempted to lust after another girl. Especially regarding what she is wearing. So why should I dress immodestly, tempting other young men to lust after me? In talking about the wife of a noble character, Proverbs 31:12 says: “She honors him all the days of her life.” Notice how it says all the days of her life. It doesn’t say just some of them, or just the days she knows him, but ALL the days of her life. I feel that the way we dress can bring honor to our future husbands. Wearing clothes that don’t flaunt our bodies and tempt our brothers in Christ is a statement of respect. It says that we respect ourselves enough to not seek attention in that way. It also says that we respect our future husbands enough to not dress in a way that attracts ungodly men. Above all, it shows that we respect our Maker! He made us so beautifully! We are to embrace that beauty, not by revealing everything, but by dressing in a way that makes us look like the young ladies He has called us to be! I want the way I dress and the way I present myself to point others to Him.  I want to set an example for younger girls around me! I want to show them that it’s OKAY to not dress in revealing ways. That the short shorts don’t add points to your popularity. I know there are several younger girls that do look up to me, and I want more than anything to set a good example for them. I want them to see that modesty is a good thing, no matter how much society looks down on it. I will say, the term “modest is hottest”, is quite literal in the summertime. Modesty is not always the most comfortable option. And the cutest swimsuits are often the most revealing. Yes, modesty does take sacrifice, but it is so worth it! And dressing modestly doesn’t mean losing all sense of fashion! You can still look cute and dress modestly! In the long run, the sacrifices made to dress modestly are greatly outweighed by the good that comes out of it! Think of what the world would be like if more women took a stand on modesty! If we all dressed in a way that showed how much we respected ourselves, as well as our brothers in Christ! I hope to see more girls striving for that! Thanks for reading!
Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 1 Corinthians 6:19

I Love You

by Nadia Gyane


sand-heartThere is just one important thing that I need to tell you.


I know you read a lot, listen to many different things and talk with your friends and family on various subjects and topics. But there is one main thing that you must know…..


I really love you!


That’s all.


I’ll be here waiting to tell you this again. Same time tomorrow.


Love Jesus


Who am I…?

by Judd Nelson

readWho am I…?

This question is so simple, yet so hard to explain.  It has been studied for years, and caused some of the most famous and educated people to walk away stumped.  In today’s culture the answer might look different depending on how it’s asked.  You see, not only do we have an identity in relation to our families, but we also hold a different one when it comes to our friends, to our church, to our school, to sports teams, to our social media profiles…the list goes on and on.  Often times we change who we are to fit into the setting we are in, and before long “trying to fit in” leads us to lose sight of who we truly are and who we are meant to become.

The good news is that in a world that daily bombards us with who we aren’t by what we don’t have, there is a trustworthy unchanging place to go that tells us who we are because of who God is…the Bible.  God gave the Bible to us not only as a way to get to know who He is, but also to find out our identity as His children.  In its pages sits the keys to unlocking the truth about who we are in His eyes that allows us the courage to live out the purpose He chose us for.

When we allow ourselves to accept truth that nothing we’ve done can take away God’s love, forgiveness, and acceptance from us we will be freed from finding our value in what people say about us or the things we have.  We then no longer need to change who we are to fit into the environment we are in, but rather the environment we are in changes because of who we are.  In a day and age where people of this world are desperately seeking to find their identity and purpose, we who are more than conquerors and have been called to let our lights shine, have the ability to impact their future by finding and living our own.  So let me ask…who are you?