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How often do you watch the news or read the newspaper? Probably not very often. But, it’s important to know what is going on outside of your own little bubble. Across the state, nation and world, crazy, exciting and scary things happen every day. Be aware of what is going on around the globe.

905 Private Eclipse Campsites Under $100

With the eclipse weeks away, public campgrounds, hotels, and Airbnbs are either all booked up or charging exorbitant rates for the last available spots. Unbooked spots are few and far between—let alone affordable ones.

Enter Hipcamp —a startup that creates new campsites by unlocking access to beautiful private lands such as nature preserves, farms, and ranches. With over 1,000 new campsites (and counting) unlocked in the eclipse “path of totality”, Hipcamp has just compiled a list of their top 23 unbooked campgrounds offering spots for $25 to $87 — everything under $100. They also have the most comprehensive map of all camping options in the path.

Plus, the solar eclipse is really a great natural phenomenon…. Where better to experience it than in nature?

Each campground hyperlinked below contains multiple discrete campsites.

Eclipse Budget Tent Camping at Sieg’s Valley View Ranch – $25
Eclipse Budget RV Camping at Sieg’s Valley View Ranch – $50
Tent Camping at Sunset Solar RV Campground – $87
Fully Contained RV Sites at Oregon Solar Eclipse Campground – $75

Solar Eclipse Idaho Tent Camping at Wyatt J’s Land – $50
Tent and RV Camping at TJ Ranch – $50
Tent Camping Solar Eclipse Camping at Gene R’s Farm – $50
Tent and RV Sand Dunes Camping at Zach’s Land -$50

Eclipse RV and Tent Camping at Eclipse Camping – $50

Tent Camping for a Cause at Beacon Farm Ministries – $10
Eclipse Campsites at Camp Eclipse – $60

Eclipse Camp Tent Camping at Community of Faith – $30

Tent Camping at Wild Dunbar Hill – $20
Solar Eclipse Tent Camping at April W’s Land – $50

Mountain Farm Meadow Tent Camping at Cowgirl Glamping Cabin – $25
Pigeon Roost Tent Camping at Richard B’s Land – $25
Private Forest or Field Side Tent Camping at Belle and Beau Acres – $50

Total Eclipse of the Century Tent Camping on Historic Christmas Tree Farm – $30
2 Ol’ Foxes Farm Tent Camping at 2 Ol’ Foxes Farm – $20

Tent Camping at Modern Harvest Farms – $28
Cali Oh Farm Tent Camping at Haflinger Heaven – $45

Tent Camping in the Woods at Sole Farm – $40
Tent Camping at Spotted Fawn Farm – $50

Got Time? Give It To Charity

There is a lot that we could be doing with our summer. We could be hanging out with friends, catching up on a series that we haven’t had the chance to fully watch yet, decluttering our rooms to make way for more stuff in the new school year; the list is endless. However, this is time that is dedicated mainly to ourselves. It doesn’t necessarily achieve anything past what we have set out to do, although it’s enjoyable to take part in it. But what if you could combine enjoyment and fun with raising money for charity in this spare time? It can definitely be done, especially if you have the ideas there to get you started.

Got Drive? Do A Car Wash/Garage Sale

There are things in our home that we will never get round to using, wearing or reading. Or, if you know that you have loved the item but it’s ready for a new home, it’s time to pop it into a box to sell it. Garage sales are becoming more and more popular, especially as there has been a rise in internet selling; those who are showing an interest in your wares may be doing so to move on and sell it online. Car washes can also be a great money-generator for the charity of your choice, especially if you spread the word throughout the neighborhood beforehand. Social media is an amazing tool for this; whilst posters stuck onto lampposts and fences may be a good idea, people are more inclined to stay inside and chat from behind a screen now rather than walking around outside.

Got Enthusiasm? Round Up The Troops

You don’t have to necessarily organise anything to give your time to charity. Instead, you can fundraise simply by spreading the word or getting involved with those who have already set up a charity adventure like No Birds Bash. You could help with the handing out of sponsorship forms, raising money through smaller and more manageable events or even just through making people aware fully of what any donated money is going towards. Getting people to realize that their money is making a difference and being able to recall examples of how it is doing so is definitely a great way to get started on making a difference.

Got A Good Phone Manner? Stay On The Line

There are charities that are requiring only a couple of hours of your time each week on their helplines. This means that you could be diverting calls to the right place (especially important in places such as hospices, where they rely on volunteer work in order to get the job done efficiently whilst on a tight financial budget) or even providing a voice of comfort and support to those who just don’t know where else to turn. This may not even be the people directly affected, but their friends and families also. It’s a great thing to do to help out the community, and think of what else you would be doing with this time – maybe catching a nap, watching a show or flitting your time away on social media? It’s much better being put to use in this way, by helping those who need your time.

Got A Sense Of Humor? Pay A Visit

Charity begins at home, and it’s within your own home setting that you are most likely to encounter some of the situations that these trusts and organisations deal with. You may have an elderly relative that will end up in a care home or residential accommodation, and it’s the workers within these small communities that rely on outside support to raise a smile from the people that live within. A lot of the time, they just want to be talked to; it can be a lonely world living in a care home, even if there are people wandering around all the time. Sometimes they just want to hear a fresh perspective on what’s going on, especially being able to relive their youth through the tales that are being told. It’s important to remember that everyone was young once – and you don’t forget the feeling of the happiness during your younger days, with it being something that we can all mutually reflect on regardless of how old you are. Humor is what connects people, and there’s a certain level of trust that can be made through expressing it and linking up with those who are on the same wavelength as you.

The Beginner Camping Tips You Need to Know About

If you’re planning to go camping, then you’ll want to make sure you’re fully prepared for the trip. While it’s one of the best activities  you can do with your family, it can end up being a horrible disaster if you don’t prepare well.

That’s why it’s best to follow camping tips and keep yourself organized to have the memorable trip you’ve always wanted. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced camper, you’ll want to check these tips out for a happy trip ahead.

Camping Tips for Any Happy Camper

Here are the seven best tips you should follow for you to have the best time when camping:

1. Watch the Weather

While you can camp anytime and anywhere, you’ll need to take account the weather conditions on the dates you’ll be going out! You can check weather forecasts to either move the dates or pack according to what you expect while camping.

If the weatherman predicts intense rain or snow, then I advise you to stay at home and move the date. But even during hot days, make sure to pack raincoats or blankets just in case!

2. Research on the Campsite

One of the most important things you will need to do before going camping would be to figure out where you’ll be camping in. Make sure to research on the facilities and location of your chosen campsite, so you know what to pack and expect.

It’s best to find a campsite you can easily access and with the facilities you and your family will enjoy, such as clean toilets or areas where you can create a fire pit.

3. Pack Extra

Since you never know what will happen during your camping trips, always pack extra just in case. Always focus on extra food and other things that can get wet easily. It’s better to be safe than sorry! Pack extra toilet paper, batteries, and a lot of food

4. Clean Up

The number one rule when camping is to always clean as you go. Since you’ll be outdoors and explore nature, you wouldn’t want to mess it up! Be respectful towards nature and for the next people who will be camping.

Whether you’re packing up to leave or after eating, keep a trash bag and avoid making too big a mess, leaving the place cleaner than when you found it.

5. Be Prepared But Flexible

While you should always plan and schedule how your camping will be like, not everything will go your way. That’s why you should have everything organized, but to give a little leeway when things don’t go according to schedule.

It’s all about spontaneity and enjoyment, so go with the flow and simply enjoy your time outdoors! If you make mistakes, then move on and take note of it during your next trip.

6. Do What You Want

Nature will never judge you, no matter what you do. As long as you give respect to your surroundings, you can wear what you want. It doesn’t matter if you look homeless or weird, as long as you are comfortable. 

Not wearing makeup and have your hair up? No problem! Just have fun and focus on the moment rather than what you look.

7. Play Games

Camping isn’t all about survival and eating; it’s about having fun with the family! You can play games to explore the surroundings, such as a scavenger hunt. Not only will you have a blast, but you’ll find out a lot about what nature has to offer. Make a list of car games and camping activities you’ll surely enjoy with everyone.

In Conclusion

Want to go camping? Then you’ll need to make sure you follow proper etiquette and planning to have a truly enjoyable trip. It doesn’t matter if you’re alone or with your loved ones, as long as you are prepared and know where you’re camping.

I hope that this article on the best camping tips helped you know what you should do for your next trip. So what are you waiting for? Follow these tips and begin planning the fun and memorable weekend getaway today!

If you enjoyed the article or would like to share your camping experiences, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.


About Author: Deann Rebello – I’m a founder at BearinForest.com, a Camping blog that shares everything about traveling and camping. I’m just a young lady who loves camping out and always eager to share my bonding experience to the world. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter




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