Affording Your First Adventure

In recent times, travel has become something which almost everyone has access to. As long as you can get together a bit of money, the world is truly your oyster, and you can go anywhere you like. Of course, though, finding the funding for something like this can be very hard. This means that the first part of your adventure is going to be fundraising, and there are loads of ways to do this. To help you out, this post will be exploring some of the options you have to make your trip affordable.

Saving Up

Birthdays, Christmases, and other special occasions will often yield a lot of different gifts. If you’re lucky, a good amount of this will be money, giving you the chance to start saving up for your adventure. The best way to save for something like this is by keeping the money away from the stuff you spend on a daily basis. This will enable you to avoid expensive impulse purchases, while also giving you the chance to keep a good eye on what you’re saving.

Getting A Job

Of course, relying on the rare gifts you receive to save your travel funds might not be enough, as it will take a very long time. To make this faster, a little bit of work can be done to bring in a lot more money. Websites like make it nice and easy to pick up some small jobs which are easy to do around study and other important commitments. Alternatively, though, you could also consider the idea of a normal job with low hours, as these will be a lot more consistent. It will take a lot of work to get a role like this, but it will be worth it once you jetting off.

The Right Trip

Most people have grand ideas for their first few vacations, imagining themselves in all sorts of different locations. For your maiden voyage, though, it’s always a better idea to be more grounded in your approach. Sites like can help you to get together everything you need for an affordable camping trip. Along with this, you have loads of other options, but you will need to do some research if you want to find the best for you.

Go As A Group

Traveling as a group of people has long been one of the best ways to keep the costs of a vacation down. Being able to split the costs of travel, food, accommodation, and even activities while you’re there will make the whole adventure easier to afford. All it takes is a small group of friends to kick something like this off, and it’s worth doing some research to make sure you’re saving wherever you can.

The beauty of these methods of their versatility. Any combination of these can be used to fund your first vacation, even if you only choose to use one of them. For the best results, though, it’s usually best to do whatever you can.

9 Things Everybody in Their 20s Should Know

Whether you’re in you 20s or you are fast approaching them, there are a few things that you should know about life as a 20 to 29 year old. In fact, there are 9 things that you should know; to see these 9 things, make sure to read on.

It’s still okay to feel young

In your 20s you are going to be doing a lot of very ‘adultly’ things, and you are going to be spending a lot of time with people who you deem to actually be adults. This is going to make you feel very much like an adult. But, even though you will feel like an adult, and in truth will be an adult, that doesn’t mean you should surrender your youth with a fight. No, you should still continue to squeeze the most out of your youth whilst you still have it by doing things like travelling, seeing different people and generally having a good time. You should do so because, once your 20s are over, you’ll wish you had done!

It’s still okay not to have everything figured out

And just as it is okay to still feel and act young, it’s equally okay to not have your life figured out. What this means, first and foremost, is that you should never compare yourself to your friends who are of a similar age to you. If they are putting down a montage on a home and you are not, do not worry. If they are climbing their career ladder and you are not, do not worry. Everybody develops through life at different speeds and at different times.

It’s even still okay to have and chase your dreams

It’s funny. When you were a kid you were told to chase your dreams and ‘be all you can be’, right? Well, now you’ve reached adulthood and your 20s you’re being told to ‘stop being so silly’ and to ‘give up on your daydream’ in order to focus on getting yourself a comfortable job, right? Even if those words have not been explicitly said to you, it’s still the truth. But you can stick it to the monolithic man that tells you that by continuing to give it a go in chasing your childhood dreams. This means continuing to pen (or type) that story idea you’ve had for yours. This means getting the old guitar and guitar straps and practising your music, and even busking, until you are spotted. And this means doing as much studying as your dream job in life dictates that you do.

Be open to continuing your learning

And on that note, whether it is in order to grab your dream role or not, you should be open to containing your learning and education. You should be willing to do this, simply, because you have a lot more learning to do! Now, this could mean heading back to college or university and taking a degree as a ‘mature’ student (whether you feel mature or not). Or, this could just mean taking courses that are offered to you in regards to your work or your hobby.

You don’t have to please everyone

But you shouldn’t take these courses or doing anything at all for that matter in order to please others. Yes, it’s still nice to please your parents and the rest of your family. But, the only person that you should really be trying to please in your 20s is you. You see, this is a time to be selfish and do things that will enrich your life — and you can’t do that by trying to please everybody you meet, can you?

Be flexible

You should also be flexible and open to pretty much everything that comes your way and everything that life throws at you. Have you ever heard that old adage ‘you should try everything once’? Well, this means something! This means something because practicing it will allow you to truly find out what you like and who you are now you do not have the restraints or parents, guardians and teachers pushing and pulling you in certain directions.


It’s a good idea to learn how to manage your time

As flexible as you should be, you should still be learning to manage your time. You should be doing so because adulthood can come and does come thick and fast, and it will leave you pretty much no time at all to do things that you want to do in life in order to better it. You see, your life is split into three times: time at work, time to sleep and spare time, and you will need to protect that last one with your life. You will need to protect it, by learning to manage your time correctly, because that’s the only time you will get to devote to betting your life and chasing your personal dreams.


Money shouldn’t be prioritised

Money is not the be all and end all in life; if you think it is, you’ll never have it. Simply, yes, money is important because it allows us the chance to retain the standard of life that we deserve. But, it is not the most important thing on this earth, and the sooner you learn that in life the better!

But you shouldn’t forget to save

However, it’s still a good idea to save your money and contribute towards your retirement or pension pot. It is never too early to be doing this and you should be doing this because you are in the best positing possible to do so: your money now has the time and potential to accrue enough interest when left in savings accounts to see you be able to retire happily ever after.

Life in your 20s is equals parts tough and fun — and this balance is something that you should be both remembering and protecting at all times! So, go out there and do what needs to be done in your life as an adult, but don’t forget to have some fun whilst you do so!


5 Stressful Times Only Twentysomething’s Will Understand

Being in your twenties does not mean you’re immune to stress, and no matter how many times your parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles (delete accordingly) tell you not worry because you’re still only twenty-something the fact doesn’t change. You still have to do battle with that voice in your head, the one that can’t handle life’s intensity and constantly screams at you to quit your job because this isn’t how you are meant to spend your life and you should just give up trying by moving to Colombia and hiding from all responsibilities.

The important thing to remember in these moments is that you are not alone and that your brain isn’t the only one screaming that kind of thing at its hosts. Oh, and you mustn’t give up. By all means, go to Colombia, but don’t give up; you’re way too awesome.

Instead, what you need to do is work out what stress management techniques work best for you, couple them up with some adrenal balance, green tea and dried mango and then prepare yourself for those stressful moments you and all your twenty-something peers will have to endure.


  1. The Dreaded Job Hunt

Nothing is more stressful than stepping out of college with a degree and $80,000 worth of debt only to realize you are incredibly unqualified in the eyes of all employers. The job descriptions are fine, you can do that, but the qualifications are way out of reach, as is the required experience. Cue stress.

  1. Hearing Financial Terms

You suddenly realize how unprepared you are for life when you hear financial terms like 401K, compound interest, tax rates and budgeting and have no idea what they mean. All that education you had to endure and no one taught you about money management; it’s stressful.

  1. Having A Life Plan

You finally land a job after college, the kind that you aren’t excited about but it lets you move into your own place and have your own life, and that’s cool. But then you discover almost every conversation you have is geared toward what your long-term plan is. You get asked things like, “so what’s next for you?” and you have zero ideas because you’ve only just got your first job. Come on, people, give us a break.

  1. New Definition Of Poor

Every month comes with two weeks of financial stress because you suddenly realize your current salary only stretches two weeks and the term poor relates to how much month is left at the end of your money. It is stressful, and it becomes even worse when you start comparing yourself to that one friend who landed on their feet right out of college (we all have that one friend).

  1. Managing Your Personal Life

Some people just seemed to have it all figured out and that is stressful. They are somehow managing to balance having a job, paying rent, holidaying six times a year, find the one and getting engaged and you are still living off leftover pizza and sleeping diagonally in your bed. No one warns you about these stresses and yet the struggle is oh so real.

Can You Be Too Young To Get Married?

Marriage is a funny old thing. For some, it’s seen as the ultimate goal in a relationship, the true sign that you’re meant to be with someone forever. Others don’t like the idea and prefer to not put a label on things.

Regardless of what category you fall into, there’s no denying that getting married is one of the biggest steps in someone’s life. There was some pretty big news in the celeb world last month as Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner announced her engagement to Joe Jonas. Normally, I don’t bat an eyelid to stuff like this, but what struck me was that Sophie Turner is only 21! This made me think; can you be too young to get married? Is there an age when you should start thinking about marriage, or is it something you can consider whenever you want?

I feel like this is a big talking point amongst the younger generation, and I’d like to share my thoughts on the matter. So, if you’re in a committed relationship and might be thinking about marriage at a young age, have a read of my points to help you think about your situation from all angles.


Think About Your Financial Situation

For me, the main thing to think about is your financial situation. Take Sophie Turner, for example, she’s in a pretty great position, as she earns loads of money from movies and TV shows. Therefore, she knows she can afford all the costs that come with getting married and sharing your life with someone. Likewise, her fiance is also incredibly rich. Is this the case for the average 21-year-old? I mean, if you look at the Tacori engagement rings here, you’ll get a rough idea of how much it costs to buy a ring. Then, factor in the cost of the wedding ring, the wedding itself, moving into a house together, etc. Can you financially afford to get married at 21? Some of you might not have a job so it wouldn’t be smart to take on such a commitment. If you already have a financially stable life, then it’s a different scenario.

Think About Your Relationship

Also, you need to look at your relationship more than anything else. Just because someone your age is getting married, that doesn’t automatically mean you’re also ready for this step. Especially if you’re in a rocky relationship full of break-ups, getting back together, arguing, and just generally being unstable. For me, age doesn’t matter as much as the health of your relationship. You could be 30 and still not be in a relationship suited for marriage. It’s all about looking at you and your partner and figuring out if you’re both moving in the same direction and will be suited to marriage.

So, to answer my own question, no…I don’t think you can be too young to be married. I think there are more important things to consider than age. It just so happens that younger people are usually not financially stable or in proper committed relationships, which is why so few people get married at 21. But, if you’ve got a full-time job, can afford to get married, and your relationship is in the right place, then go for it!


Coping With A Breakup: Gentle Advice For Those In Pain

Relationships are tough, and breaking up with somebody is even harder. Whether you were the one who ‘dumped’ the other person, or it was them who broke up with you, you are going to feel a lot of pain. People will come to you with advice. “There is plenty more fish in the sea,” they will say, or “Life goes on.” While both things are true, it still doesn’t help you get over the pain you are feeling inside. Not for a while, at least.

If you are currently trying to get over a relationship break-up, there is only so much we can say. For all we know you are rejoicing that things are over, but chances are the opposite is true. If so, here is some advice that we hope you won’t find glib as you try and get over this difficult chapter in your life.

It’s okay to grieve

Not only will you miss the person you were with, but you may well miss the life you had built up together. This is natural, so it is understandable that you will grieve the many losses of a breakup. It will take a while to let go fully, and your waking and sleeping moments will be affected by your sorrow. This is why many people ask themselves “why do I keep dreaming about my ex” when getting over a relationship. The pain is deep-rooted, both within the consciousness and unconsciousness. So let your emotions out. Have a good cry, offload to your friends, and give your woes to God. Your life has changed, so don’t be afraid to take the time you need to grieve.

Deal with negative emotions

Negative emotions will eat you up inside, so take the time to deal with them. This includes letting go of hate, managing the anger you feel towards yourself or the other person, and overcoming your sadness. This will take time,  but if left to fester inside, negative emotions will make your life difficult to manage and they could lead to depression. So, how do you deal with them? For starters, speak to your friends about how you are feeling. You could also consult your pastor, or somebody else who may be able to offer counselling. Then pick up your Bible. This verse from Colossians may be particularly apt:

Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. -Colossians 3:8, 12-13

Overcome negativity through positive thoughts. If you can show kindness to others, and take the time to find activities that will make you happy, you will overcome the darkness welling up inside you.

Find distractions

There is more to your life than being in a relationship, so don’t forget the other parts of your life. Spend time with friends, take part in the hobbies you enjoy, and focus on your school or work life. While it’s hard to see the positives in a breakup, you will at least have more time on your hands to focus on these other areas of your life that may have been neglected for a while. Ensure you distract yourself from anything that will make you feel worse, such as looking at your ex-partner’s social media pages. Find something that will take your mind off your situation, and engage positively with the world.

Going forwards

You may not believe it at the moment, but you will get over the grieving stage eventually.  To help you get over the relationship completely, stay close to God and be with the people who support you in life. There will be a time for a new relationship, but only go there when you are finally over your ‘ex.’ In the meantime, be thankful for the life you have. God does have a plan for your life, and many new experiences await you.

Bring Hollywood To Your Wedding!

When it comes to getting engaged and tying the knot in style, the celebs really know how to do it. This is mostly due to the amount of connections and money they can come up with for a big bash, so transporting this to the smaller screen of our own lives requires a little bit of thinking. If you need some ideas on how to make the wedding of a lifetime possible on a tighter budget, take a look at a few of these celebrity engagement trends.

The Right Kind of Ring

The Hollywood scene often likes to get stuck in its ways, but sometimes that doesn’t have to mean for the wrong reason. Take their penchant for platinum jewelery, as their rings mainly followed this theme for a few years until 2015.

If you like these kinds of ideas, as they work with anything you wear and are very classy to show off in those engagement photos, retailers such as 77 Diamonds stock multiple stones and colors and cheaply! Picking either a vintage or more modern trend is a lot easier.

Picking the Right Place

A lot of celebrities wait until they’re on holiday with their partner before they decide to propose, and they never do it in public either. This is a great way to make sure your significant other doesn’t feel pressured in the situation, and keeps the event romantic for the both of you!

So try booking a weekend away, or even a day trip to a big city, and pop the question with just the two of you in your element. You can eat in a fancy restaurant to savor the moment, or have a rooftop bar view. It sounds, and feels, glamorous!

Saving the Season

When we think about it, Christmas is the best time of year to celebrate with your friends and family, and anyone else who means the world to you. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that a lot of celebrities choose to ask during the December and January months.

Instead of a ski trip to really mark the occasion, book yourself a cabin and set the fireplace roaring. It’s comfortable and warm, and really brings the festive cheer to your engagement.

Announcing the Event

A lot of celebs take to social media to announce their upcoming nuptials, and they do it in a variety of ways. If you have everyone important in your life on this kind of platform, then try taking a subtle photo of your hands, or just a body shot, and see if anyone notices! This is a popular method, as Kelly Osbourne showed us back in 2014, and makes you feel a little sneaky about it!

So there’s a lot of things the celebrities like to post about, and their upcoming nuptials are usually one of the biggest. Helping to be inspired by these stories can make our own big days a little more magical! Give it a try if you have something in mind.

Retro Items Your Parent’s Loved, And That You Can Still Buy!

Are you heading off to college soon and you want to purchase the freshest items for your student accommodation? Would you just like to create a retro feel in your bedroom? Then you’re guaranteed to love some of the products mentioned in this post. Your parents will know all about these items, and some of them might still have them kicking around at home. So, make sure you ask your parents if they can donate any of these products before you go out and buy them from a retailer. With that in mind, let’s get started!


Record players

Nothing says retro like the ability to play vinyl in your bedroom. There are some cool all in one record players available today that work in the same way as the items your parents used in the past. Indeed, most adults will have a stash of LPs in the attic, and so you might want to ask your mother or father to get them down. Some dance music professionals still release music using that format, and so you can purchase new records too! Just make sure you get something that comes with speakers, or you can buy some separately. Your new student pals are going to feel jealous when they see you have one of those in your room.

VHS players

Before DVD and Blu Ray, all parents used to watch movies using VHS tapes. You probably still have some at home if you check those bookcases. However, most people don’t have the device used to watch those films any longer. Thankfully, you can still purchase them online, and they don’t cost the earth. Maybe you could arrange a retro movie evening with your new college friends? Perhaps you could ask them to bring any old VHS tapes from home for the occasion? Just be sure to invest in a head-cleaning tape, so you get a clear picture on the screen.

Lava lamps

Lava lamps were exceptionally trendy during the late 1960s and 70s. However, you could still find them in most shops until just before the year 2000. If you like the idea of getting a lava lamp, it makes sense to check online auction websites so you can buy an original design. Some online sellers still stock those products, but they’re not as impressive as they once were. That is why you’ll need to invest in a lava lamp created before 1999 for the best outcomes. Again, you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money as many people still have those items at home.

Now you know about some of the best retro products for your student accommodation or bedroom; you just have to check your budget and start making purchases. Everyone who spends time in your room is going to love playing around with those old devices. Of course, there are plenty of other items that you could buy if you want the best results. So, don’t make the mistake of halting your research here. Those suggestions were just to point you in the right direction and provide some inspiration.

Money Tips For Teens: Why You Should Manage Your Money and Learn More About Finances

According to a recent study, a majority of American teens don’t know basic life skills, and this includes managing money. The research reveals that 87% of teens admit that theydon’t know much about personal finance, and while they do want to learn, they don’t have the tools that they need to know more about the matter. Our parents or guardians are our best resources for financial knowledge, and it’s never too early to learn how to be financially savvy. Apart from having enough money in the bank, learning how to keep our finances in order can benefit us in other ways. Here are all the reasons why you should learn how to manage your money and learn more about finances.

Having a good financial record can help you qualify for a loan

Most teenagers may take on side jobs or borrow money from their parents if they need extra money. However, having a good financial record qualifies you to get a loan and enables you to have the funds that you need for tuition fees, your first car purchase, or a startup for a small business. Asseen in this Finnish example, 18-year-olds can loan as much as 2,000 Euros or about $2,300. In the US, you will need to have a good credit score, an income, and acollateral such as a houseor a car before you can get approved for most loans.

It allows you to be more independent

Having a savings account and a good financial record allows you to be more independent. You can purchase items or experiences, such as a vacation, on your own, and you don’t need to rely on anyone to fund your needs.Having basic financial skillssuch as balancing a checkbook, investing, and managing your credit card can all lead to the road to independence.

You learn to prioritize and make good financial choices

Learning how to manage your money while you’re still young enables you to prioritize your spending. Knowing the basics of money management, such as making a budget, already puts you ahead of most college students as studies have shown that around40% of the typical college student’s budgetgoes to purchases like clothes, entertainment, snacks, and gadgets. This is why most students find that they’ve gone through most of their budget even before the semester is over. But having a budget in mind is the step in the right direction as you get to prioritize your main expenses first and still have some money left over for savings and incidentals.

Being on top of your budget, having discipline, and brushing up on your life skills and financial know-how can all help to give you more security in the future. Learn as much as you can about your managing your money while you’re young, and set yourself up for financial success.

Making Your First Car Money Stretch

Driving is a big thing for teens, with 50.9% of teens behind the wheel. That’s good news for you, as a teen, as it means there’s a strong market in which to get the very best deal on the various costs of your first vehicles. How exactly do you save dollars, though? There’s a few ways, and a few you might not even know.

Value Of The Vehicle

Before you think about how to save your dollars and cents on, or after, the point of purchase, remember what your vehicle is going to do for you. Having a car opens doors (and no, not just literally) by giving you the opportunity to branch out and explore career opportunities – whether that’s easily being able to travel for a job interview, or picking up mobile part-time work.


This is the biggie – there’s no way around it. Parents will find a 44% teenager insurance premium rising to 62%. The fact is, teen drivers are seen as the most likely to be in an accident and the cost of insurance reflects that. There are, however, ways around this.

The first is less of a trick and more of a good practice; look around. Take your quote elsewhere, and make sure you’re finding the best insurer you can; your insurance could save hundreds on a quote price you found elsewhere. Aside from that, there are several ways to reduce the premium by combining drivers and vehicles, and when you’re 18, taking out your own plan for long-run benefits. You can also take on small alterations, like a dashcam, that give insurers a sense of assurance that you’re going to drive well and be able to prove any claims that weren’t on your head.

Go Cheap!

Yes, every driver wants to be in the luxury Mercedes or BMW. If you’re lucky enough, or have put in the hard work, that means you can – good for you. Honestly. However, if you’re a first time driver and it feels like you don’t have a dollar to rub together, go for a cheaper car to save money. You don’t need that huge estate when you don’t have a family to lug around, and so long as the thing runs you’ll be more than happy with a smaller and/or older vehicle.

Driving is frequently considered a crucial part of the American teenager’s upbringing, but the costs can be prohibitive, even for those with a bit more spare income than the rest. It needn’t be, though, and with a little bit of guile and mindfulness over your options, you can stretch your dollars.

Getting More From The Internet For Millennials

The internet is unquestionably one of the greatest inventions known to man. However, it’s very easy to take its power to do good for granted. Despite having a world of possibilities at our fingertips, many of us fall into the common trap. Using it solely to connect with friends and watch the occasional cat video brings very limited results. But the world wide web is capable of so much more, and it’s about time that you started to appreciate this factor.   

Tapping into the internet’s full potential isn’t as difficult as you might think. Here are just six winning ideas that will transform wasted web time into productive online interactions.

#1. Learn More

 As far as educational resources are concerned, they don’t come any bigger than the world wide web. With over one billion active websites at your disposal, it’s possible to find info on any given subject in a matter of clicks. Frankly, dedicating all your time to Candy Crush is a wasted opportunity.   

Increased knowledge doesn’t only come from learning about history or science. With resources like, opening your eyes to a world of exciting new knowledge is easier than ever. Whether it’s discovering new art or learning about sports stories doesn’t matter. All knowledge is power.

Learning can also manifest itself in picking up new skills and languages.   

#2. Teach Others

Aside from improving your life, the internet can be used to enhance the lives of others. Raising money for charity is naturally a great idea, and this can be achieved in many ways. Then again, it’s possible to take positive steps far closer to home.

Older generations don’t always understand the internet as well as we do. This is where the things we often take for granted can come become useful. Teaching your grandparents to use social media, for example, can help them connect with friends and relatives. Given that global travel probably isn’t on their agenda, this can be a life-changing gift.

Alternatively, teaching your parents a few shortcuts may make their daily activities a little easier too.   

#3. Earn Money

 The main reason that the internet has grown at such a fast rate is that it can help people make money. As a computer literate millennial, it would be very foolish to ignore those opportunities.

Launching an online business is now more accessible than ever. Whether you become a blogger or a dropshipper doesn’t matter, this is a great tool for making money. Meanwhile, signing up for freelance directories like can open new doors. If it helps your career as well as your bank balance, you’d be a fool to miss out.

Even if those ideas don’t appeal, selling unwanted goods or completing surveys can generate a few extra dollars each month.

#4. Save Money

In addition to increasing your income, the world wide web can be used to cut your spending. Given that this can be achieved with very minimal effort, ignoring it would be very foolish indeed.   

It may be too early to worry about household bills, although not necessarily. Nonetheless, coupons can be used to save money on days out as well as food purchases. Moreover, online services can be used to locate the best deals on various tech purchases.

If this ultimately allows your money to work a little harder, taking advantage of those opportunities is essential. On a separate note, staying in control with spreadsheets and online banking can help.   

#5. Network

Communication lies at the heart of all online systems. While there’s nothing wrong with using it to stay connected with loved ones, you should also use if for creating new links with people who can aid your life.

This most commonly occurs on the career front. Platforms like enable you to build business connections in a wonderful environment. This may help you discover job opportunities, internships, or resources that enhance your career in other ways.

Networking can also be used for a host of other goals, such as finding love or tracking lost relatives. The power is truly in your hands.

#6. Gain Inspiration

The internet can be used for a variety of activities. However, there’s nothing using it for leisurely tasks. Even so, you can make this more productive by reading up on things that actually relate to your life.  

Whether it’s building long-term life plans or gaining ideas for outfits or party ideas isn’t important. It’s always good to inject a personal touch on those ideas. Nonetheless, those inspirations can be used to guide you towards quicker, better life decisions.   

Let’s face it; the experts have better ideas than your friends. Tap into that wealth of information, and even your leisure life will be improved thanks to online interactions.