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For Parents of Teen Girls • Relate Magazine

For Parents of Teen Girls

Advice For The Christian Parent Who Loves Their Teen Girl

You’re about to learn how to apply CHRISTIAN principles to raising your teen daughter and how to TRULY relate to her throughout her difficult teen years. Additionally, you will be able to provide her with her own GUIDE to surviving common teen issues.

Gain a real understanding of what your teen daughter is going through and have a better relationship with her by using the #1 Christian Teen Parenting self-help eBook series…

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A Message From Relate For the past 5 years we have been communicating with and helping teen girls reach a high level of self-esteem. We have listened to their struggles and given them Christian advice that has changed the lives of thousands of teens. It all started when the founder of Relate, Mary Bowman, was determined to give teens a positive voice that told them the true message of their worth in a negative, image-focused society. As Mary worked with teens and youth groups, the desperate need for this message became apparent. By reaching so many teens, we have heard from hundreds of parents who were grateful to have found a positive, Christian source for their teens and who were craving to learn how they could become better parents. Using our years of experience publishing a teen magazine, mentoring teen girls and studying the Christian worldview, we created a system that helps both teens AND parents. Today we are happy to share with you our FORMULA for building a successful relationship between teen girls and their parents, specifically for Christian families.

God Bless!


Publisher of “Relate” and “Relate to Teens”


Relate To Teens

Parents have SO MANY questions about how to relate to their teen daughters. These are just a few…

  • How can I make my teen understand that I want the best for her?
  • Why does my teen seem to struggle so much even though I provide everything we can for her and love her so much?
  • How can I help my teen see a truly Biblical perspective on her life instead of the mainstream view?
  • Why does my teen shut me out?
  • What else can my teen be going through that I didn’t experience when I was a teen?
  • What can I be doing better as a parent to make the teen years easier for my daughter?

After years of experience, research and talking to many teens and parents, we found the best way to build a strong relationship with teens. Here’s just some of what we found…

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Most Parents Give Up or Give In…

After trying endlessly to communicate with their daughter, they either give up trying to get their message to her or they give in to their daughters to keep the peace and maintain some sort of relationship with her. Do you find yourself saying things like “Well if I can’t get her to understand where I am coming from, I might as well let it go so she knows we love her. If I keep at this she will end up hating us.” While sometimes we have to choose our battles, this is not true for the most important issues in your teen’s life. We decided to find out from teens what it takes for them to relate to their parents. We found that one of the most important things a parent can do is truly listen to their daughter and acknowledge her side. Once parents drop their walls and meet their teen at her level, it becomes much easier to communicate with her. Teens open up and once they know they are being heard, they are willing to hear what the parent has to say as well. Teens need to have a voice and they need to be understood. They want their parents to “get” them and they need healthy relationships at home. It is these relationships that have the greatest impact on how teens respond to life. Teens today go through experiences that are much different than what you experienced yourself. While some common issues are the same, society and media has complicated life for teens and they struggle through battles you never had to deal with. One of the most alarming areas is that of body image. You hear the message from the media yourself. Try to imagine hearing that voice as your body is changing and you are discovering who you are for the first time. It can be crippling. You might be feeling overwhelmed at the responsibility you hold as a parent. We know that it is your deepest desire to do the best you can as a parent and we want to help you succeed. Finding valuable parenting resources from a Christian perspective is extremely difficult, but is essential for you to get the right message to your teen. You may pressure yourself into believing that because you were raised in a Christian home or because you pray for help from God, you should have all the answers. But, this is simply NOT true. Our experiences shape and teach us and God hears our prayers, yet seeking more help and doing what you can to truly understand your teen can only help you achieve your parenting goals more easily.

Relate To Teens

We Knew There Had To Be A Way…

So, we went looking for answers. We found that most of the parenting books available either were too mainstream (unable to agree with what it taught), they were too parent-focused (not showing the teen side of things) or they were gender-neutral (not helping understand the dynamics of females). We also realized that few resources were available that encourage teens and parents to work TOGETHER to build a strong relationship. Most books were for parents to read and apply on their own. But since relationships are two-sided, we knew the best approach had to involve parents AND teens. We understand teens and parents and we knew an approach that we could share. So we created…

Relate To Teens

Relate and Relate To Teens eBook Series

Who said you can’t work together with your teen to develop a great relationship with her and learn how to actually relate to her? This proven program will get you through your daughter’s teen years and create the relationship and communication that most parents dream of having. It contains information that we believe will HELP you to understand your teen and take the confusion out of parenting her! Relate is the guidrelate to teens self esteem and body image ebook coverse your teen needs and Relate to Teens is your parenting guide. They can be used individually or together in a variety of settings to get the best results. Inside Relate To Teens, you will learn EXACTLY what your teen is experiencing and what she needs from her parents. At the same time, inside Relate, your teen will learn how to deal with her teen struggles and get advice on how to communicate with her parents. Included in BOTH books are “workbook” areas for thinking through important questions and journaling—essential for self-discovery and growth.