Blushing Beauties

We all have them–humiliating moments that we wish never happened. Instead of dwelling on what you cannot change, share your story and give everyone a good laugh! Check back often to see new funny stories. Don’t worry–your identity is always kept a secret.

We know you have embarrassing moments!

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Overflowing Ooopsy: “I was at my Senior Retreat during the end of October, and we stayed the night at a retreat center called Sojourn. Well, after the bonfire, I really had to go number two in the restroom in the room I was sharing with 3 other girls. I flushed the toilet, and it started overflowing….not only did it start overflowing, but by the time I was back to get the plunger, the bathroom was flooded with at least two inches of water! It ended up flooding our entire room, and the whole 110 girls in my grade went to see the spectacle. I hid in my friend’s room from embarrassment!! Me and my roommates ended up having to switch rooms! :-/”

Wet & Wild: “One Wednesday afternoon, one of my guy friends and I were sitting in class just waiting for the clock to say 2:55, because we both really badly had to go to the restroom. Our teacher wouldn’t let us go because class was almost over. Finally, when the bell rang my friend and I got up and RAN out of our classroom. We were running down the hallway when I realized I lost my friend. Next thing I know, I’m on the ground. My friend had run into someone and fell, and I tripped over him. I went to stand up and seeing that I was laughing super hard, I peed my pants right there in the hallway! Talk about embarrassing!”

Running Free: “I was showing my horse this summer and when I was running fast circles, somehow my shirt came totally unzipped! My horse was being great so I wanted to finish my pattern. I just kept going with my shirt blowing in the wind and my undergarments showing for all to see. Hopefully those judges don’t remember me!”

Locked Up: “It was my very first day of high school and I got my locker all set up in the morning. I needed to get something out of it for an afternoon class but after a few hours had passed, I forgot the combination to my lock and, of course, I didn’t write it down. I had to have a janitor cut it off for me and he did it right between periods so everyone saw. It was obvious I was a freshman!”

Fearful Flatulence: “I was dating this guy for only three days and we decided we were going to hang out at my house and watch a movie. My best friend tagged along and we were sitting there in the silence watching a scary movie, when all of the sudden a scary dude with a knife popped out of nowhere. I, obviously, jumped and screamed. My BFF started making fun of me and we started laughing hysterically, when all of a sudden, I farted. It was so loud and long. The laughing stopped and my best friend and I were staring at each other and my boyfriend asked, “What happened?” We both started cracking up. The guy and I are only friends now and he still doesn’t know what we were laughing about! Hahaha!”

Dirt Biking: “I was riding my bike one evening after a downpour. I did not realize my shoe lace was stuck around my bike petal, so it just wound tighter and tighter. One of my neighbors was outside and I waved and yelled, “Hello!” As soon as I moved my foot to balance myself for the wave, the bike and I completely fell over– right into the mud! I had mud all over myself and my neighbor rushed over to see if I was okay. I was okay physically but totally mortified.”

Skating Grace: “Last year I went to a party at a local ice rink. My crush was there, so I was trying to show off. While I was skating with my friends, we saw some of our teachers and were going to talk to them. I wasn’t really paying attention so my toe-pick caught on the ice. I went flying, and planted my face into the ice. I was so embarrassed, but I got up and kept skating any way.”

Poopsy Oopsy: “On one hot sunny day, I was out at the barn with my horse, Vegas. When I decided to hose him down because we just got done with our ride and I worked him pretty hard and he was all sweaty and hot. I was in the middle of hosing him when he decided to, well there is no nice way of saying this, but he decided to poop. I hadn’t realized that my foot was tangled in the hose, so when I went to move the hose to the other side of his body I tripped and fell right into the big pile of you know what. It was soooo embarrassing!”

Trip and Slide: “My friend and I decided we wanted to go get some ice-cream. It was getting kinda late so it was just getting dark. We were sitting there eating our ice-cream and watching the ducks in the pond. We stood up to walk around the pond, and we were like half-way around when I thought I saw a man and it totally freaked me out. So I started running back to the ice-cream place. I was running for 5 seconds when I totally tripped over myself and went sliding on the pavement. Everyone at the ice-cream place was starring at me laughing their heads off. It was probably the most embarrassing moment of my life.”

Farting Fly: “Our cheerleading was really good and we had been entering lots of competitions. I was the fly girl and our routine had lots of stunts. We were at one of the most competitive competitions and in the middle of a great routine. The big toss (of me) was the climax of our routine and right when they threw me up in the air, I farted so loud! It sounded like a firework or a gunshot! My teammates started to giggle and the judges were trying to hold in their laughs. The entire crowd was laughing and it was obvious it was me. Fortunately, nobody dropped me, but all of the other cheerleading squads in the area know me as the ‘flying fart’. How nice.”

Bathroom Blunder: “One day I was at the mall with my mom. I had to go to the bathroom so bad. As I was walking to the bathroom I saw a guy cleaning the bathroom. I thought, ‘This is weird. Why is a guy cleaning the girls bathroom?’ When I walked in a guy looked at me and was like, ‘Ma’am this is the guys bathroom.’ I was so humiliated!”

Carnation Humiliation: “I had a major crush on this guy at my school. One day there was a fundraiser where you buy carnations for friends, crushes or whoever. I got one during a class that I had with my crush. It said it was from my secret admirer. I instantly looked at my crush and hoped it was from him. He flashed a smile which I thought that it was. I was so excited until I said to him, ‘It’s really from you?!’ His face quickly changed and he said, ‘Yeah, right’, loud and clear. Talk about humiliating!”

Ride and Flow: “I went on a trip to a horse show with a friend and her family. Her dad was going to be showing but we were riding his horses around the night before the show. I had no idea I was going to start my period while we were on the trip, but Aunt Flo decided to visit that night, while I was riding. When I got off the horse I saw what had happened– the white suede saddle was stained red along with my jeans. My friend and her mom helped me clean it up, but her dad still found out. He wasn’t mad, but I was so embarrassed! To top it off, I didn’t have any pads or tampons with me so I just used toilet paper for the rest of the trip. I was too embarrassed to ask to go to the store for them!”

Poopy Pants: “Every year I seem to get the stomach flu- with it coming out both ends. I had been home sick for two days, but I was feeling good enough to go back to school.Right after lunch my stomach started to get a little upset, like I had some gas. I let a little toot out, but more than just air came out. A squirt of diarrhea decided it would be fun to be in my underwear for the rest of the day. I don’t drive, so I couldn’t go home to change, so I had to deal with it. I was so afraid someone would smell me!”

Blah, Blah, Bra: “I was shopping at the mall with my friend on a Friday night. We were looking at bras at Victoria’s Secret and I was holding one against me to see if it would fit. I turned around to look in a mirror, talking about it’s fit, and as soon as I did, I saw one of the cutest guys from school standing there. I still don’t know what he was doing in the store, but I was embarrassed he saw me holding a bra up to my chest for size!”

Careless Caricature: “I had a teacher last year, that I found so gross every day. He always had white spit in the corners of his mouth and boogers in his nose. He was super nice, but just icky. One day I was very bored with his lecture, so I was doodling in my notebook. I have a habit of drawing whatever is in front of me, which happened to be my teacher, I got so engrossed in my drawing that I failed to notice he was staring straight at my notebook-from about a foot away.He saw my portrayal of him and looked crushed. He didn’t say anything, but I felt so bad. I knew I hurt his feelings.”

Pardon the Pooch: “I had been dating this guy for a few months and I was going to meet his family for the first time. They invited me over for dinner at their house. I wanted to look really cute, so I wore my favorite skirt. When I got there, I was greeted by the whole family– including the dog. As soon as I walked in the door the dog started sniffing me like crazy, and he put his head under my skirt to sniff! My boyfriend was yelling at the dog and I was trying to slip away from him, but it was like his nose was attached to me! Finally, his dad was able to get the dog away, but they had to leave him outside for the rest of the night. Talk about a grand entrance that nobody in the family missed!”