How Young People Can Help Save The Planet

It’s fair to say that we haven’t been very kind to our planet. Acid rain, global warming, oil spills: unfortunately as a human race we’ve not always made the best decisions. But thankfully, modern technology mean that things do have the potential to get better. Electric cars are becoming more and more popular, homeowners are fitting their properties with solar panels and energy efficient light bulbs, and wind farms are being used as a major source of power. As young people, it’s so important to take an interest in the environment, after all this is the earth we’re inheriting and what will happen next is in our hands. We collectively have the opportunity to create a better world. Here are some of the ways you as a young person can help save the planet.

Educate Yourself

The first step to making things better is to have a proper understanding of the situation. Knowing what issues we currently face and why, and what the next step is to making it right is extremely powerful. Read newspapers, articles, and blogs. Listen to the news, watch documentaries and speak to others.

Make Better Choices When Purchasing Things

Every time you buy something, it helps to create a demand for that product. Therefore when you choose products that are kind to the environment, there’s more demand for them and they become more widespread and popular. It could be things like products that contain low VOC levels (these are low in volatile chemicals that damage the environment). It could be items that are made from recycled materials or products which actively try to help or protect the environment. If everyone thought carefully and made these kinds of choices when they bought products, think of what we could help to influence.

Consider Alternative Forms of Travel

As a teenager or young person, chances are you’re always on the go. School, college, part-time or full-time work, meeting friends- it’s a particularly busy stage of life. Consider how you get around and how this affects the planet. It’s great learning to drive and getting your own car, as this can give you a fantastic sense of freedom and open up more opportunities. However, it doesn’t mean to say you always need to use the car. You could consider an e bike, this is an electric bike which is kind to the environment and makes traveling even over long distances and hilly roads a breeze. For shorter journeys, you could use a standard bicycle or walk and get some exercise in at the same time. Using public transport where possible is beneficial too.



Not only does volunteering hugely help certain projects, but makes you feel really proud of yourself too. Everyone should aim to volunteer if they can, but for young people, it’s especially beneficial. It can help you to make new friends, looks good on your resume and teaches you the importance of real life issues. There are plenty of environment and conservation based projects out there which are always in need of volunteers, so see what’s available near you.


Wow! Playing An Instrument Can Make You Smarter & Help You Study Harder

Studying can be very hard, particularly if you just don’t understand the topic you’re studying. You sit there at your desk and close your eyes wishing that you could be just that little bit smarter. Well, did you know that playing an instrument can actually make you a better student? That’s right, playing an instrument is proven to make you smarter, which will help you study harder.

Sounds pretty cool, right? But, how does it happen?


How Instruments Make You Smarter

To start explaining things, we need to take a look at the human brain. A brain is made up of many different sections, all of which contribute to different things. When you play an instrument, you get loads of different parts of your brain all working together at the same time. What this means is that your brain starts to work a lot harder, which helps you develop certain skills, and become smarter.

The biggest link between musical instruments and studying has to be the effect they have on your memory and processing skills. When you play an instrument, you have to memorize things and study lots of musical notes to make sense of chords, etc. This helps you develop your memory and processing skills, which is essential if you want to be smarter. It translates to your student life and helps you remember things better when studying for tests.

Playing an instrument can also help you with your visual and motor skills, as well as your problem-solving skills. If you play from a young age, it will benefit you throughout your life and help you improve key skills that assist with your studies.

The Best Instruments To Play

While playing any instrument is a great idea, there are a few that will help you get the best results. So, pay attention and see if any of these instruments interests you:

Guitars are said to be one of the best things you can play if you want to give your brain a big boost. Picking up something like a Yamaha FG700s will stimulate your brain, as guitars require you to do two things at once with both hands. You have to strum the strings while also working your other fingers into position to create chords.

Playing the piano is another thing that’s highly recommended. Again, this is because you use both your hands at once, which increases the brainpower you use. The piano also requires you to learn sheet music, which further develops your brain. If you can’t fit a piano in your house or student accommodation, then a small keyboard will do the trick too!

Finally, there’s the violin. Another two-handed instrument that’s tough to play, but will bring great results. Once more, you have to train your brain to focus on multiple things at once when playing this instrument. But, there’s the added benefit of the bow, which puts an emphasis on manual dexterity skills.

So, if you’re stressing about your studies and wish you could be a little bit smarter, why don’t you try playing an instrument? You’ll be surprised at how effective it might be!

Worried About A Friend: How You Can Help

Whether at school or in college, sometimes we can notice changes in our friends which over time can cause us to worry.

Maybe they are a little quieter than usual in class.  Or you have noticed them looking distracted.  Whilst often it can be nothing more than a simple phase or maybe they are just a little tired after a few late nights, it could be there is something more serious that they need to talk about or, with their health.

The most important thing is to respect their privacy.  If they have trouble at home they may not want to talk about it, and that is their choice.  However the first thing you should do is quietly mention to them that you have noticed there is something wrong.  Wait to see how they react.  If they stay quiet then put your hand on their arm and reassure them that you are always available.  Let them know that you aren’t going to keep going on about it, but you will always listen.

If your friend feels ready to share then you need to be prepared just to listen.  Often talking a problem through can lift a lot of the pressure.  They may ask you for advice and on smaller issues like school stress or boyfriend troubles, you can give some best friend pep talks.  However on larger, more complicated problems at home or within themselves, the best advice is to always speak to an adult.  Either someone in school or at a local youth or support centre.  Offer to go with your friend and be there every step of the way.  It may be most appropriate for her to tell her parents how she feels.  If that is the case, offer her guidance and if she is really worried, maybe suggest she talks to your parents and gets their advice.  Do not give any advice fuelled by your own emotion, you could influence a decision that may not be taking into consideration the varying subtleties of the situation.

Occasionally it is health worries that cause our concern for friends.  If your pal is reluctant to talk you could get some advice from a doctor app.  Your friend may be showing symptoms of something serious such as diabetes or an eating disorder.  If this is the case, talk to her and let her know you are really worried.  Offer to go with her to the doctor and help her talk to an adult.  

We go through a lot of emotional and physical changes as we grow into young adults and it can be hard to admit these or share experiences with other people.  Whilst you cannot force anyone to take care of themselves or unload their worries, you can ensure you are always available and ready to listen and although privacy is vital, you may be able to get advice from your parents on how to help.

Girls need to stick together and then stay together when they are women.  Never judge and always support.  Those are the basic rules of friendship.

2 Vital Rules Of The Girl Code You Must Never Break

Whatever stage of education you are at you will be discovering new parts of who you are and feeling a rainbow of emotions about friendships, boys and family.  When you were young your parents probably taught you how important it was to play nicely with other children and to include everyone in your games or conversations, but did they tell you the importance of the girl code.

This article isn’t just for the young women out there, share it with the boys and spread the word because the girl code is going to affect them too.

You may have seen the urban dictionary version of girl code, or watched the film, but advice like ‘never hit on your best friends ex’ isn’t exactly going to break any walls in a strong women uprising.  We are focussing on the big stuff here.  The things which really matter.

First of all let’s discuss the inevitability of a fall out in your circle of friends.  One thing that women shouldn’t do is beat each other down.  Yes, we all have off days.  Mornings when we wake up crazy and we aren’t going to shake that off all day.  You know you are going to bite a head of in class or take a text the wrong way.  Whilst you always need to be aware of yourself, part of the code is awareness for your sisters.  Learn to realize that a difference of opinion is not as important as a friendship.  Accept there may be reasons behind an attitude that you don’t understand.  Empathize don’t argue.  When your girls get crazy, you need to pull together even more.  Never take it online.  Change the subject by discussing interesting topics.  Divert the attention from your friend.  Offer a shoulder and support.  Without question.

Judgement day.  Women get judged all day every day.  We are objectified throughout our childhood and even more so in our adult life.  Most of this comes from men and whilst that is bad enough it is vital that YOU do not ever let this kind of judgement come from our team.  Looking at another girl and rolling your eyes because she doesn’t wear the right clothes or she acts a little different to you, calling out the geeky looking sister who spends her lunchtimes in the library is just as bad as a guy laughing at you when you say you want to play soccer.  There is a real fashion on social media for girls to break down other girls and this is worse than friendly fire.  We are stronger together, fighting for the right to not be judged simply due to our gender.  How can we fight for that if we are throwing little bombs into our own camp?

There are loads of rules in the girl code, but the most important ones are those which focus on supporting the sisterhood and ensuring we step out together to an equal future with the boys.  So, stand strong ladies and get ready to go into battle!

Dating In The 21st Century, What’s The Role Of Technology?

So, you’re sick and tired of being single, it seems like all of your friends have boyfriends, and then there’s you – single and lonely. While there’s nothing wrong with being single – you don’t need a man to be happy – it can be nice to have that special someone to share things with.

When it comes to dating in the 21st century, it’s completely and utterly different to what dating was like 20 years ago. It’s incredible that dating has changed so, so much in such a short space of time. 20 years ago, people tended to meet each other at work, at parties, or through friends. There was no internet dating or social media, just good old-fashioned face-to-face meetings.

With every generation, the way that dating works changes, of course, it does. However, there has never been such a big change in such a short period of time, as there has been over the last 20 years, and that’s all thanks to technology. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at the role of technology when it comes to dating in the 21st century.

What are the best methods of dating via technology?

First off, let’s look at what the best methods of dating are via technology – how do people meet in the 21st century. As well as meeting in the traditional ways, such as at parties and other special occasions, through work or college, or via friends, many people now meet online. There are various methods of online dating, each of which is made for different types of people.

For example, some websites are tailored to professionals looking for a partner who is also career driven, while other sites are freer in terms of who you can meet, such as Tinder. Most dating sites, such as Plenty of Fish and, match people based on a selection of variables, including age, what they’re looking for, and their personalities. Whereas, dating apps like Tinder, allow you to swipe left or right depending on whether you like the look of someone, then if they like the look of you too, you are matched. If you’re going to be successful on Tinder, it could be worth getting to grips with some effective Tinder pick up lines, the same goes for Plenty of Fish and would be a great place to look for a person who shares the same important morals and values as you do.

How has technology made dating easier?

Technology has, in many ways, made dating much easier. You see, instead of having to bump into someone who could be a good match for you while out and about, you can actively search for a date from the comfort of your own home. You don’t need to worry about what they are looking for because they will share that in their profile.

Dating online means that you have more options. You’re not limited to the people in the gym or at a party; you can see everyone who is available and actively looking for love in your area – anyone who is on a dating site is looking for a partner. So you don’t need to worry about misreading the signs.

What’s the downside to technology?

Despite all the benefits of online dating, you do have to be careful. You are meeting a stranger, so you need to ensure that you are safe, such as by meeting them in a public place and telling a friend or relative when you are leaving and when you should be back. Online dating is relatively safe, but even so, it pays to be careful and put your safety first.

Another downside to online dating is that you may end up being catfished. If you are catfished, it means that you are talking to someone online who is not who they say they are, meaning that they are tricking you into dating someone who doesn’t exist. As a rule of thumb, if someone you’re dating via the internet doesn’t want to meet in person, talk on the phone or video chat, the chances are they are not who they say they are.

On the whole, online dating is a great way to meet a partner. It’s much easier than meeting someone when out and about and gives you more options. However, you do need to make sure that you are careful about who you meet, just in case they are not who they say they are.


Is Love On The Horizon?

We all aim to find that one person who we want to spend the rest of our lives with. But in the modern world, it can be a lot harder than it looks. In fact, endless scrolling through Tinder and chatting to guys can take its toll. And then once a relationship finishes, the heartbreak is the worst. In fact, you might feel like you will never meet someone you will fall in love with. Therefore, when you do meet a guy, you are not sure whether it could be the real deal. Here are some ways to know that love is on the horizon with this new chap.

Get to know them on a deeper level

Although there might be an attraction between the two of you, you need to get to know their personality too. After all, once those initial butterflies have passed, you need to be able to spend time together. You don’t want to be stuck dating someone who you have nothing in common with. And besides their looks, you don’t even like them as a person! Therefore, to know whether you could fall in love with this guy, spend time with them to get to know the real them. Ask them about their past and delve deeper to find out if there is a connection and see if you agree on the important issues of faith and family. Hopefully, they will ask you questions too, so that they get to know the real you! Once you have really got to know them as a person, you can decide whether you see any kind of future with this guy!

Go with your gut when it comes to your feelings

When you are in a new relationship, it’s easy to think about whether you could see this going the long-term. After all, you don’t want to waste your time on a dalliance which will end badly. And while some people opt for a horoscope to tell them if they have found the one, this should only be in fun and games. The best person to tell you whether you can see love in the future is yourself, and you will know the most clearly when you pray about this and ask God to help you know. After all, you should be listening to your gut when it comes to your feelings for the new guy, because often times this is the way God speaks to us. If you are already feeling doubts, there might be a good reason for them. You might know deep down that this guy isn’t right for you. On the other hand, if you are feeling positive about the relationship, you should see where this love takes you. Trust God to give you an answer and be willing to receive what He reveals. 

Give the relationship a chance

It’s so easy to give up on a relationship before it’s even begun. After all, you might let your insecurities and fears overwhelm you. And then you might miss out on the real deal. Therefore, to ensure you get to know whether this guy is the one, you need to take a chance on the relationship. Push your fears aside and get to know this guy. After all, the worst thing that could happen is it ends before it gets started. But at least you know you would have given the relationship a good shot!

And remember to let your new guy spend some time with your friends and family. It’s always good to see how they act around your nearest and dearest and hearing their opinions on him can be huge. Sometimes outsiders that know you best have insight that is real and valuable. After all, if it’s going to be a long-term thing, they need to get on well with your family and friends!

5 Alternative Days Out In The City For Young Adults

Meeting up with some old school/uni buddies in the city and need something to do? Cities are full of opportunities for days out. Sightseeing and window shopping are always options – but why not make it a unique experience for everyone by venturing a little off the beaten path? Here are five alternative days out sure to leave a lasting impression.

Escape room

Escape rooms are a fairly new phenomenon. You and a team of people must escape from a room by solving various puzzles, whilst having to do it all within a time limit. They’re a great of rebuilding bonds between old friends by testing teamwork. The first escape room was established in 2006 in Japan, but thousands have since sprung up all over the world.


For those sporty and competitive types, go-karting offers the perfect opportunity and is a popular activity for birthday parties. Indoor go-karting tracks are becoming increasingly more common, companies often converting warehouses. You can race with strangers, or make it a private event for you and your mates if there’s a large group of you. Make sure you book ahead though – some tracks will book up fast.

Live music

Cities are great places to see big bands and famous artists – there will always be someone on tour whilst you’re there. If you and your friends are music fans, why not try meeting up for a gig or concert? For big names you’ll need to book ahead, but for many smaller bands and cosier venues you may able to get last minute tickets. There are many places online for concert tickets of all kinds.

Vintage shopping

Take a break from the big high street brands and give the vintage stores a go. Not only do they have more character, you may find yourself a great deal. Many cities now have known areas for vintage shops. Markets can also be great places to look, and fantastic places to try out street food and absorb the cosmopolitan culture of the city.

Ghost Tour

Cities are full of history, which also makes them hotspots for hauntings. Rather than taking the usual historical tour or visiting the museums, why not learn about the city’s past through its supernatural sightings on a specialised ghost tour. Almost all cities now have organised tours – either by foot or onboard a bus. Some of these are only available on set dates and can book up fast – especially around Halloween – so make sure you grab your tickets in advance.

iMax Theatre

You can go for a cinema trip anywhere. If you’re a filmaholic why not try out your local iMax theatre and get to see what a real big screen look like. Some iMax theatres will show specialist 3D films you can’t find in your average cinema, alongside the big blockbusters. This can be a great trip for a rainy day.

Anchoring Yourself In An Active Lifestyle

In a society that’s so incredibly mobile, it’s easier to live your life on the go now more than ever. Your paycheck goes in via direct deposit, so no worries about where you are on payday. The bills you’ll pay with that income can be set up for automatic payment or paid via mobile. Even the job that provides that paycheck could permit you to be very flexible about where you are.

As a result, many people stay on the move a lot of the time. But just being at your home less than other people doesn’t mean you can escape all the necessities of a fixed residence.

Remember these basic things that will need to be in place to avoid an undue interruption to your enjoyable travels.

Maintain A Home

No matter how much you travel, there will still be someplace that you call home, and that means you’ll always have a few matters to attend to.

If you’re renting, make sure you have a means to get rent paid on time. An easy solution can be to leave post-dated checks with reliable friends and have them drop them with the property owner on the due date.

Another issue is the protection of your belongings. Make sure you have renters insurance to cover losses if your rented home experiences a fire, storm, or other destructive event.

Remember, the landlord’s insurance will replace the building, but that’s of no benefit to you if you’ve lost all your cool travel accessories. The items you keep inside your rental will need to be covered by your own insurance.

Balance Your Social Media

Your mom is probably pretty consistent about reminding you to call home every so often, and social media allow you to do even more than that. You can share photos and videos with not just Mom but thousands of friends and followers.

Of course, the magnitude of your ability to share can be overwhelming, so you need to keep your total exposure in check. The impact of your updates is less when they are too frequent. It can also endanger the security of your belongings back home if it’s too widely known that you are out of town, especially when you are far out of town.

Maintain Your Accessibility

If your wanderlust is matched by “movelust”–the desire to move into a new home frequently–think carefully about how you handle it. Remember that your credit score is partially based on your accessibility; if your address is changing frequently, it looks like you may be trying to hide from creditors. Frequent moves can hurt your credit in several other ways.

So while it may be tempting to bounce from one laid-back home to another, consider staying put a little longer. Or at least get a post office box to maintain a steady address.

Think About Security

That brings us to another important point. If you frequently spend long spells on the road, you need to make sure that your mail is taken care of. While you may receive and pay every bill you owe via electronic means, you’re still going to get mail of some kind–advertisements, cards from Grandma, or just plain junk.

It doesn’t necessarily matter that you didn’t receive these items the day they arrived, but if you receive your mail at home, potential burglars will note the lack of pickup on your deliveries and realize you’re out of town.

Before a prolonged trip, have a trusted friend agree to get your mail, or have the Postal Service hold everything at their office until you return.

Being a regular traveler can make for some amazing adventures that you will remember for a lifetime. As long as you take a few simple steps to keep things under control back home, the memories won’t have an accompanying dose of regret.

Moving House? How to Make New Friends in a New City

Making friends is not as easy as it used to be. When you’re a little bit younger at school or university you are thrown in with this huge group of people all of a similar age and all going through the same experience. However, adult life isn’t generally like that. You might have work colleagues that you get on with, but they may have wildly different interests or be at a completely different stage of their lives, which can make it difficult to make friends in quite the same way.

If you’ve recently moved to a new area, the friend-making process takes on even more significance as you may moved away from some of your nearest and dearest. The below tips, however, should help you boost your friend network wherever you’ve moved to.  

Join a class

One of the best ways of making new friends is to join a local class – and it can relate to whatever interests you.

Classes range from educational, like studying for a professional qualification, to physical, such as learning how to play badminton. The options are endless and not only do you get to meet like-minded people, you also get to learn a new skill or improve your fitness. So, whether you end up taking part in a Zumba dance for burning fat or starting life drawing lessons, don’t spend all your evenings locked up at home.

Moved abroad?

In today’s globalised world, work is much more flexible than it was previously. Companies have operations all over the world and many people find themselves moving abroad to experience a new culture or to further their career aspirations.

This brings the added challenge of trying to make friends in a culture that is not entirely familiar to you. Fortunately, services like Conversation Exchange give you the perfect opportunity to meet new people and learn more about your new home. It encourages you to meet native speakers in your area for a chat, so you both get to practise your language skills.

Make the most of any connections you do have

When you’re moving to a new place it can feel like you are completely on your own, but do you have some local connections that you are forgetting about? Even if it’s just a passing acquaintance or someone that you haven’t spoken to in years, reach out to them saying you’ve just moved into the local area and they’re bound to have some time to show you around. So if you have a friend of a friend or a distant relative living nearby, get in touch!

Put yourself out there

The best advice for anyone moving to a new area is this: make an effort. Go to church, social events, head out in the evening to the movies, and say “yes” when you’re invited to any get-togethers. Potential new friends are all around you and you never know when you’re going to meet your next one. Making new friends isn’t always easy, but it’s impossible if you don’t put yourself out there.


Moving Out: What To Do When You Get Your First Apartment

Living by yourself for the first time is one of the most exciting things you can do. Not only does it make you feel independent but the fact that you have your own space for the first time in your life feels incredibly cool. There are no more of the ‘my house, my rules!’ issues that you may have had with your parents, and you’ll probably feel extremely relieved to leave your old college roommates – and the dirty dishes they always used to leave in the sink – behind. But living by yourself for the first time definitely isn’t perfect. Here are some tips on how to cope with different aspects of it.

Your Décor

Now that you have your own place, you get to decide exactly what you want it to look like. If it’s rented then obviously there are limits to what exactly you can do when you want to change things up – you might not want to paint the walls and end up losing your security deposit, for example. But there are other things you can do to brighten it up, even if it’s a small space. If you can’t paint the walls, what about brightly colored wall hangings? You can also get cheap rag rugs to make the floors a little more colorful, and soft snuggly throws that you can put over your couch so you can snuggle up on there during the winter. If your bed isn’t quite comfortable enough and you’re getting a sore neck or back when you get up in the mornings, why not try out new pillows and a memory foam topper on your mattress? Finally, make sure that you open the curtains every morning and let the sunlight stream into your home. This will add some natural light and heat to your home, meaning that your energy bills might just go down. You could also add LED bulbs to your sockets for the same effect – they use less electricity and they last for longer.

Your Finances

If you’ve only just moved out, then chances are you’ve never really had to think about your finances before. You’ve probably already realized that organization is absolutely key to staying on top of your money. Make a spreadsheet so you can list your incomings and outgoings each month. If you’re spending more than you’re bringing in, you might be in trouble, so you need to rein it in a little. If you really want to budget, take out the cash that you want to spend that week from the bank. Making sure you don’t put anything on your credit card will ensure that you don’t spend more than you want to. Finally, if you have any debts, make sure that you pay them back as quickly as you can so the interest doesn’t accrue. Not only will this ruin your credit rating but it’ll also mean that you have to pay a lot more money back in the long run. You’ll soon find that very few material possessions are worth being in debt for.

Your Utilities

If you’ve never lived by yourself before then chances are, you’ve never had to figure out all your own bills – so it might come as a huge shock to you when they start rolling in! The most important thing to do is to stay organized and to pay each bill as soon as you get it. You should also make sure that you know just about how much your bills will come to every month so you don’t end up accidentally using the money for something else. Remember that there are plenty of things you might be charged for that you didn’t think about before. Not only is there your cell phone bill but you’ll also have to pay for internet, TV (if you’re looking for a good deal, check out, electricity, gas, water… And the list goes on. It might seem overwhelming, but that’s why it’s important to make sure that you’re as organized as possible.

Your Motivation

Without the watchful eyes of your parents on you, it might be difficult to get motivated every now and then – but believe me, after the third Saturday in a row you’ve spent watching Netflix in bed, the unmotivated life will get old fast. Make sure that you set yourself goals, whether that’s personally or professionally. If you’re living in a new city, you might be wondering how exactly you meet new friends. Look online for meet-up groups and people who share your interests. You might find a book club where you can talk about your favorite authors to your heart’s content, or maybe you want to join a rock climbing class and fulfill a lifelong ambition to finally get to the top of one of those huge climbing walls in the gym. Maybe you want to find a new group to game with – but no matter what your interests are, there will be others out there who share them. Make it your mission to find those people and to make plans with them, so you have a reason to get out of bed at the weekends. If you’re finding it hard to motivate yourself to do things like cleaning during the week, make sure you reward yourself at the end. You’ll probably also find that you feel much happier about taking care of your own space than you did about cleaning your room back at your parents’ house.

Your Love Life

When you move out for the first time, you might expect your love life to take off with a bang (not literally!). Now you’re no longer having your every move observed by your parents, but the truth is that real life doesn’t work that way. When you’ve left school and college, you have to work much harder to meet people and form friendships – and the same applies with relationships, particularly as you might start to realize that there are more people your age in long-term relationships than you’ve ever noticed before. If you don’t want to be in a relationship and you’d rather focus on your career for now, go for it! But if you do want to find a partner then you need to be aware that you should actively look for someone. Join dating websites and make sure that you’ve spoken to people thoroughly before you meet up with them – and tell a friend where you’re going and what time you’re expecting to be home by. If you’re out at a cafe with your friends and you get talking to someone, why not be brave and ask them if they’d like to go for coffee some time? You have nothing to lose. Just make sure that you feel safe with whoever you’re with and trust your instincts – if someone seems unsafe or creepy to you, make an excuse and go home. Make sure you never tell anyone your home address – keep your apartment your sanctuary and your escape until you fully trust whoever you’re dating.

Your Health

It’s easy to fall into bad habits when you’re living by yourself – after all there’s no one there to judge you as you finish off that family sized bag of potato chips instead of making yourself dinner. But you’ll soon find that it isn’t a great way to live. Not only will you feel bloated and you might gain weight, but your skin and hair will soon become greasy and lacklustre. It’s important to make sure that you’re cooking and eating healthy meals containing all of the food groups. You could try batch cooking if you’re spending a little too much on your lunch at work every day, or you could make salads to take in with you. If you don’t have much time to buy groceries then you could get them delivered, or get a fruit and vegetable box every week so that you can experience different foods and be inspired about new ways to cook. You also need to make sure that you exercise. One of the best things about living alone is that you can get sweaty and red-faced in your sports bra and shorts while you do a yoga or aerobics video in front of your laptop, without any fear at all of being judged!

Your Safety

Make sure that a friend or family member knows where you are all the time and that you stay in communication with people. As we said before, trust your instincts – if you’re in a situation that makes you remotely uncomfortable then it’s time to hightail it out of there and get yourself home. Download Uber or another taxi app to make sure you can always get back safely. If you’re worried about offending people then you can always use the stomach bug excuse – no one wants to question or get closer to that! Make sure that your windows and doors are tightly locked at night and when you go out and make sure you install an alarm. If you’re really worried about security and you have plenty of time at home, you could even use this as the perfect opportunity to get the dog you’ve always wanted.