Late Teen Talk: How To Rediscover Your Way In Life After A Period Of Feeling Lost

The years after leaving school are very exciting, and can provide some of the best of the moments of your life. On the other hand, the uncertainties can also serve up a whole host of problems. This can leave many people feeling a little unsure of where they are heading. If you’ve fallen into this cycle of nothingness, finding a quick return to the right pathway is key.

No two people are identical, and you will need to find your own pathway. But here are four of the most common issues, along with what you can do to overcome those hurdles.


Taking Control Of Your Health

Those early years of independence are full of temptations. From excessive drinking to smoking and unhealthy eating, they can bring a variety of health issues. If you’re feeling unsatisfied and unhappy with your current situation, there’s a good chance that your image and health are the chief reasons.

Whether it’s joining a gym, drinking in a more balanced way, or paying attention to mental health doesn’t matter. Ensure that you are doing enough for your immediate and long-term needs. When you see positive outcomes here, it will influence other aspects too.

Finding A Career Path

For many youngsters, the attraction of getting any paid job is hard to ignore in those early moments after school graduation. Paying your way in life is a wonderful thing while those roles can provide great life experiences too. However, it isn’t uncommon to realize that you want more.

It’s never too late to resume your education. Community college offers a great opportunity to gain the qualifications needed for a career in your desired field. Moreover, the flexibility means that you can still attend to those other life goals and responsibilities. Knowing that you’re moving in the right direction will make the future a lot brighter.

Surrounding Yourself With The Right People

Human interaction will always be a pivotal aspect of your life. It’s natural to lose contact with friends during those post-school years. As long as you maintain contact with the people that matter most, you’ll be just fine. This is a time where relationships often end too, dealing with them in a positive way is key. Otherwise, the negative fallout could disrupt your progress for years.

Nothing is quite as important as your family, though. Repairing broken relationships can take time, but it will make life for more wholesome. That clarity can then spearhead your journey towards other goals too.


Building A Happy Home Life

Happiness begins at home. For some people in the 18-24 category, that means living with parents. For others, that will mean finding an affordable apartment or house share. Either way, ensuring that you feel comfortable here is key. Because if you can’t smile in your own home, where can you?

Being responsible enough to maintain good relationships with household members makes life easier. Meanwhile, learning to complete basic DIY chores can have a telling influence. A happy home is a human fundamental. Achieve success here, and you’ll instantly feel that your world feels more secure.


The Little Lifts In Life

No matter how old you are, there are always ways to treat yourself. Whether it be a pat on the back for getting a new job, a little lift for getting yourself through exams or even just a small purchase to make you happy in general, there are so many new ways and means  popping up as a way of getting your small (or big!) delights. So let’s look at some of the most popular and rewarding ways to treat yourself…

Subscription Boxes

These have really taken off over the past couple of years, with beauty boxes being the number one item that has seen this trend peak. There are even store chains buying into the fashion; you may be asking yourself ‘is the Target beauty box worth it?’, but the proof is in the pudding. If you are usually shopping at stores such as Target for your beauty items anyway, you may just be surprised at what turns up in your box. Subscription boxes are set to offer you value for the money that you are spending; while you may be thinking that you would just go out and buy something if it interested you, you’ll be surprised at just how many things slip under the net and are completely off your radar when they get sent to you. Each box is tailored to you and your wants and requirements; you’ll have to answer a short quiz when you sign up just to make sure that they’re sending you stuff you’ll love.


With the boom of the internet has come a lack of interest in much else. We tend to get our kicks from social media, and spending hours on Twitter and/or Facebook is totally the norm nowadays. With that said, there are still people who are holding classes (a quick search on Google will be able to point out your nearest one) covering everything from dance to art. If you have ever thought about looking further into something that you’re really interested in, give it a go. You may just learn a new skill as well as giving yourself something to look forward to each week. Being able to create something, whether it’s a craft class or a new yoga pose, is a treat enough in itself.

Bringing The Café Home

If you spend most of your time in coffee shops catching up with friends and have your own version of Central Perk, have a think about what you can do to try and bring a bit of the magic home. Perhaps you go there for the syrup that they put into your latté – in which case, you can buy it online and recreate at home. Maybe they have super big mugs which just give you that little comforting lift? Again, this is something that can be bought and used at home just to perk you up (excuse the pun) without having to go out and spend more than you need to. It’s just what you need to give you something to get excited about.

The Golden Rules Of ANY Breakup

When you’re young, you think that love will last forever. And, it does in some cases, but they are the relationship anomalies that prove the rule. Unfortunately, relationships at a young age don’t aren’t everlasting, which means a breakup in on the cards. If you have never been through one before, you might not know what to say or how to act. Obviously, it’s a painful experience that you don’t want to make harder by being awkward. So, with that in mind, here are a few universal rules that work for any and every breakup.

Decide Whether It’s The Right Decision

You know how it is when you’re young. Everything can seem like a big deal, and that can lead to rash decisions. For example, you might see your fella talking to another girl. Although it makes you feel bad, it isn’t reason enough to give them their marching orders. Instead, you just need to talk and vocalize your feelings so that they understand your position. According to, winning back your ex is possible, but it isn’t necessary in the first place if the split is purely cosmetic. If it feels right, rip off the band-aid, but only if it isn’t fixable.

Don’t Backslide

Once you make a final decision, you have to stick with it. Otherwise, the emotions you work so hard to get over will come flooding back. Backsliding is a familiar ritual for almost every newly single couple. After all, it’s easy because there are zero surprises. But, it only makes life harder in the long run. Although it’s harder and much scarier, you have to break the chain forever and find new people. So, delete their number from your phone and block them on Facebook. It’s harsh but necessary.

Don’t Be Friends

At least, don’t be friends just yet says There might be a time in the future when you can look back and laugh but not isn’t that time. At the moment, you have too much on your plate. You’re trying to deal with new emotions and get to a certain place in your life where you feel healthy. Clearly, that is an almost impossible goal to hit if you’re trying to be friends. There is no need not to be civil, but going out for coffee is a bit of a stretch.

Focus On Other Things

Relationships take up a huge part of your life, and a breakup can leave a hole. Now, you might want to fill it again with love, yet that isn’t always the best option. Sometimes, it is good to give love a wide berth and come back to it further down the line. In the meantime, you can concentrate on things like your social life and your friends. Being in a relationship means that it’s hard to maintain all of your friendships, especially the ones that were so strong in the past. Now is the time to go back and cultivate them again. After all, you need a strong support base anytime a relationship ends.

A breakup is never pretty, so good luck.

Work To Live, Don’t Live To Work

When you leave university with your degree, you’ll feel excited about joining the working world. However, the decisions you make right now could affect your life forever. While we want everyone to get a job that pays the bills, some people end up in stressful careers. You’re still young, and you have lots of time to plan for your future. Some people would agree that it’s better to work to live rather than live to work. If you agree with that notion, you’ll want to read the rest of this article. We’ll attempt to highlight some strategies you might consider if you want to earn while still enjoying yourself. These ideas aren’t right for everyone, but they could provide many benefits for you.

Start freelancing

Freelancing is an excellent idea if you don’t want to get tied down. There are many advantages to working using that method. For example, you can take holidays whenever you like. You can also determine your rate of pay and your working hours. You don’t have to answer to a boss, and you keep complete control over your earning potential. In most instances, it’s wise to look for freelance jobs that make use of your qualifications. That way, you can add them to your CV to impress potential employers in the future. There are many different freelancing websites online today that you could use to find work. Some of the best ones are mentioned at With a bit of luck, you’ll impress a client, and they’ll offer additional jobs outside of those domains.


Look for work at home jobs

There are many employment opportunities in the world today that will allow you to work from home. Indeed, some of the best ones were mentioned at Do yourself a favor and research the market as much as possible. The perfect role is out there somewhere. You just have to discover it. You can also read blogs that focus on working from home. With a bit of luck, you will come up with the perfect avenue to pursue. Just make sure you have a quiet place in which you can perform your duties. If you live in a house with children, you might struggle to get the peace and quiet you require.


Launch a business

One of the best ways to ensure you have a lot of freedom is to start a business. Of course, you’ll have to work all the hours God sends during the early stages. However, you can relax a little when your company begins to make a healthy profit. You can employ someone else to handle all the tedious manual tasks. That would leave you free to concentrate on the growth of your operation. For the best small business ideas, you just need to search online. You’ll find thousands of suggestions from people all over the world. Still, sometimes the best course of action is to think of something original. Just use your head.

We hope you have benefited from the advice on this page, and that you will make the right decisions moving forwards. In truth, there’s no need to get bogged down in a time-consuming career just yet. You’ve only just left university, and so you should take the time to play around with different ideas before you submit yourself to a corporation.


Learning To Succeed

You may think that being a success in your studies, or at anything else in life that you want to win at is all about ability. But that’s not true! In fact, it’s a lot less about the ability that you are born with, and more about your attitude and your willingness to put in the time to learn how to succeed. The thing is, you can learn to do most things that will result in success. Read on to find out more.

You can learn to learn

One of the most important things to learn is how to learn. OK, so this might sound a bit confusing but what I’m saying here is that very few people are born being geniuses at Math, Social Studies or English. But that doesn’t stop them being good at these because they can learn study skills like the ones here, and work hard and become good at these subjects.

Listen to what your teachers have to say, and work on their advice to get better. Also, remember to work smarter and not harder all the time, by studying in an efficient and effective way. So just reading through notes is a no-no.

You can learn to play sports

It’s true that some people, perhaps because of the biology, or they way they have been brought up seem like they are instantly better at spotting endeavors. But that doesn’t mean that everyone else should throw in the towel.

Sports are a game that you can improve at by committing to working on your physical fitness and learning the rules of the game. Remember even top stars train to get better, and that is exactly what you can do to succeed at this as well.

You can learn how to make friends

Making friends might seem like a mystery to some people. But it really isn’t, and it’s something that is definitely learnable, no matter what sort of person you are.

A lot of it has to do with practicing social skills and listening to the other person as well as just talking about things that are important to you. To find out more about this, you can get some additional advice here.

You can learn how to be healthy

So in an ideal world, our parents would bring us up being healthy, and knowing what to do to look after ourselves.

But the truth of the matter is that our parent are human, and they are just doing the best they can. They can’t teach you things they don’t know themselves, which means you may not always get all of the education and practice in being healthy that you would like.

But just like anything else being health is a skill, and you can learn to do it. You might teach yourself from books and research on the internet. Or go to the personal trainer or nutritionist for some more specific advice. But just remember it’s not out of your reach, as long as you commit to improving yourself.

How To Stay In Control Of Your Cash

When you’re just starting out in the world of work and education, you’ve got a big shot at life. No matter your circumstances, your relationship with money will define your future, your level of stability and security, and of course – the rest of your life. We’re sorry to say, but money really does make the world go round, and you could lock yourself out of a future and enter a world of financial insecurity if you are not careful with cash. If money makes the world go round, you can easily find yourself lost in that same cycle.

The good news though? You’re young, and you’re just starting out, and you have the internet. This means you’ve got time, opportunities and knowledge on your side (if you choose to read up and learn, that is). This means that you can avoid making financial mistakes and that you can – for the most part – develop a healthy relationship with money quite easily. The key? It’s to never let your spending outweigh your earnings. Doing that and spending with reckless abandon? It’s an easy path into pointless debt. It’s an easy path to financial misery.

People will get into debt. When you take a loan or finance place to fund a car purchase after passing your test, you’ll be in debt to the provider of the finance. When you get your mortgage, you’re in debt with the lender. When you take out a loan to fund a business venture, you’ll be in debt. This, for the most part, can be seen as good debt. It’s debt that is acquired for a purpose. What’s bad debt? Well it has a different definition in business, but to us, it’s that debt you acquire with high-interest values because you can’t hold yourself back from spending. It’s payday loans; it is credit cards.

Debt is a real danger and for a number of reasons. Debt, of any size will affect our credit rating. This can affect the future of a young person quite drastically. It can mean that you are rejected from having a mobile phone contract. It can mean that your mortgage is turned down. It can seriously affect any future decisions you choose to make. Debt also creates emotional stress and worry. Debt isn’t the end of the story, we all get into debt – it’s how we pay it off that matters.

Being in debt isn’t a bad thing – it is when we choose to live in debt that things turn nasty. There are always methods to paying off debts and anyone that you owe will rather that some attempt at paying can be made. When you are in debt, you will always have options like student loan forgiveness. Getting stressed about being in debt can quickly lead to one avoiding paying their way out of debt.

To stay in control of your cash, you need to manage debt and manage your spend. This can be hard for youngsters – because they are explicitly targeted by those who seek to profit from debt. However, control of cash is an invaluable skill for anyone.

Life Experiences That Will Make You A Better Adult

When you look at successful people – be it success in their careers, their relationships, or just a general serenity in their lives – it’s easy to wonder how they managed it. For many young people, the idea of adulthood is something that is terrifying. We may crave the ability to make our own way in the world, but who wants to saddle themselves with the responsibilities of what’s colloquially referred to as “adulting”?

It therefore makes sense to aim to be one of those people who seems to have got this whole life business sorted out. The question is – how did they get there?

There is a common thought in philosophy that we are all the product of our experiences. It is the things we live – rather than the basics that we are born with – that make our life what it is. There are things we can learn as we experience them; things we can do to prompt our minds’ to travel in the right direction. If you go through one of these experiences in your formative years, then it might just make a huge difference to how that adult life you both revere and fear comes to pass.

1) Travel

Traveling is not without its perils. It can be tiring, worrying, or just seem like a lot of effort. However, there is something about expanding your horizons that alters the way you see things when you come back home.

The experience you need to glean from traveling is not going to come from the seven-day beach holidays you may be accustomed to. Consider more “earthed” experiences like backpacking or taking part in mission trips for youth groups – something that gives you more of a chance of a genuine connection with the places you see, and the people you meet.

It’s also a good idea to travel away from the normal tourist traps. Experience a different part of the world, not the polished “for tourists” areas that have a ring of inauthenticity.


2) Go To Therapy

If you don’t have a particular problem, then the idea of therapy might seem like a strange one. However, sometimes the most productive therapeutic sessions come about when the patient doesn’t think they have anything to say – but it turns out, there’s a river of thoughts they need to dissect and discuss.

Therapy doesn’t have to be about fixing a problem. It can be about helping you on your journey in the best way possible. It provides a neutral perspective on the things you experience and can help you get the most out of them, as well as helping you over any of the blips on the road.


3) Learn For The Sake Of Learning

As a young adult, you might feel you have had your fill of learning. Up until this point, your life has been about mandatory attendance and learning about subjects you might have no interest in.

As an adult, it’s hugely beneficial to be curious and want to continue to learn. The brilliant part of this is that you can choose your subject. It could just be falling into a Wikipedia clickhole and discovering a new passion, but always keep your mind open to new information to get the best out of life.


In Your 20s? Life Lessons You Should Remember To Squeeze The Most Out Of Your Youth

Life isn’t easy, and in fact it can be downright difficult. Sometimes it doesn’t play ball with us the way we like to. It’s not that hard to get lost in a whirlwind of worry, regret and what-ifs. From the age of 20 – 30, this can go tenfold. Figuring out who you want to be, how you want to make a living and what relationships to maintain can make the toughest young adult blush with fear.

There’s always going to be a ‘what if’ in your life, but making sure that you squeeze the most out of your youth is something that will help lessen how much you think of it. Sometimes, all the ‘ifs’ don’t matter because you’re right where you want to be. Follow this guide and set of maxims to enable you to make the most of your new foray into the big wide world.

Don’t Worry

This is easier said than done, but any attempt at doing so will help you become a better, more rounded person. Worrying is natural in humans, it’s how we pay attention to the details we shouldn’t overlook. Worrying too much is a problem however, and can prevent you from taking risks. Remember, God is in control and has told you to cast all your worries on Him!

Stay humble, honest and sincere, you’ll be surprised how far that gets you. Don’t be afraid to make decisions, because sometimes the best decision is something you could never have envisaged. You will only know if you experience, so say ‘yes’ to life in every way. You’ll live a fuller, happier life because of it, no matter how long you live for or how much you achieve. Being available is the opposite of worry, because you’re directing your mental energy to what’s in front of you, lending strength to your daily happiness.

Take Risks

Don’t be afraid to take risks! Even the scariest looking situation such as moving to another country to start a degree can give you unforgettable memories you’ll be so happy you took the chance on. As long as you’re reasonable as to what you can achieve at the moment and understand that you have everything going for you, you’ll be much more inclined to follow love instead of fear and find out what really makes you feel alive.

Don’t Be Afraid To Fail

Here’s a life lesson that is completely, resoundingly, undeniably true. You’re going to fail. In fact, you’re going to fail at things your entire life. It’s part of being human, and it’s no great failing in a human being to make mistakes. If making mistakes is a certainty, why worry about it? Why fear it? As long as you’re willing to learn from your errors you are doing better than most people. Remember, life is a great experiment, and not partaking in it will be worse than any form of failure you can imagine. So relax!

Don’t Feel Like You Have To Have Everything Figured Out

The hunt for a career and following your dreams is commendable, in fact, something to be encouraged, but too often we compare ourselves with those who are at the top of their industry despite them being 20 years older. Remember, these are your formative years. These are the years where you can grow, adapt, and learn to love your chosen field in thousands of ways. Just focus on being the best student of life you can be, be kind, stay focused on Christ and things are sure to work out. The old maxim is true, reach for the stars, because even if you fail, you’ll land amongst the clouds.

Do Travel

Travel broadens the mind and makes you a fuller, more whole person. You’ll gain fresh perspective about how cultures operate, how they communicate and how they navigate this thing called life. Be ready to travel anywhere and everywhere (safely,) that you can, and remember, this world exists for you as much as anyone else.

Allow Your Entire World To Be Changed Overnight

If you don’t have responsibilities to a child or someone you care for, make sure to use this time to be free as a bird! Allow spontaneous job opportunities to take you across the country. Allow holidays you weren’t prepared for to bring you out of your shell. Allow romances to sweep you off of your feet. This is where you experience life with novice eyes, so as long as you’re sensible and keep your head about you, you should let yourself feel free and open for sudden change.

Take Care of Yourself

It’s easy as a young adult to feel reckless, and you should indeed be able to have fun and let your hair down in ways that an older person might raise their eyebrow at. But you should still be sensible, and take care of your physical and mental health. Remember, this is your body that you will be carrying for the rest of your life. This is the only one you’ll have. Be sure to pray, exercise, meditate and read in order to stimulate your curiosity (as well as setting up brilliant habits for life!)

Also, don’t be afraid to look good. This is your time to show the world what you’ve got. No matter how into fashion or beauty you are, looking good usually equals feeling good. Feel free to show the world who you are and don’t feel guilty about it! For great discounts on beauty products at Ulta check here:

See The Good In Everything

This is paramount. Make sure that even the rough times you’ll inevitably face are seen for their silver lining. This is the time when you’ll mature the most, so every form of experience will shape you in some way. Try and make sure it’s for the positive. The most trying times are often the ones that shape our character, and remember, a tree can only stretch it’s branches to the sky as far as the depth of its roots will support.

Life doesn’t end until it ends, so you have time for adventure the whole way through. Just because your 20’s are over doesn’t mean you should stop living with joy and abandon. But it’s so easy to focus on what you should be doing in your 20’s, it can be hard to see what you could be doing. Love yourself, follow your heart and you’ll be taken places you’ve never dreamed of.

Always remember, your life should never be a chore, but a dance!


Setting Goals for Your Future

You’ve gone to college, graduated and now just got the news that you’ve landed your dream job. All your hard work is now paying off. If planned out right, in a few years you can own a home, acquire a new car and enjoy a luxurious vacation without breaking the bank. 

Budgeting 101

Now that you are going to make enough money to support you and your spouse it’s time to start planning for a successful future. This all starts with learning how to manage money. Many people who make a substantial amount still don’t have much to show for it. It’s important from the start to spend it wisely, invest and save up for the things you want. Set up a monthly budget and stick to it. This way you can still pay your bills on time and your credit score will be at the level you need it to purchase the things you need and want for the lowest rates possible. 

Your dream vacation

Now that you’re making a comfortable salary you can afford to take a nice vacation to just about anywhere you can imagine. You can go to Hawaii, hop islands or explore places around the world. If, for the first year you’d prefer to stay in the states places like a Welk Timeshare, have inclusive resorts that put everything right at your fingertips. They are all inclusive with dining, activities and beautiful surroundings that give you that away from home on an exotic island feel. With a timeshare, you will always have a place to go and you can choose from several destinations. 

Buying a home

There’s a lot to consider before you purchase a home. First, make sure that you can afford it. There’s no sense buying in at the highest level you can get and then end up simply house poor. For example, if you make $250,000. a year and the bank is willing to lend you $700,000.00 try to stay at $650,000.00. This way you’ll still have money left in your budget to make modifications, buy furniture and enjoy the quality of life you deserve. Before you buy a home you should also save as possible to avoid paying P.M.I. This alone can cost you hundreds of extra dollars each month and you will continue to owe it until you pay into the loan and reach the 20%. 

Home loan types

There are many different types of loans offered. If you or your spouse served in the military, a VA loan is an excellent choice. They require a lower down payment, usually between 3.5% and 5%, and the closing fees are considerably less than a standard mortgage. If you have not served in any of the armed forces there are still a variety of options. If you don’t have the 20% that banks require or encourage, an FHA loan is much easier to acquire. Generally, the requirement is a minimum of 3.0% and most times they cover many of the closing costs and if you stay current on your mortgage for an extended period of time, you will not have to pay the fees back. There are also two types of mortgages: a fixed and an adjustable rate. There are benefits to both and it really depends on your money situation. For instance, you have a great job but you don’t have a lot saved in the bank, so you opt in for the adjustable rate which starts out with a lower monthly payment than a standard mortgage. On the plus side, you’ll have an affordable payment when first starting out. The downside to this is that the low initial rate will change and go to the current market in just a few years. This could mean a huge increase in the monthly payment. A standard rate mortgage stays the same for the entire 30 years. The benefit to this is that while you may be tight in the beginning as your salary grows the payment remains the same. 

Leasing or purchasing a car

Cars are expensive. There’s monthly maintenance like oil changes and tires and annual services. In addition, you have to allot for gas and the monthly payment. If you already have a vehicle and it’s in good shape, the best thing to do is to use it for a little longer and save up as much as you can. This way you won’t have a hefty payment hanging over your head. If on the other hand, you need a vehicle now and you will drive local, a lease will get you the car you want for a lot less. 


Can Your Smartphone Make You Smarter?!

Let’s face it, most of us are practically glued to our smartphones. We use them for everything from alarm clocks to calculators to torches. We scroll through social media, we chat to our friends and take a ridiculous amount of selfies. When you spend such a big proportion of your day at school, college or university- chances are you don’t even think of using your phone for educational purposes. But did you know you could be using your smartphone to get, well, smarter? And best of all, it doesn’t feel like you’re sitting around studying for a test. In fact, it can be really fun. Here are some of the ways you can teach yourself new things on your smartphone.

Playing Brain Training Apps and Games

Brain training can help you to improve your mental arithmetic, problem-solving skills and concentration in a way that’s fun and enjoyable. These are the kinds of skills you need to be brushing up on regularly to keep and improve, and keeping your mind sharp will help you in just about every area of your life. For example, do you ever find yourself reading and struggling with the words in a sentence? Generally improving your vocabulary will help with this, and there are plenty of fun apps and word games which will allow you to do this.

Reading Articles

One of the greatest things about the internet is how accessible information on just about any topic is. In days gone by, people would have to sit and trawl through reference books at the library if they wanted to learn something new. These days, we can type in a few words and have everything we need neatly presented to us with a few taps on the screen. Better still, much of the information is written in plain English which is engaging and easy to understand, so when you’re reading up about topics, it feels nothing like studying. Whatever it is that interests you, no matter how obscure, read up on it. Browse through blogs and articles and fill your brain with new information. It might not be the kind of thing that will come up on your next test at school but it broadens your knowledge and teaches you new things, and there’s no downside to that. Apps like Flipboard are handy, you can fill in your topics of interest, and it pulls up new, relevant information on the web for you to click onto at your leisure. Instead of playing a game while you’re sat at a bus stop, on the train or lying in bed, how about having a read through something like this to mix it up a bit?

Reading The The News and Books

Keeping up to date with the news will also make you smarter. Having an opinion on current events is always a good thing and you can’t do that without knowing the right information. Finally, reading books is easier than ever. No stopping off at a dusty old bookstore, choose from millions of titles on sites like Amazon, and they’re available to read on your device within seconds.